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  1. avvidclif

    Question on Selling an RV

    I am contemplating on selling my rv and have a question. Looking at PPL Consignment sales. I know with an individual sale the add-ons I have added (TPMS, Camera, Surge Suppressor, etc etc) would add to the value but how about selling/consignment with a dealer? Would I be better off removing the...
  2. avvidclif

    New Problem Onan 5500

    2015 Onan 5500 HGJAB Generator. I have a new problem and looking for ideas. Onan's troubleshooting list includes everything but the paint job. It has been run regularly on a monthly basis. Currently has just over 400 hours. Tried using it last night and it ran appx 1.5 hrs and shut down. Error...
  3. avvidclif

    Bedroom Drawers Release

    Just what is the secret to getting the drawers in the nightstand to release so they can be removed? I've tried all the tricks I knew about. GRRRR
  4. avvidclif

    RV-Armor vs Flex-armor

    Due to my roof having an argument with a tree limb (limb won) I am going to have to replace the factory roof. I am looking at RV-Armor and Flex-armor. Both have pluses and minuses. The warranty is the same for both, lifetime against leaks and transferable. One you go to the other comes to you...
  5. avvidclif

    Heartland Contact Info

    It seems Heartland has left off the contact info for parts. I need a phone and/or email. I need a new skylight, inner and outer.
  6. avvidclif

    2015 Cyclone 3418 Electrical Connections

    The Bar Light in mine are intermittent. I thought it was the lights themselves. Tuns out is is the power to them. They are 120v AC halogen lights. They are fed by a pair of stranded cables colored W+W/O, not Romex. Traced the pair to the switch and can't get continuity. Looked at the power to...
  7. avvidclif

    Logic Blue Tech (Level-Mate Pro & Power-Mate Pro)

    I have been using the Level-Mate Pro (iPhone) for several years to level my rv and am very satisfied with it. To me it's easier than the Auto Level, just my personal opinion. Today it showed the battery level to be low so being lazy I went to the internet to find out which battery it uses...
  8. avvidclif

    Level Up 6 Point is a PITA

    Pulled into a rv slot yesterday that was nowhere close to being level. The genius in the box determined I was too far off level to do anything so I couldn't manually adjust it. I re-calibrated the level to my current condition which allowed me to manually operate it. When I got close it decided...
  9. avvidclif

    Dometic 15k Not Cooling

    I guess the run of flaky AC's back in 2014-15 finally got to one of mine. The main ac is not cooling. Intake air is 78 and out is 72. Current draw is high at 18A. All the cooling fins are clean on the inside but the condenser just won't get cold, that combined with high current draw (voltage is...
  10. avvidclif

    Patio Fencing for Toy Haulers

    I have the mesh fencing that came on our Cyclone toy hauler ramp. It was used once and then stored. It's time to find a new home. I have all of the pieces, mounting brackets etc. It was all removed from the ramp. Includes the velcro pieces that go from the fence to the RV to close the gap a...
  11. avvidclif

    The Park for Dogs Individually fenced rv sites available. Doggy park with swimming pond, doggy day care, dog grooming onsite. All the usual with a few farm animals thrown in, chickens which supply fresh eggs. 2 Paws up.
  12. avvidclif

    ATF Postings

    Is it really necessary to have 2.5 pages of notifications at the top every-time I click "What's New"?
  13. avvidclif

    Orlando RV parks in July

    My DW has made the decision we are going to attend the VFW National Convention this July in Orlando, Fl. The dates are from July 19-25, 2019. Any recommendations on an RV park in the area? The Convention will be held at the Convention Center at 9800 International Dr.
  14. avvidclif

    Dining Table. Where to find

    Does anyone know where this table or one similar can be bought? With or without chairs. I have searched the web but I guess I'm not using the correct searck
  15. avvidclif

    Goshen Vendor Discounts

    Anyone have a list of vendors offering Rally Specials? It may be too early to know but I wonder if Torklift is going to participate this year.
  16. avvidclif

    Cyclone Slide Digging Into Floor

    Went camping last weekend. Went went to pull in kitchen slide while getting ready to leave and I noticed where it had dug into and torn the linoleum at one corner. This was the corner under the fridge. The slide trim has always been close to the floor with appx 1/4-3/8" clearance the entire...
  17. avvidclif

    ATF: Cyclone - Water Tank Overflow Line

    I filled the fresh water tank with 90gal of water for a dry camp trip. Since I have been weight limited (old TV) I haven't done this before. All was well. When I raised the front this AM to hook up I had water running out from the rear of the coroplast. Evidently I put in too much BUT the...
  18. avvidclif

    Patio Fencing for Cyclone

    My 2015 Cyclone has the fencing around the rear patio. We used it once and put it in storage where it has been for abt 3years. It's taking up space and needs to be gone. It is complete with everything to install it on your patio. Including the brackets that bolt to the ramp and all hardware...
  19. avvidclif

    Andersen Hitch

    Got a new TV and now need an Andersen hitch for a gooseneck ball. Anybody got one for sale. Hopefully in Texas.
  20. avvidclif

    Kudos to RV Lock

    Last November I ordered a new board, keypad, and keypad membrane. This was the upgrade for the RV Lock 4.0. It was received 11/17 and promptly stored in the RV. It seems the only time I have to do the optional non-essential stuff is when we are camping. Last week we made the first outing of the...
  21. avvidclif

    Anderson Hitch Owner

    Found this on a Ford website. Didn't make me happy.
  22. avvidclif

    Strange Champion Generator Problem

    A friend bought one of the Champion 3400w electric start inverter generators. When he hooked it up the his new RV (30A) and turned on the AC (13.5k) it went into overload and cut power. Not knowing if he had a generator problem or an AC problem he asked if we could try it on my RV (15k) AC. He...
  23. avvidclif

    New Lippert App

    I just found about a new (to me) app for the IPhone called myLCI. It has a lot of information on about anything they build, troubleshooting tip, service bulletins, etc.... I just started browsing so don't know all that is there. There is a companion app called OneControl. If you have an RV with...
  24. avvidclif

    And Another Onan Issue

    Last Friday we left for a weekend of dry camping. Full of water etc, etc. From Friday to Sunday abt 2 PM the generator ran a total of abt 35-40 hrs, never even hiccuped. On Sat our daughter called and informed us because of the tornadoes around where we live (Canton Tx.) we had no power. Several...
  25. avvidclif

    Another Generator Problem

    I'm starting not to like my Onan generator. It went a year with no problems. It had and error code 27 and I took it to a service center. They fixed it under warranty. Error 27 covers about everything but the kitchen sink. It seems that if you let it sit too long without running it will generate...
  26. avvidclif

    Heartland Recall on Ladder Hinges on Cyclone, Road Warrior, and Torque

    See more info at
  27. avvidclif


    > > *Paraprosdokians**: A figure of speech in which the latter part of a > sentence is unexpected and often humorous.* > > > > If I had a dollar for every girl who found me unattractive, > they'd eventually find me attractive. > > I find it ironic...
  28. avvidclif

    Strange Thing Happened

    Went dry camping this weekend, Thur-Sat(flea market). Stopped at Flying J to dump on the way home Sat. Did my normal routine with the black tank. Then opened the sink tank. Not much usage so not much came out. On to the shower/lavatory tank. Just a bare trickle and then nothing. ????? We both...
  29. avvidclif

    Problem With Repling to Messages

    Using Windows 10 and Firefox. If I reply to a message all is well until I use the Delete or Backspace buttons to correct a typing error. At that point my typing is placed on the line above the paragraph I was typing. I cannot go back the the end of the line where I used the Backspace/Delete...
  30. avvidclif

    Trip to Rogers, Arkansas

    We are planning a trip to Rogers, AR the last week of October and am looking for recommendations for campgrounds. The lake has plenty of COE ones but most will be closed or not big rig friendly. Any suggestions?
  31. avvidclif

    Electric Awning Quit

    Rolled out the front awning this AM. Went slightly too far so asked the DW to back it up 1/4 turn. Nothing. No in or out. It is a Carefree awning with the electric motor. After checking the fuse I went to the power switch, Murphy said to leave your DMM at home. That will be corrected tomorrow...
  32. avvidclif

    Windows 10 Major Update

    Just FYI a major update for Windoze 10 is scheduled to be released tomorrow. It is 1-3 GB so it you are using your phone or a satellite connection you might be careful. Make sure it's set as a metered connection. More info here...
  33. avvidclif

    Norcold 1210 Dead after 1.5 yrs

    Following the other poster my Norcold 1210 died at 18 months. No error codes, no leakage, nothing except won't cool either on AC or LP. Tried turning it off overnite, no go. The freezer will get down to 56 and no lower, fridge 70's (temp in RV). Since I'm going camping this weekend I'm going to...
  34. avvidclif

    Dometic AC Freezing Up

    I recently sealed the Main AC unit to try and stop it from freezing up. I taped the dividers to keep the air from mixing. As a test I ran the Bedroom AC for several days and it never froze up. Then switched to the garage AC and it did fine. I turned on the main AC and it lasted about a day and...
  35. avvidclif

    ATF: Cyclone - Problems with Level-Up System

    I am having problems with my Level-Up system and have been talking with Lippert. My next step is to locate and check the mounting and connections on the rear sensor for the Level-Up system. AJ could you tell me where it is mounted (or anyone else that has found it). Is is behind the covered area...
  36. avvidclif

    NeverCold 1210

    Well mine decided to quit. 66 deg in fridge. Starting the diagnostics. Grrrr. Naturally out of warranty. Last summer it was fine. The last 2 days it got over 90 deg and it warmed up. I pulled both covers and within a few minutes the fans cut off. I did notice the baffle in the upper is not...
  37. avvidclif

    RESOLVED: 6 point Level-Up System Problems

    It seems my level-up system has gone stupid. After unhooking and pushing the auto-level button it will level front to rear. It then starts lowering the rear 4 jacks and if the rv is close to level it stops and shows Success. Sometimes 1 o r2 of the rear jacks are down to the ground and some...
  38. avvidclif

    Generator Problem Now,,, CURED

    My luck is running normal. I had a problem with the kitchen slide and Heartland and BAL came thru for me (just out of warranty), a bad gearbox which they sent to me. I replaced it Wed and while in the trailer decided to run the generator for it's monthly exercise. It started and then died. I...
  39. avvidclif

    Cable Operated Kitchen Slide Problem

    Over the past month I have had a slight noise when extending or retracting the kitchen slide. It happened every 3-4" of movement either in or out. It finally got to the point the slide wouldn't move without help. It also had a machine gun sound when it stopped that I attributed to the overload...
  40. avvidclif

    Cyclone with Cable Operated Slides Making Noise

    My Cyclone has the BAL cable operated slides. Recently the BR slide sounded like a cat with his tail in a wringer for the first 6" of movement in either direction. I thought at first it was the slide rollers needing oil, nope not it. A few calls to several dealers for warranty service (4-6...