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    Two year old water heater leaking

    Hey, all! I’ve pulled my heater out to find a leak since the connections all looked good. On the top I found a corrosion spot with a trail running down. Is a corrosion leak a possibility? I haven’t put it under pressure since I pulled it. IT’S ONLY TWO YEARS OLD!! 😩😩
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    New Carpet

    We are looking at re-carpeting our 38.5 ft. Big Country. We’ve chosen a pretty decent carpet and just got the estimate for the job. It came in at a little under $1,500. I was curious if this is in line with other jobs you’ve had done. Graci!
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    Carpet Re-do

    Curious as to if anybody has tackled re-carpeting their self. I did our old 34’ tag along, but the Big Country? Our vinyl is still in great shape, but the carpet is getting rough. Does anybody have an idea what it would cost for a professional? Does the factory do anything like this? DH
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    Hanging a Microwave

    We’ve recently had a microwave go out, so I went to Best Buy and bought a new one. After I removed the old one, it appears there are no studs in the wall, but a crosspiece running horizontally that the microwave mount screwed into. The new oven is 1.5” taller, so the mount is beneath the...
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    Tire Inflator

    Hey, all! I got some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.... I've been wanting a tire inflator so I can check and fill tires before taking off. Does anybody have any info or insight? I've searched around on the Internet, but still don't have a good grip on what I need. Brands? Models?
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    Mama Wanted a Backsplash

    Just a little update in the kitchen. I used a “Mosaic Peel & Stick” from Lowe’s. The only trim to cover the cuts is around the window, so e cuts had to be pretty spot on. It took me a little time, but mama’s happy! When mama’s happy, we’re all happy! I figure the bathroom is next.... 😒
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    Outside Lights

    I can’t get my outside lights on the front top sides to come on. I just changed the bulbs, but nothing. The switches I can find are on. I just checked the fuses. They’re all good. What I did find, though, is a red light beside each fuse. On the fuse for those lights, when I pull the...
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    Toilet Bubbling....

    We have been full-timing (stationary) since August. I have been keeping the black tank closed and then emptying once a week. There hasn't been an issue with dumping until the last couple times - when I pull the valve, nothing flows from the black or #2 gray tank. So, I use an adapter to shoot...
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    It’s The Little Things

    Well, maybe not so little.... We just survived an 18 degree night with water still hooked up! Happy!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SOLVED: Atwood Water Heater Leaking (broken weld seam)

    I have an Atwood GC10a-4e water heater. I have recently re-plumbed several pieces in the basement with pex - nothing leaking from any of that. This morning I have a drip coming from the gas line tube under the trailer. I have checked the inlet and outlet - no leaks. The pop-off valve will...
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    Water From Beneath Shower Enclosure

    We had a bit of water begin seeping from beneath the shower base yesterday. Is the only way to get under the shower plumbing from the cargo bay? My Kodiak had an access door.
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    Older Model Pullers

    Any recommendations on an late 90’s early 2000’s puller? We’ve bought a Big Country with a GVWR of 15,500 and a hitch weight of 2,200. I haven’t weighed it, but we’re living in it currently, so it’s loaded up.... Looking at prices, I’m going to have to back up a few years. We won’t pull...
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    Can't Disconnect Water Lines?

    Hey, all! New guy on the block.... We just bought a 2012 Big Country after having owned a couple other units (Jayco / Kodiak). We're enjoying it, until I got a drip coming from the bottom of the rig and then realized the carpet under the storage is soaked. I found the leak (the connection...