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    Repair of side

    Our 2010 Heartland BH has a crack on the side. Live in Lapeer, MI (20 miles east of Flint). Looking for suggestions on where to take for repair. Would prefer NOT General RV in Birch Run.
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    Carrier air conditioner

    We own a 2010 Heartland 3670 Big Horn that has a Air V Carrier Recreation Vehicle air conditioner. Was running great and now has quit. When turn on the unit both with the remote and the emergency on button the light on the "unit on" flashes green 5 times, a brief pause and then flashes 5 times...
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    Apollo half time not cooking

    My Apollo Half time oven just quit. It worked last night just fine, but this morning nothing. When you open the door the display goes black and the light bulb is unlit. After about 10-20 seconds the display comes back on, and the light blub is lit (although dim). However when you try to run...