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  1. pegmikef

    What's the deal on club membership renewal?

    What's the deal on club membership renewal? Answered I don't think my membership has expired, but I was unable to manage my membership data. I tried to renew my membership and was told there is no renewal process, but my membership was good until such time as long as I owned a Heartland...
  2. pegmikef

    Question AboutI Installing a Slide Seal with Heat Activated Adhesive Tape

    Question About Installing a Slide Seal with Heat Activated Adhesive Tape One of the slide seals on the living/kitchen slide on my 2018 Landmark Oshkosh literally just fell off and the bar on which it was mounted (see photos) was damaged and has to be replaced. The reason it fell off is because...
  3. pegmikef

    New Structural Warranty on Heartland RVs

    Apparently I was sleeping went they posted this, but this is the first I have heard of the three year structural warranty on all Heartland RVs starting in 2018. Hope I don't have to use it, but it is nice to know it is there.
  4. pegmikef

    Progressive PD9280 Converter (AC to DC) Thermal Protection

    Has anyone out there ever experienced reduced of no output voltage from their PD92 series converter because of shutdown by its built in thermal protection? If so, does anyone know the temperature threshold that activates the cut off? I looked on their website and have tried contacting service...
  5. pegmikef

    Home Security Multiple Camera Wireless Video System.

    I am in the market for a home security video system with 3 to 5 cameras that I would be able to access from my phone. When I say wireless, I am referring to no wires required between the camera and the base station or recording device (if any), not the power. I have seen many on the internet...
  6. pegmikef

    Battery Maintenance

    Just a reminder for all to check their batteries. Since the batteries are out of sight, they are often overlooked when checking/maintaining other components such as tires, hydraulics, and suspension system. It has been a hot summer so I am recommending that you check the water level in your...
  7. pegmikef

    Got Ants in Your Rig? Try this Stuff!

    Somehow, we picked up little tiny ants at the Oklahoma Rally in Vinita two weeks ago and have been plagued with them ever since until this morning. There did not seem to be a lot of them, but a few would appear periodically on the kitchen counter, in the trash, and on other flat surfaces in the...
  8. pegmikef

    TV/Satellite Coax Quick-Connect Connectors

    Here's something that every RV that has a television must have. In fact, they are so cheap, get a handful of them. Someone told me about these last week at the Montgomery Rally so I ordered ten and they arrived today. I tested one and it worked great so I have one installed on my Tailgater...
  9. pegmikef

    Coax Cable problems with Satellite and Cable TV Systems

    If your trailer model has one or more TVs mounted in the slides (including an exterior TV in the slide) and you are havng problems getting a good picture in them, we have found one of the causes. In the last three weeks we have found the same problem in two Landmarks and one Big Country...
  10. pegmikef

    Leaking Level Up Hydraulic Line

    Woke up this morning, went outside and saw a small pool of hydraulic fluid under the generator compartment (where the pump and manifold are located). Also my doorside rear jack was retracted and the middle jack retracted about an inch. I have not used the system since our return on the first...
  11. pegmikef

    Kitchen Pendant Style Light Globes Warning

    I learned this the hard way after traveling on a stretch of pretty rough roads in New Mexico and Colorado when we found one of the globes from the pendant lights over the kitchen island in many pieces on the island and floor. Upon checking, the globe is only held in place by a plastic ring...
  12. pegmikef

    6 Point Level Up System Problems . . Has anyone seen anything like this?

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this with their level up system. This is what I just emailed LCI. When I came back from getting new tires, I think my level up system went wild. I saw something similar on another thread, but not quite the same. Jim B. in that thread mentioned that...
  13. pegmikef

    Military Discount for Tires.

    As usual I am probably always the last one to find out things, but I learned today that Discount Tires gives a ten percent military discount to active duty and retirees. It is not a whole lot, but its significance grows when you are buying four G614s like I am (32.30 off of each tire adds up).
  14. pegmikef

    Free Vehicle Registration for Texas Veterans with Meritorious Service

    Hey Texas Veterans. Here is something I just found out, but it may be old news for you. If you received certain military awards while you were in the service, then you are eligible for free life time registration of one vehicle. I know most of you that were in Vietnam or the current mess in...
  15. pegmikef

    Older Big Horn Sighted in San Angelo, Texas

    I saw an older model Big horn at about 2:15 this afternoon that turned off of Knickerbocker Road on to Red Bluff Road headed towards the river channel area by the lake. I think it came from someplace close by (maybe the KOA) because the steps were down. I couldn't get across Knickerbocker to...
  16. pegmikef

    High Pressure valve stems for 110 PSI and higher

    I got a really good price on a set of four G614s and I am thinking about replacing mine (30,000 miles, 3 years) just for peace of mind and two of the tires continue to lose a small amount of air. My dilemma are the high pressure valve stems that I want to replace at the same time. After doing...
  17. pegmikef

    Sam's Club Gift Card for Active and Former Members

    Sam's Club Gift Card for Active and Former Military Members I just posted this on facebook so I thought I would post it here too because I know a lot of Heartlanders are military or have a military background. When I was cashing my Sam's Club rebate check today the clerk saw my military...
  18. pegmikef

    SOLVED: Has the forum"s "What's New" function changed??

    or did I inadvertantly change something. Up until yesterday evening when I used the "what's new" option it always displayed the new posts up to a line where the new ones stopped, but still displayed several pages of older threads. I have my setting set at ten days. Now, it will only display...
  19. pegmikef

    Winstar Casino RV Park, Thackerville, OK

    Just stopped here a few hours ago to over night on the way home from the Carthage rally and was very pleasantly surprised. They have changed their rates and they are quite a bit lower during the week. Sun - Thu the rate is a little over 21 dollars including tax and Fri-Sat 40 dollars plus tax...
  20. pegmikef

    Jay Coffman

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I just wanted to let everybody know that Stella had to call an ambulance for Jay about ten thirty last night as he was suffering severe chest pain and shortness of breath. A paramedic, who lives here in the RV park, responded immediately and the...
  21. pegmikef

    Help, fluctuating A/C 120 Volt power

    Suddenly, last night my 120 volt lamp dimmed, then brightened, then off for a second, then back on. Same thing with the tv, fan and other things trailer wide. In a couple of instances it has been long enough for the frig to switch to gas and for the satellite receiver to lose its locational...
  22. pegmikef

    Correct Heating Element for Suburban SW12DE HW Heater

    This was covered a year or so ago in a now closed thread by JanAndBill who wrote in part: " . . . Finally called Suburban and found out that the correct part number for the 12 gallon, model SW12DE is 520900. The 520789 is for the the 10 gallon heater, and will work in my 12 gallon unit but the...
  23. pegmikef

    Coffee Creek RV Resort and Cabins, Santo, TX

    We stopped here as we usually do after lengthy trips as it is less than two hundred miles to our home and the big new is that this park has been bought and taken over by the folks who own and operate Oak Creek RV Park just up the road in Weatherford. Apparently, this has happened very recently...
  24. pegmikef

    Van Horn, Texas KOA is no longer a KOA

    One of my standard I-10 overnight stops has always been the KOA in Van Horn, TX. It is very conveniently located just a few blocks off the interstate and close to a Pilot so one can fill up at the same stop. During the snow bird season, they always had a nice little cafe that made great meals...
  25. pegmikef

    Dish Tailgater Antenna Base Plate for Moryde Hitchs

    Here is a real simple mounting system for the Tailgater antenna that just slides into a Moryde Hitch with no modification to the hitch or Tailgater. I copied the basic design from one I saw on Dean Peine's rig at the recent Durant rally. The downside is that you only get reception when the...
  26. pegmikef

    Contemplating a New, Much Simpler Rig

    Peggy and I came across this when we were touring the Grand Oaks Carriage Museum in Florida a couple of weeks ago. I think some of the interior design can still be found in some of today's smaller compact model travel trailers.
  27. pegmikef

    I-10 Sightings in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi

    As we continue our return to Texas Peggy continues to log Heartlanders on the move. Today we are traveling west on I-10 and sighted two Big Horns traveling East, one at marker 3 in Florida at 1021 hours and the second at marker 10 in Alabama at around 1130 hours. A third Big Horn was seen at...
  28. pegmikef

    Florida Sightings on I-75

    For a little over an hour this morning it looked like a Heartland exodus south on I-75. Between 0900 and 1015 hours Peggy logged the following all going south on I-75. Landmark Marker 374 at 0927 Landmark Marker 400 at 0954 Big Horn Marker 404 at 0957 2 Big Horns Marker 420 at 1014 Not...
  29. pegmikef

    Outstanding Florida Campground Close to the Villages

    in Lady Lakes, Florida. If anyone is planning on staying near the Villages in Lady Lake, Florida, The Grand Oaks Museum and RV Resort is definitely the place to stay. It is situated on rolling meadows surrounded by wooded areas and is less than a mile from town, yet very secluded quiet. Just...
  30. pegmikef

    More East Texas and West Louisiana Sightings

    Still on the road to Florida and sighted several Heartlanders traveling west on I-10 in LA and a shiny Landmark traveling west on TX105 at 1000 hours this A.M. near Beaumont,TX. Later we passed a Cyclone, Big Horn, Elkridge (looked brand new), and another Cyclone traveling west on I-10. Then...
  31. pegmikef

    Montgomery, Texas Sightings

    I just walked my dog around the perimeter of this very large nice campground at the Lake Conroe KOA in Montgomery, Texas and sighted in the longer term area a Big Horn, Gateway, and Cyclone which all looked almost new and then further along there is an older North Trail and Landmark. I won't...
  32. pegmikef

    Sears Tools Department Discount for Active/Retired Military

    In case anyone is interested, I bought a new blower at Sears yesterday and they gave me a 20 percent military discount. Right now they are offering 20 percent discounts for nonsale items and 5 percent discounts for sale items in the Tools Department to active duty and retired military members. I...
  33. pegmikef

    Heartland Westbound Exodus through Oklahoma on I-44

    While driving east on I-44 from Lawton, Ok to Carthage, Mo we sighted the following Heartlanders on the west bound side t the indicated times Gateway`0958 Cyclone 1030 Big Horn 1055 GreyStone 1210 Cyclone 1215 Cyclone 1218 Gateway 1244 GreyStone 1320
  34. pegmikef

    Cyclone Sighted in San Angelo, TX

    A full body paint Cyclone pulled by a white dually was sighted driving north on Knickerbocker Road at 0930 this morning. Was this you? I suspect it had been here for the boat races that took place this last weekend.
  35. pegmikef

    I wonder how many Ford owners . . .

    . . .that bought their Ford vehicle new within the last couple of years know that they probably (depending on how the vehicle is equipped) received a free three-year subscription to Ford synch services or even know what that is. I bought mine over a year ago and just found out about it. Since...
  36. pegmikef

    One Sturdy RV Ladder

    I am not sure that this is the right place for this, but this is the kind of ladder I would like to see on my rig. I saw it on a livestock/RV combo 40 foot trailer that was in the site next to me in Fredericksburg last weekend. You know that the ladder is sturdy and takes a beating from use...
  37. pegmikef

    Changing batteries on the TM-507 TPMS system monitors

    Just a heads up that a very small jeweler's type phillips head screw driver is required to change the battery in the monitors. This is something you might want to include in your RV tool box(es). I now have one in mine. I don't know if this has already been posted, but I hadn't seen it.
  38. pegmikef

    Yet another easy, but functional backsplash for the BH3010RE

    Like many other owners, DW has always been unhappy with the dark drab stove backsplash mainly because it was really a chore to keep it clean, but also the appearance. We saw Bernie's excellent job on his and I corresponded with him regarding removing the OEM one, but DW could not find any tiles...
  39. pegmikef

    How do I see my response to Private Message

    After I submit a response to a private message, how can I go back and read the response? All I can ever find is the original PM. The only time I have been able to see my response is when the recipient responds back to my message. What am I missing here? Since I can't see my response, how can...
  40. pegmikef

    My MCD Shades Factory Installation Experience

    We just had all ten of the so-called day night shades in our Big Horn replaced with MCD American Duo day and night shades at the factory. We are so pleased with this that I thought I would quickly describe our experience with the process. First, about three weeks in advance, I made a...