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  1. JanAndBill

    A/C Short Cycling

    We recently bought a used 2019 trailer, with Dometic air and a single zone Dometic thermostat. On "auto", during the day, it seems to do okay, but of a night the fan and compressor comes on runs a couple minutes, then shuts off. Couple mins later it will kick on again, only to repeat the...
  2. JanAndBill

    Rear Electric Stabalizer Jack Dead

    So I hit the button on the rear jacks this morning and all was well as it has been. 4 hrs later when we arrived it wouldn't work. I've verified power to the switch and power going to the jack motor. I'm assuming that it's in the motor at this point, but find it odd that it happened without any...
  3. JanAndBill

    Stainless Steel Center Hub Cap For 16" Aluminum 8 lug wheel

    Can anyone give me any information/source on a replacement center cap for a 16" 8 lug aluminum rim, this is off a 2013 Bighorn. I'm so mad I could bite nails, as the tire shop that replaced my tires, crushed the existing ones.
  4. JanAndBill

    Electrical Problem

    Out of the blue our TV in the coach wouldn't raise or lower, and the LED lights above stopped working. A little troubleshooting later, I discovered that I had power, but a weak ground. Ran a jumper ground to the switch to get the TV up and down, and in doing so, also makes the LED lights above...
  5. JanAndBill

    Horizontal Slide Adjustment Lippert Hydraulic

    The kitchen slide out with Refrigerator needs to slide back in the opening. Followed the directions which were simple enough till I got to the part about moving the slide. Directions said to carefully "pry" the slide in the right direction. That may work on some but apparently not when you have...
  6. JanAndBill

    Bubble In Sidewall

    Our 3 year old BH, has developed what seems to be a slight bubble (delamination) about 6" in diameter, on the sidewall. It's located in the center not close to any edge. There is a dryer vent above and slightly in front of it about 2 to 3' away, but there's no indication of any delamination...
  7. JanAndBill

    Need Help With A Slide Problem On A Big Horn!!!!!!

    As near as I can tell we have a BAL Accu Slide, cable operated in our bedroom. Every so often it's been a little more noisy than usual, but yesterday after setting winterized for about 3 weeks, I put the bedroom slide out and it sounded like a giant grinder. We came in from a trip in November...
  8. JanAndBill

    Why You Always Need To Be Alert!!!!!!!!!

    A couple that we are friends with in another camping group, came in on Saturday from a trip. They park their trailer at the woman's father's house, in a tight spot. I'm not quite sure the reason for Dad backing in the trailer, but he was. The woman was at the back of the trailer guiding her...
  9. JanAndBill

    Wet Equalizer Bolts On 7K Dexter Axles

    Looking at upgrading my shackle bolts to wet bolts with grease fittings. Anyone done this before???? Bolts are 9/16" x 3, but I'm not sure what size bushings, I need.
  10. JanAndBill

    Seniors In Church

    For all the "elderly couples" out there you'll appreciate this. An old couple were in church one Sunday morning when the woman leans over to her husband and whispers. "I'm afraid I might have passed little gas. Thank goodness it was silent, but what should we do???" > > > > > > > > > > > >...
  11. JanAndBill

    Overheated Goat

    So it's 5:30 in GA and it's a warm 98 degrees outside with a humidity level just about the same. Both a/c units running , bubble wrap foil insulation in the big windows, and 76 is still low as it will go. Anyone else having trouble staying cool?
  12. JanAndBill

    Prayers Please

    Not sure this is the right section, if not hopefully the moderators will move it to the appropriate section. Some of our closer Heartland friends were aware that the better half of the JanAndBill duo (Janet) was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable cancer of the blood) in 2009. Though...
  13. JanAndBill

    2016 F350 Towing Questions

    New 2016 F350 6.7 with exhaust brake, question When in "tow Haul" mode going down a steep grade, if you touch the brake pedal it downshifts a gear, touch the pedal again, and it downshifts. It will keep doing this every time you touch the brake pedal until it goes all the way to 2nd or you...
  14. JanAndBill

    Not Funny! ;-)

  15. JanAndBill

    Atlanta Campgrounds????

    Looks like we may have to be in Atlanta (Emory Hospital, NE of downtown) for close to a month. The choices of places to stay obviously is limited. We've stayed at Marietta RV Resort previously and not a fan of the park. There's one on the east side called Stone Mountain Heights, that appears to...
  16. JanAndBill

    Tire Pressure Monitoring For Me

    If only this were avaliable in a size to fit my trailer!
  17. JanAndBill

    How A Real Truck Driver Does It

    There was a lot of talk on here about the proper procedures for backing. A real driver gets paid by the mile and doesn't have time for all the little niceties. :cool:
  18. JanAndBill

    Senior romance

    Barb was lying in bed one night. Al was falling asleep but Barb was in a romantic mood and wanted to talk. She said: "You used to hold my hand when we were courting. " Wearily he reached across, held her hand for a second and tried to get back to sleep. A few moments later she said...
  19. JanAndBill

    Is this Overkill On A New Truck???

    So what do you think, is this to much????
  20. JanAndBill

    The Hypnotist at the Seniors Home

    It was entertainment night at the senior citizens' center. After the community sing along led by Alice at the piano, it was time for the star of the show - Claude the Hypnotist! Claude explained that he was going to put the whole audience into a trance. "Yes, each and every one of you and all...
  21. JanAndBill

    Anyone Else See This Coming

    2017 Toyota Diesel
  22. JanAndBill


    On the news from Australia, karma apparently evens the books sometimes. Seems there were some fellas in need of fuel, and there was an unattended tour bus, ripe for the picking. By the moonlight they snuck up on the bus and inserted their siphon hose into the tank. Had the thieves had better...
  23. JanAndBill

    Fork Thingy

    To cold to be outside so I spent a couple hours building my DW the "Fork Thingy" she wanted for the BH (that's what she called it) Anyone care to guess the purpose and be nice now.
  24. JanAndBill

    Towing Test

    See anything wrong with this picture????
  25. JanAndBill

    Oh Yes.

    Back and forth . . . . Back and forth . . . . In and out . . . . In and out . . . . A little to the right . . . . A little to the left . . . . She could feel the sweat on her forehead . . . . Between her breasts . . . . And, trickling down the small of her back . . . . She was getting...
  26. JanAndBill

    What A Coincidence!

    A chicken farmer went to the local bar. He sat next to a woman and ordered champagne. The woman said: "How strange, I also just ordered a glass of champagne." "What a coincidence," said the farmer, who added: "It is a special day for me ... I'm celebrating. "It is a special day for me too...
  27. JanAndBill

    Single Rear Wheel or Duals?

    Ok I've got the fever to upgrade. Currently have a dually, but seriously looking at a single rear wheel, with a short bed in hopes of fitting it in the garage (dually currently resides in the shed). I'm really concerned about the stability of towing my fifth wheel, because right now, it's as...
  28. JanAndBill

    Another Uninvited Guest

    Anyone have a solution besides vacuuming for another irritating pest - the Asian Beetle? We have been fighting and ongoing battle with these things for over a year. We tried sprays, sticky traps, etc. Nothing seems to stop them. Every time the the temperature goes up, they come out.
  29. JanAndBill

    Another Soaked In Fuel Day

    Love my Ford, but why anyone in their right mind would put a fuel filter under the truck and inside the fuel rail is beyond me. To make matters even worse, they mounted it horizontal instead of vertical, so every little dribble can run down your arm, while laying on your back in the accumulated...
  30. JanAndBill

    Best Route Waynesville, NC to Cleveland, GA

    Currently staying just outside of Waynesville, will be moving on to Cleveland, GA next week. Best route out of NC looks to be 23 south. Anyone run 23 south? Is it decent road or a lot of twist, turns and pulls? Also once I get down into GA is there a good route to cut over to Cleveland or will I...
  31. JanAndBill

    The Banshee Is Gone!!

    Sunday on our way back from the store I noticed that under mild throttle we had a faint "whistle" from under the hood. Got back to the trailer popped the hood, checked all the turbo boots and fittings - nothing amiss. Monday we left out on a 70 mile short hop over the mountains, at first it...
  32. JanAndBill

    Cold Bedroom Floor

    For some reason our bedroom floor (front) stays cold. Even if you turn the heat up the upper air is warm but the floor radiates cold. Any one else run into this or have a solution?
  33. JanAndBill

    TV Won't Lift Up

    Our TV drops down behind the fireplace and a lifting mechanism raises it up. Pushed the switch an nothing. Not sure if this is 12 volt or 120 any ideas. Where to start?
  34. JanAndBill

    Repair, Adjustment and Maintenance of Tank Valves.

    I've seen a lot posts of late regarding leaking or hard to operate tank valves. The most common solution is add another valve at the cap. While this can be a good temporary solution, some of them I've seen are a problem waiting to happen. Our roads are littered with all kinds of debris making...
  35. JanAndBill

    Baby its cold outside - and inside

    Furnace has been working fine till last night. Woke up to a cold trailer. I have an automatic regulator set to switch over. When I checked the tank it was drawing from was empty but the indicator window didn't show empty. I manually switched the valve to the full tank, but now the furnace won't...
  36. JanAndBill

    DIY Power Pedestal Tester

    If you're even a little mechanically inclined you should be able to build one of these in an couple of hours. It will check for a true 50 amp circuit, open ground, and test the voltage on each leg. As with all things electrical if you don't know what you're doing you can cause major damage to...
  37. JanAndBill

    Roof treatment?

    Getting ready to pull the BH out from under cover and do a good cleaning job on the roof. Any suggestions on cleaners, what not to use???? Also once clean, should I apply a protectant? Suggestions????
  38. JanAndBill

    Auxiliary Fan Installation

    Since I was changing my grill out because of fading anyhow, I decided to add an auxiliary fan. My A/C has always been a little weak at an idle or low speed, primarily because of the air flow. I found a little 10” electric fan on Ebay for $22, plus assorted parts, brought the total up to just...
  39. JanAndBill

    Don't Ride Take the Helicopter Ride!!!!

    Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year, and every year Morris would say, 'Esther, I'd really like to ride in that helicopter.' Esther always replied, 'I know Morris, but that helicopter ride is fifty dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty dollars' One year Esther and Morris...