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  1. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Las Vegas - 10/14/2021 to 10/17/2021

    Kurt Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be attending your rally. I will call and cancel my reservation.
  2. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Las Vegas - 10/14/2021 to 10/17/2021

    Made our reservations for the rally and will be in site 179. Oct 13-17
  3. BigJim45

    Edit: Jacks and Slides not working (except manually).

    Your battery is not charged. Need 13.4 and the clicking is the auto reset on the fuse. Find the line from pump to that fuse and replace with an 80amp fuse. Check out this
  4. BigJim45

    How to change/delete photo

    Thanks Jim
  5. BigJim45

    How to change/delete photo

    How do I change photo on my signature page??
  6. BigJim45

    Is this normal?

    Better fix that drain that has come apart before it leaks into your basement. As far as the wiring, yes that come to see that with most manufacturers. That’s why they put up a wall.
  7. BigJim45

    Holding Tanks

    Have you thought about calling Heartland Customer service and asking them. I’m sure they would know the answer. All you need is the last 6 of your Vin#
  8. BigJim45

    Roof truss height

    Your best bet is to call Heartland(have your last six of Vin)and ask them.
  9. BigJim45

    Black tanks won’t dump

    Do you mean that when you pull the handle that it does not open the valve?? Are you sure that it is ready to be dumped?? When was the last time(# of days) you dumped that tank?? Does your Newport have the 1/2 bath??
  10. BigJim45

    Annual Reminder - Refrigerator Water/Ice Maker Feed Lines Can Freeze

    Thanks Dan, I just reposted this onto the Heartland RV Owners Facebook page.
  11. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Verdi - 6/3/2021 to 6/6/2021

    Made our reservations yesterday and will be coming in on June 2nd and leaving June 9th. We are in site 49.
  12. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: NV, Las Vegas - 10/15/2020 to 10/18/2020

    Kurt Melody and I had a great time at your first campout of being the new Chapter Leader for Nevada. Was nice to see old friends and making some new ones. See everyone at the next get together.
  13. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: NV, Las Vegas - 10/15/2020 to 10/18/2020

    Are you sure that site 169 is the one your using for the greet&meet and pot luck. The reason I ask is I was told that is the site I had. Just asking.
  14. BigJim45

    2021 Goshen Rally - Primary Rally Discussion Thread

    Re: 2021 Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread Unfortunately we will not be attending the 2021 National. We will be getting ready for our 55th wedding Anniversary with our two sons and daughter-in-laws hopefully in Hawaii. Sure will miss seeing everyone and all the good food.
  15. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: NV, Las Vegas - 10/15/2020 to 10/18/2020

    Jim & Melody plus the Pug Ginger are all signed up for the campout. Coming in one day before and leaving that Sunday. I think she said I had site 169. See ya then.
  16. BigJim45

    New to Heartland and forums

    Welcome to the Heartland family. Enjoy your Heartland Cyclone.
  17. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Wish you would have done more updates for the last day. The last one was at 1pm.
  18. BigJim45

    The New Heartland

    The new logo is shown in that article. This is it.
  19. BigJim45

    The New Heartland

    New info on what's happening and a new logo.
  20. BigJim45

    Furrion TV code for Direct tv

    If you don't get an answer, call Furrion and see if they can help.
  21. BigJim45

    2020 Terry?

    ​It's gone.......🤠
  22. BigJim45

    Lithium plumbing

    Don't wait for the dealer to get an answer. Call Heartland yourself and find out if the dealer did in fact contact Heartland about your problem.
  23. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: WY, Gillette - 6/5/2022 to 6/12/2022

    You are correct Dan, I forgot to add that to my post.
  24. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: WY, Gillette - 6/5/2022 to 6/12/2022

    ​All regional rallies have been canceled and will not be coming back. The Regional in New Mexico Sept 2020 will be the LAST.
  25. BigJim45

    Gatherings and Hello

    Hello Doug and welcome to the Heartland family from So. Utah. As of this writing their is not any Chapter leaders for No. Cal., Oregon and Washington. So. Cal has a Chapter leader so maybe he can give you some insight as to how these rallies work. Also the Regional leader might chime in also...
  26. BigJim45

    Extending Warranty Expiration

    A call to Heartland customer service tomorrow should give you the answer.
  27. BigJim45

    What is this for?

    jkennedy14177 welcome to the Heartland family. You have a few more post to make before you can add a photo. In the mean time, if your a member of the Heartland RV Owners on Facebook you can post a photo on there and maybe one of our many members can answer your question. If not a member put...
  28. BigJim45

    Wires in roof over Control panel

    If you have lights in your ceiling then it's possible you have wires also. In your control panel I would undo and look to see all the wires.
  29. BigJim45


    The Joy Rider shocks are not like your regular system on your Big Horn. They are installed in a more up/down install rather then the OEM why Heartland has then installed. You get a lot better ride IMO.
  30. BigJim45


    I went with the Liberty Rider/Joy Rider system. You can check with Performance Trailer Braking as they sell it.
  31. BigJim45

    Tank noise

    First time having this happen last night. Was up in the bedroom of our 2016 Big Horn 3270 and heard this noise of popping going from one side to the other side. Went out and opened the off door side for the propane bottle and heard the tank making this noise then heard the other side. Decided...
  32. BigJim45

    3rd bad slideout motor ( when this one is replaced 4)

    Jerry Are your slides electric or hydraulic. On my Big Horn I have both.
  33. BigJim45

    propane tankless water heater

    Most of the tankless on demand water heaters are a replacement for what you currently have. Now with your RV not being a Heartland Mfg RV it may be difficult for a correct answer to your question.
  34. BigJim45

    Fender Skirt replacement

    Norm Check out this Mfg for fenders.
  35. BigJim45

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Will be calling the Expo this weekend to cancel our reservations.
  36. BigJim45

    Fuel Discounts

    Don't try using it at Flying J or Pilot. They have found out about the TSD program and are not allowing the card to work at there stations because Good Sam has there fuel card. UPDATE You can use the card but you won't get any discount.
  37. BigJim45


    Welcome to the Heartland family. Be sure to check that roof and all the caulking on that rig. Sorry for your loss.
  38. BigJim45

    Monument Valley Advice

    Come on out to Zion National Park. Lots of great places to stay. You drive into the park, catch the shuttle and get off at any and all stops that you want. Great town just out side the park for food and drink and shopping all over the place.