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    Paper Crafting

    I did it from time to time. A lot of fun. We often make DYI greeting cards and scrapbooking during trips. I get a lot of good ideas from Pinterest, on crafts to do with the kids also
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    Portable Grill - Barbecue Recommendations Please

    Blackstone 22 as well. Very portable. I use mine weekly to cook everything from pancakes burgers, tacos, and sear off steaks. I really like the size, the attached lid and the removable stand planners
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Wife and I loaded the groceries, our clothes and the 2 new folding E-bikes into the 5'er today. Heading out tomorrow for 30 days in Port Aransas. Stopping along the way in Waco to see the Silos and get a cupcake at Magnolia and stopping in Austin for 2 nights on the way back, hoping to see some...
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    Publishing a book - looking for advice/help

    Hi. For most first-time authors, agents and publishers are going to want to see a book between 75-85k. Larger books are usually not worth the risk or the expense. You are going to have to get an agent if you want to get in with any of the major publishers so your first job is to have an...
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    Long Distance RVing

    I've made some long trips from Houston to Montana, and Houston to Washington state etc... Most of the nights were at rest stops next to big rigs. A few nights I've stayed at truck stops due to severe weather/rest stops being closed. I've also utilized the road side parking where big rigs park...
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    favorite recipe

    Sriracha meatballs. They're a weekly staple and I and good godddddd are they ever tasty. I have the recipe I go off of, but I add/use a few different ingredients. We have an abundance of ground moose and deer meat, so I use that. And sometimes I'll substitute with brown rice, but lately it's...
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    All in one washer/dryers

    We have a two in one washer/dryer combo. My wife didn't want one in the RV when we bought it, because she thought she'd want the storage space instead. Now after 3 years full timing, she said she'd never get another RV that didn't have one. We've not used a laundromat once since we've lived in...
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    Vaccum Cleaner Bags

    Check out Original Eureka yellow jacket central bags ( also known as OX ), delivery in 3 - 5 days.We bought there also. We have a eureka vacuum that's for pet hair and it works really well
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    How to empty Central Vac

    I had the Imperium central systems around 15yrs ago, it was good. Recently I got one of those Dyson sticks and I'd say the stick is a much better option. No plumbing, no hose. Just pick it up and go. Yes it has a small battery and dust container. But I find I hoover little and often which keeps...
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    Tank heaters

    Most of the standard tank heaters are 1500W, but the smaller tub are around 250W. If you used a smaller tank, lower wattage heater, and insulated your tank/put a cover over it I think you could get by.