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    Broken Spring Hanger

    I recently broke the rear spring hanger on our 2018 Cyclone 4250. As you can imagine it was a big problem. I am wondering if this is common or just a stroke of bad luck. I am considering adding supports to all six hangers. Does anyone here have any experience or recommendations for this? TIA
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    Norcold 2118

    I was wondering if anyone has found a residential fridge the correct size to replace the Norcold 2118. I have been searching online for a while without any luck.
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    Awning Tie Downs

    I can't believe it took me 4 years to learn how much difference it makes to tie down your awning. I did this last weekend and I was amazed at how stable it makes the awning when there is a little wind. It's a must do!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: UT, Moab - 9/20/2018 to 9/23/2018

    2980 S Hwy 191, Moab, UT 84532 Venue: ------------------------------ Spanish Trail RV Park 2980 S Hwy 191 Moab, UT 84532 Talauna 800-787-2751 Pets ok?: Yes Golf carts allowed?: Golf Cart restrictions?: Golf Cart fees?: Details: ------------------------------ From...
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    Ford Towing Capacity

    I found this on another forum. It is given to Ford Dealers to calculate towing capacity for their potential buyers. I thought a few of you might find it usefull.
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    Tire Speed Ratings..

    I have only been on this forum for a few months. In that time I have read many posts stating that the 235/85R16 G Sailun Tires speed rating was 65 mph. I decided to look at the tires on my new Cyclone and found the speed rating is L or 75 mph. I would assume all of the same tires have the same...
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    My new 20' Flag Pole

    I wanted to post some pictures of our camp spot last weekend and my new 20' Flag Pole which I think turned out great. I can't seem to post any larger photos. I have seen others do it many times so I know it is possible. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it
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    Removing TV from wall bracket

    I have a 2018 Cyclone 4250. In the main living area is a large TV 55-60 inch. I am trying to remove it so I can add an optical audio cable so I can play my digital media player through the surround sound. It looks like when the TV was hung on the brackets the screws in the bottom of the arms...
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    Waste Water Plumbing in Cyclone 4250

    I have a 2018 Cyclone 4250. It has 1-1/2 bathrooms and 2 separate sets of black and grey water tanks and tank valves. The first time we went to dump the tanks we started with the forward set, hooked the hose up and dumped both tanks with no issues. I pull forward 15 feet hook the hose to the...
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    Solar Panels

    I just purchased a 2017 4250. I was hoping to find someone that hs mounted a rooftop solar panel to get some ideas on whice panel you used and how the process went. TIA