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    Spring / suspension opinions wanted

    We have a 2014 3310CL Sundance 5th wheel which has been towed about 47,000 miles. We have the stock #6000 axles, Dexter rubber spring equalizers, and disc brake upgrade. The truck has a Hensley Trailer Saver TS3 air ride hitch. We recently returned from a trip to Alaska; put about 11,000 miles...
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    Spin cycle shake

    We installed the Splendide 2100 XC in the front closet of our 2014 Sundance and it really is handy on our longer trips. We do notice the whole rig shaking during the spin cycle and wonder if one of those tripod stabilizers under the hitch pin would help reduce the shake. Has anyone tried that...
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    What is this on my roof

    I was up on the roof of my 2014 Sundance last night and noticed this thing fastened to my roof. In case the attachment doesn't work, it is a round plastic device about three inches in diameter and about one and a half inches tall with a stainless steel bolt and nut in the center. Looks like...
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    Mail forwarding

    Now that we're retired we go out on the road for 6 to 8 weeks at a time several times a year. We are wondering what other folks in this situation do for mail forwarding? We are able to pay most bills online as we travel (we have a Verizon Jetpack) but there are some bills and other items that...
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    Heartland "business" cards

    We have attended various rallies where folks gave us their personalized cards with the Heartland logo on them. Are these printed by Heartland, independent sources or both? As we travel more we could use them. Just seems wrong to call them business cards now that we're retired. Jim an Betty Posz
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    LED taillight upgrade

    I wanted to switch to LED brake/taillights on my '07 Sundance, which came with surface mounted lights made by Command Electronics. What I found on the manufacturer's website ( is that they sell an LED upgrade kit item K-0026 for $42 + 9.50 S&H. This kit includes a right...
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    Diesel fuel availability

    I just took delivery of a new Silverado 2500 with Duramax diesel. It's the first diesel vehicle I've ever owned and I have a few stupid questions about fueling on the road. It requires the new ultra low sulfur diesel. Is that pretty much the only thing being sold in the US and Canada or do...
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    One possible solution to trailer dragging

    About year and a half ago we purchased a Hensley Trailer Saver 5th wheel hitch with remote control kit. This hitch uses inflatable air bags and shock absorbers to prevent the truck from bouncing the trailer and vice versa. One fringe benefit of this is that you can raise and lower the hitch...