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    Potential RV Purchasers

    We have owned Big Country fifth wheels for many years. We are very satisfied with our new 2021 Big Country. Heartland makes a very good product and one of their customer service reps, Alan Wigent, has gone out of his way to help us with any problems. I mention him because the dealer, General...
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    Compressor wire burning in two

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Our AC man examined the unit and determined the blue wire was too short at installation, was not properly connected to the terminal and had corroded badly. He removed the entire wiring harness, reconnected a new one (after extensive cleaning of the...
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    Compressor wire burning in two

    We have a 2014 Big Country with a front and rear Dometic unit. Both were replaced in 2016. The rear one was again replaced by Lazy Days in Tucson (under warranty) in 2017. Now the front unit has stopped working. Inspection revealed that the blue wire going to the compressor is burned in...