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    Greystone Fireplace Gave Up The Ghost

    The fireplace in our Landmark has failed twice and each time setting off the smoke alarm.The blower stops but the heating element stays on.The first time we replaced the blower and element and the second time I just cleaned the blower and it has worked fine since. When the blower failed the...
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    Blowout on Goodyear Tire

    No picture but it was mid sidewall and looked like a tear about 3 inches long
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    Blowout on Goodyear Tire

    Had a blowout also with a GY 614 on left rear just outside Sturbridge MA on I90.DOT code 2011 and in good condition. Called Good Sam roadside and they informed me that they were not authorized to send help because I90 in that section was restricted.They did supply a phone number to call for help...
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    Another reading light problem

    I had to replace the switches on 4 of my reading lights and dining light as there was some corrosion that caused them to flicker or not turn on at all. Replaced them with the AC rotary type switches. I think they corroded because of lack of use?
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    Need to replace microwave

    We replaced the convection oven in our Landmark with a microwave from Home Depot.Not difficult to install and fits perfectly.
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    Corian countertops

    I remove the scratches from my Hanex countertops each year.If the scratches aren't to deep starting with a wet 800 grit sand paper and polishing with wet 1000 grit.I use an orbital sander and spray bottle with a touch of soap.Its a long slow boring process (5 to 6 hours for me) but brings them...
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    Full Body Paint vs Decals

    Our 09 Landmark has gel coat with body paint on the lower section.Its a constant struggle keeping the decals fresh looking and have changed many of them.The gel coat is well ,lets say annoying , as after full waxing and polishing,depending on the lighting, it still looks terrible.Pay the 8 or 10...
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    Is it legal to have pets in the TT while moving?

    There are many livestock trailers on the road but not sure if an RV would be the same.Maybe talk with a livestock trailer manufacturer.
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    how many miles per year do you tow your camper

    New Brunswick Canada to Titusville FL with side trips about 5000 miles per year.
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    Aluminium Wheel Failure

    We had the same happen to us and Tredit covered the cost.
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    What brand to replace convection oven

    We replaced ours with a GE microwave.My wife thinks convention ovens are silly and for people that can't really cook.....sorry
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    Sewer Odors

    Check to make sure the propane is off on your kitchen stove when not in use.Its the same type of smell.
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    Must Have's

    Above all dual panes and full body paint.Most other options can be added.White gel coat with decals can be maddening and adding dual panes may be expensive.
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    Rotating trailer tires

    On the left side that is heavy on our Landmark I have the tires turned on the rim because of inside wear.The other side has even wear so leave them as is!
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    Anode Replacement in Suburban water heater

    Use a water tank rinser available at Campers world through the Anode hole .
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    Anode Replacement in Suburban water heater

    The system started working on propane after a couple days.I think the dampness from the tank flushing procedure may of caused the problem.Thanks to all that replyed.
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    Anode Replacement in Suburban water heater

    Replaced the Anode ,drained and flushed tank and refilled with water. Turned on propane but only comes on briefly and then shuts off.Pressed reset buttons but still won't operate on propane. Heater works fine on electric. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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    Bighorn - Blind Removal

    I have replaced the cords in all 9 of the blinds in our Landmark at least once.We purchase the cord at Fabricville .Once you do one its easy and after 7 years the blinds are still like new.
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    Do you guys run your frig on electric or gas while driving?

    Liquefied petroleum when traveling,tank on and I guess fridge switches to LP when unit is unplugged from AC power.
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    Axle Bearings

    We travel with our Landmark each year from Canada to Florida.I have had the bearings repacked every two years but now that the unit is older I will redo them yearly.You can truly only see the condition of your bearings after cleaning so just adding grease may not be a good idea.
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    Disney Fort Wilderness Resort/Campground

    We use a $100 propane fire fire pit that will not annoy your neighbours.
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    Roof cleaning, protecting and maintenance

    I DISAGREE never go on a roof without non slip soles and certainly not barefoot or socks only.The rubber roof is not thin and it doesn't tear easily but you are correct in saying no harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes.
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    Full timer

    We have been living in our Landmark since late 2009 and not about to change anytime soon.Can't ever imagine living in a house again but time will tell.
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    Do I have enough truck?

    You need to look at the GVWR stamped on the door frame of your truck and keep the weight below that value.Most people don't like to talk about the GVWR of a truck because in most cases RV hauling vehicles are overloaded. Calculate the weight of your truck with a full tank of fuel ,hitch and...
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    Range/Oven recommendations

    Re: Rang/oven recommendations Not sure what dw means but most rvers perfer a propane oven.Our neighbours love their convection oven but the eat out every meal.
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    Can F250 6.7l Diesel tow 16000 GW?

    Its simple ................look at the GVWR on the door sill of your truck and do the calculations.Everyone on the forum will defend there choice of to vehicles.
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    Trailer Dry Weight - Includes or Excludes Water and Propane?

    The yellow tag on our Landmark says "the weight of cargo should never exceed 2500 lbs" our dry weight states 12900lb and our trailer GVWR is 16550 lb on the tag.We are heavy on the left side as the tires wear on the inside but no failures in 7 years of travel(30,000 miles).I am very fussy on our...
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    Suspension maintenance

    I coat all bolts with grease or fluid film twice a year.Zero rust on my springs or bolts.
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    Sick of Heartland Big Horn! Worst purchase we have ever made

    our neighbours live in a 42 ft Newmar costing in the 300 to 400 range and they have the same problems .Perhaps a moving home is not for you?
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    Pictures of 3560 SS

    30 % expanded photos
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    Diesel lower than Gas

    Price getting close to a gallon of bottled water.
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    ATF: Bighorn - Kitchen Sink fell down

    That happened to us in our second year of ownership of our Landmark and then a miracle happened I got it right and its been stable for the last 5 years.
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    How Many Have Fired Their Weapon?

    I am Canadian and we see no need to carry weapons but yes we have had two incidents at our RV Golf resort where people have fired their guns. One last year and another two days ago.......they both shot themselves in the head.
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    medium duty trucks info needed

    I drive a 1 ton dually around Florida for 6 months to golf ,pickleball and shopping.Even a F 450 would be ok but not a FREIGHTLINER.
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    Best FL to NH rv route

    This is the route we travel to Florida from New Brunswick for the last 7 years 95>495>90>84>15>91>691>84>87>287>78>81>66>19>95>295>95>295> then its your choice as we stay east seems if you go 10 west and then 75 south you can avoid I4 through Orlando that could be time consuming.
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    medium duty trucks info needed

    I don't know about you but I want a truck I can drive comfortably around town without creating a big show that...hey this guy must have a a huge trailer or he is a commercial hauler.
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    Camco Blue Water Filters

    The one I have been complaining about is the in line 100 micron model.Someone recommended the Systems lV disposable filter that is guaranteed for a year and I am keeping my receipt in a safe place.
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    Camco Blue Water Filters

    My wife will drink only commercially filtered water so I am only interested in sediment reduction with a filter that allows good flow and water pressure for a period of at least 3 months .After 4 failures with the Camco blue filters we have moved on to a new brand.Buyer beware!
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    Camco Blue Water Filters

    We have also been using these filters for 6 years full time with no problem.I think these filters may be new and improved for the manufacturers profit.
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    Camco Blue Water Filters

    The kind you purchase at Wal Mart in a 2 pack for $25.Returning my second 2 pack today making a total of 4 filters that plug reducing the flow by at least 50%.Been using these for years with no problem with a filter lasting for up to 3 months .I have noticed the filters casing has changed...