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    Ball bearings on the slide rollers?

    So today I was walking thru the fiver, and I stepped on a ball bearing rolling around on the floor? Can anyone tell me if the large slide rollers on the kitchen slides are ball bearing supported? I assumed the rollers were just supported by a large rod thru the roller only. I wasnt sure if...
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    Started stinking all of a sudden?

    Well we have had our landmark for several years now. This spring, I smelled the odor of propane pretty bad, only on one side of the RV. On closer inspection, I found one of the OE brass fittings on the regulator was cracked from being over tightened. It was a spiral crack in the brass input...
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    Warranty issue

    So I took my landmark, with full body paint in for warranty, to affinity RV repair. The plastic wheel skirts were broken, even when I picked it up. Called heartland and they sent me new skirts. But now the factory wont pay to have them painted? I am still under warranty. So not sure what to...
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    Warranty service

    So we are over a year now on this landmark. The factory is closed, as is the service center for the covid thing. Factory says to take it to Affinity RV in Goshen, Indiana for factory warranty service. Anyone have any feedback on these guys?
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    This looks Bad

    Saw this today in ohio. I was passing by a storage area, and this SOB toy hauler looked odd. Looks like someone rear ended this unit. The king ping up front was mangled, and the rear door is missing. Do you think the damage will buff out?
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    Ram Brake controller

    I have a 2014 RAM 3500. I have a landmark now with 8K dexter axles. The issue is with my former big horn that had 6K axles.... the brakes were lack luster when set at 7 out of 10. Now with the landmark I have the IBC set at 10 and the braking is barely noticeable. I have read some past...
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    Ram 3500 DRW with Nexen tires

    Did a little reading on the RAM forum, and saw a post from fellow RV'er said his new RAM had a front tire blowout withing 2500 miles. Looked as if his issue was just a bad NEXEN tire, and it came apart. I havent had any failures on my truck yet, but there is a lot of weight on the front...
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    Lasted two months

    Well my wife bought me a furrion back up camera for a gift in July. We were, at the time still looking at buying a newer fifth wheel, so I never installed this unit. I tested it on the bench, and it worked fine. Went to install it finally this week and it is dead. Both the RX and the TX...
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    Painted coach caulking?

    So my landmark is painted, what is everyone using to reseal the exterior caulking on the seams? My first thought is clear RTV.
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    Belly full of water

    First time towing this new rig home from the caught in a terrible thunderstorm..while driving. Well its the old routine, when you tow in the rain, the belly gets full of water. Coroplast sagging pretty bad in the middle. Hand drilled some 1/4 holes to let the big chunks out...
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    No 12 volt lighting

    So since this power management thing is new to me, in the 365 coaches. I just found that when the coach is not plugged into AC power, I have no lights anywhere in the coach. I have traced the 12volts in the front, from the battery box thru the cut off switches. Its there, at like 12.85. Is...
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    SOLVED: What's this switch in the UDC for? (LM Ashland)

    Buying a left over ashland 365, and there is a switch in the UDC near the water heater side. What is this switch for? Kinda looks like the connections are not 12 volts, but rather 110VAC type wiring?
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    A Dining table that comes out of a cabinet?

    Found this big horn 3870FB on line today while shopping and it has the strangest dining table set up I have ever seen. Has anyone else seen this in a big horn anywhere?
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    The new G westlake tires?

    I see these WESTLAKES.... are the new OEM tires on the big horn, big country. Anyone have any feedback on them yet? Currently have goodyear G614 on my current rig. Looking at a new big horn fiver, and not sure whether to ask to keep my 3 old goodyears, in place of these new westlakes.
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    So the newer roof construction on big horn?

    So I know about a year or so ago, heartland changed the roof construction from the laminated foam and aluminum, to the built up with roof trusses.... mainly due to the AC venting not working that great. Any feedback on this new roof system? Looking at a new 2018 model big horn, and was...
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    Any concerns with the 3875FB

    Thinking about trading up to a bigger coach. Found a really nice 3875FB, where the bathroom is up front. My first thought is that the plumbing up front for the bathroom and shower, might be exposed to cold a lot more so that other floor plans? Might be a gotcha or not?
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    OEM tires are now Westlakes?

    Went to see some new big horns today at a new dealer very close to us. The tires on these new rigs were Westlake? I did see the sailuns on the toy haulers still at this same lot. I wonder has anyone had any input on these new tires yet? These were on standard Big Horn units3160, 3500, ...not...
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    So is the orlando floor plan a gonner already?
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    Added a step

    After reading about the torklift steps. I had to try them. Other than the cost they are great. Easy to install, much lighter than the OEM steel steps too. On our rig using their measurements dimensions, we went from a factory three step, to a 4 stepper. Huge difference on my knees, and back.
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    Am I just Lucky or what?

    My first ARTIS OEM water pump in my big horn lasted about a season, then it just started to surge like crazy. Sent it back to the elkhart based service center, and they said it was in specs. Sure it would pump water, but surged so bad it was not very usable. So I replaced it with a surflow...
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    Self contained hydraulic leveling

    Saw an ad in the latest trailer life, about a new self contained hydraulic jack system for a 6 point level up from LCI. The ad states its faster than the current versions, and that there are no hoses, no fittings, and no external valves. So that means no reservoir, no long hydraulic lines. I...
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    TST 507 TPMS not working with my RAM3500

    I have ahd the TST 507 TPMS system for a couple of years now. It worked just fine with my 2011 silverado when towing no issue's. I replaced my tow vehicle with a 2014 RAM 3500, and now the TST system doesnt always work. It will not show any data for two or three of the wheels on my big horn...
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    Truck recalls, and more recalls

    I have a 2014 RAM 3500 DRW, and I have recently been deluged upon with recall notice after recall notice. Most of the most recent recalls have been software updates to various modules. The latest one is somewhat of an eye opener. R46 is its number.... Its specifically for 2013, and 2014...
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    RAM Extended warranty?

    Recently acquired a new 2014 RAM DRW longbed dually for towing our big horn around. This is my first new RAM truck, and so far I am very pleased with the truck. I have been very impressed with the way this thing tows! So in the past I have almost always bought an extended warranty on my GM...
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    OEM bed camera for RAM

    Just got a 2014 RAM 3500. It came with the tail gate mounted rear view camera. I would like to know if anyone has added the bed camera to the OE setup. The higher head rests on the rear seats dont easily allow me to see the fifth wheel hitch in the trucks bed. Which makes it hard to hitch up...
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    Is the 3260 out of production?

    The heartland website shows the Big Horn 3260 as dealer stock only now. That does mean its been discontinued? Wow that was fast, they were only made for three years.
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    RV anti freeze, does freeze!

    Well as a follow up to experiment last year. I put some pure -50 degree rated RV antifreeze out side in a jar again. I marked a line on the jar, so when it froze, I could tell if it expanded. Well its was 15 degrees last night here, and my antifreeze wasnt frozen solid, but it was like peanut...
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    so long to a short but colorful fall

    Just love camping in the fall!
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    Buffet Table add on???

    DW and I are trying to buy a new leftover 2014 landmark savanah, that currently does not have the buffet table in it from the factory. Does anyone know, if the mounting plates in the wall are there, and the table can be added? I was going to add the table to it, and just remove the floor...
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    Abnormal Wear inside hitch

    Just noticed this badly worn area of inside the front of my reese 16K fitth wheel hitch. Looks like the front of the pin, is wearing into the hitch. I use of those nylon wear plates between the truck and the pin box. So this pin shoudnt be touching this far down in the hitch, I guess. The...
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    Whats your opinion on the type of pex fittings?

    I have to buy a pex tool to fix a plumbing issue on the coach. Now there are two types of pex clamps out there. The cinch type which is what heartland uses for all of my current connections. And there is the crush type. I am not a plumber so if you were to invest in the tools which type of...
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    ATF: Bighorn - RF intererence

    When ever I turn on the LED lighting especially in the bedroom, the signal on the TV dies? Both TV's lose their signals when the bedroom lights are turned on. The powered TV amp is still on, I can see this from the red power LED on its panel. Obviously there must be some type of RF noise...
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    ATF: Bighorn - B/R slide cables

    My 3260 has four stainless steel cables attached to the outside of the bedroom slide. Two in fron, and two on the back side. At fiirst they were all reasonably tite. Now one of the cables, on the drivers side bottom is not really tight at all. It actually sags in the middle. The slide still...
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    ATF: Bighorn - Too much PSI on bay doors hinges

    We have 2013 BH3260RS, and I have noticed that the OEM high pressure shocks installed on the cargo bay doors to hold them up and open..... from the factory put soo much pre-load on the door hinges, when the doors are closed. If you stand on one side of the coach and look thru the storage bay, at...
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    New installed trailer hitches from the factory

    We have a 2013 big horn and we elected to have the class 1 hitch installed at the factory when we built our coach. All of the 2013 have "L" brackets on the rear of the frames where this hitch can be bolted on. I realize this hitch wasn't meant for any use other than just a bike rack, due to its...
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    Last outing before the snow in the 3260

    Went to a local state park here in nothern Indiana. Hate to put this coach away, its so spacious and comfortable.
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    Going camping over thanksgiving

    Just got our 2103 BH 3260RS a month ago. The weather has moderated here so we are going camping for the week! Just can't put the coach to bed quite yet. Love that yetti package! Even though I am not sure its really working. So far we are loving the new coach. Wow this rig is big.
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    ATF: Bighorn - screw heads popping off!

    Just brought home our new 2013 3260RS, and after one week of use, I have now found there are 6 of the screw heads popped off of the self tapping screws used on the largest slide. I am not sure what to do about this, other than have the dealer run more screws into the slide to hold it together...
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    BH3185 Has been cancelled too

    I see the 2012 was the last year for the 3185BH. Its gone from the new literature. It was the only BH with the north south bed setup. Heartland just started some very big changes in the BH line about two weeks ago. The look of the interior wood, and alot of the furniture has changed...
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    ATF: ElkRidge - No Remote?

    Our "new" 2011 elkridge 27RLSS said it was supposed to come with the remote control for the lights, and jacks etc. The brochures said it was tandard equipment. When we took delivery it wasn't there? Our was built in late 2010. Was it supposed to have the remote or did the dealer loose it...