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    Slide Room Toppers

    Like others w/ factory installed toppers, the angle for drainage has a lot to be desired. have heard about the beach ball, but how do you go about putting them in? Taking them out? Not being a rocket scientist, seems that someone would come up w/ something that can be installed on slide to help...
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    Slide Room Toppers

    Ordered them along w/ the 2nd awning on our '18 3560SS. LOVE 'em!! Beats having to get up to sweep the slide tops off every time. Yes, ours do not have much of a pitch to them so water will pool on top, so best not to stand near them while being retracted cuz it will be alike a cow peeing on a...
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    Water check valve locations

    Well a year later, 1 valve replaced this past spring (albeit a plastic one) on HW tank, followed directions on label at docking station...........and WHOLLA NO probs winterizing it this year and NO anti-freeze going into HW tank !!!!! Still have orig A-valve. Didn't blow things out, but made...
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    NEW Internal combustion Small Engines Now Banned in California

    Sadly, NY will probly follow suit. Many have said that with all this push for solar, wind energy, all have a limited lifespan and are NOT recyclable and have to be buried someplace. On top of that, there is NO way enough power can be generated to meet the needs of usage. Do the Einsteins of this...
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    Battery minders/maintainers

    FWIW, I have just the reg 'ol Interstate battery and remove it upon putting it into storage and then put it in cellar on a piece of wood then add just a battery tender to it for the next several months. As far as brand of tender, most of what I have are from Harbor Freight and another is Battery...
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    Furrion Oven Won't Light

    One prob we had/have is once it's lit. getting oven up to temp. Want to say that the prob was amount of gas in tank. If it's low, oven won't stay lit. Grrrrrrrrr.................
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    Musty odor in bathroom

    Ours is not like this at all. The white item (Studor Valve) is, ours has a cap instead. Plus, the black pipe on ours is loose. So if I p/u a Stupor Valve, do I just remove (somehow) the cap on ours, and replace it w/ the Studor? Then hand tighten the pipe back onto the drain pipe? Thread tape...
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    Musty odor in bathroom

    So I finally got my butt in the coach to check the area under the bathroom sink. What I found was a 2" (?) pipe that was threaded on one end and screwed (although very loose) onto drain pipe for sink and a solid cap on the other end of it. Wasn't very long overall, maybe 4" tops. So I screwed...
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    Musty odor in bathroom

    Last year our DD and SIL mentioned to us that they could smell a musty like odor in bathroom. Well, I agree there is some kind of distinct odor, but cannot see any areas that are wet either under the sink, walls, ceiling, etc. When I had my issues of winterizing it last year, didn't see any...
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    Stuck sewer pipe adapter

    What do others do to lesson the adapter that screws into CG pipe fittings? Yesterday I had 2 that got stuck and only way I got them out was w/ a screw driver and hammer. Do not recall this ever happening before, but really don't want to go thru that again. Soap up the threads 1st?
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    Sanitizing water system

    I 2nd OC's post and would like to add to run his procedure thru the hot water heater as well both times. Have done it this way for years and still alive.
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    Tire Hardware

    You can p/u a nice HD Kobalt or Craftsman 1/2" drive TQ wrench for under 100 bucks at Lowes as both will go to at least 200 Ft Lbs.
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    New sneakers

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    New sneakers

    Well as fate would have it, need to get new tires for Casper. Went to tire shop last w/e for rotation only to have them tell me they can't/won't due to low tread (3/32-4/32). Foooooey. Was going to get new ones in Oct, but with upcoming long trip planned, figure to play it safe and get new ones...
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    Announcement - Retirement of Club President

    Congrats Sir and enjoy life's road ahead.
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    7 way plug - Lubricant Ideas?

    OC, FWIW, I've always coated the end w/dioelectric grease upon putting it away for the winter. So far so good. Do the same thing w/snowmobile trailer.
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    Propane on during Traveling Day

    When we 1st got into RVing, our friends said "No" to having gas on while underway. So we've never had it on. IMO, it's just another safety step. Items in fridge will stay cold and we've travelled up to 10-12 hours w/o power of any sort to fridge w/o a problem. Another thing one could do is to...
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    Slide room, leak or condensation?

    May want to consider adding slide toppers.
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    Question about flush valves

    I've never seen valves that pull downward to operate. That's messed up.
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    Travel Trailer- Level Up??

    I could have sworn I saw a TT w/ 6pt level up last year or so. If not 6pt, it was darn close, but don't think it was the Ground Control.
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    Shower Hose Smell

    Re sanitize you whole system again w/ bleach incl hot water heater.
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    Square tube for slide hitting overflow

    Dan--mine is just like the pic you have. I have no idea how long it's been hitting things, but will take a gander before next trip to see if things can be changed.
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    AC Part Number 2021 Cyclone 4006

    Did/have you contacted HL w/ your VIN and kindly explain the problem? It's quite possible that they would authorize a mobile tech to come look at/fix it.
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    Square tube for slide hitting overflow

    I noticed while standing by RR corner of RV yesterday and DW was opening the slides up a "clicking" sound and was puzzled as to what it was. So looked under the slide as it was going out and saw the square connecting rod/tube hitting the 90* elbow for the fresh tank overflow on right side of...
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    LP use for my water heater

    12v is propane. We as well have a '18 3560SS w/ 2 switches on panel. Use above method on bleeding the lines 1st. If at all possible tho, use 120v to save gas unless boon docking. Make sure water tank is full before using either one.
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    Dually or not ?

    Going to chime in w/ my thoughts. DRW w/ that much weight. 16K dry and probly 20K max for the RW and IMO, it's too much for any SRW truck despite the mfr's stating it can tow "X". We had a '15 F350 SRW SB,4x4,CC, 6.7 and thought that would be our last truck. Then 2 years later we upgraded the RV...
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    HOC email asking for updated info

    Just want to see if it's legit or not, but got a e-mail from or spammer look alike HLOC asking for me to update info on file etc. Thought I'd ask here 1st to see if it's on the up-n-up.
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    MCD Manual Shade Stuck in down position

    I called MCD yesterday, explained what was going on and steps to remedy it. It seems since year of manufacture of our shades, they upgraded the ends and all and will be sending me the upgraded parts FOC ! Wow!!
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    MCD Manual Shade Stuck in down position

    How ironic that this topic /problem came up. We have 2 MCD shades that don't go up fast or hardly at all w/o some assistance. So this past Sat, I figured I'd see if I can get the table shade to work better being that it's smaller (other one is behind couch). RVFun, you have to push back the...
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    Glow Step Revolution Steps

    Just installed them this past w/e by myself. Wasn't a too bad of a job overall, but did run into a hiccup. Ours replaced the Lippert 4 step alum fold out ones and getting to the nuts was a bit of a pain, but "got 'em". Tho I had a floor jack and wood underneath them, things didn't go exactly as...
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    F350 diesel excessive smoke soot

    Truck problem aside, I feel your overweight on the truck.
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    Follow up on hail damage to roof.

    Have you by chance considered Flex Armor? CRS setting in this morning, but a member here had theirs done and looked fantastic. Takes a few days to do, but well worth it. Think it won't buckle under hail.
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    LED Light Bulb Replacement

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    Big Country Shower Skylight

    bh3585, try using a small tipped screwdriver to try the cover off as likewise we have same thing. As for skylight cover, I get why David would like to replace w/ a clear one as the frosted one is IMO mearly for privacy. A clear one tho, again IMO, would seem to allow more light in thus in turn...
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    LED Light Bulb Replacement

    FWIW, try May not be the cheapest, but quality is top notch. I got 2 LED bulbs for my John Deere garden tractor last fall and they worked great in the winter when blowing snow. Then this year, replaced all the side marker lights from them on the RV. The rear ones are red and...
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    Tow Vehicle

    OP, If I was a betting man (which I'm not), am willing to bet the GVW on the era of 6.0 PSD is 8800 and truck itself will eat up most of that. So if you added in the weight of the 5er, you'd be over the GVW of the truck. Shoot, even the 350's then only had 9900 GVW. Ford's newest 250's are...
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    Patio awning support arms

    Monday or Friday date of manufacture.
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    Couple of Questions

    What brand of coach do you have?
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    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    Underinflated tires = KA-BOOM! That's the reason you see so many "gaters" as we semi drivers call them on the road from semis. Why do RV mfr's state tire PSI on data labels and for that matter, cars/trucks? If tire mfr's say that their brand of tires should be aired to "X" pounds for "X" weight...
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    Can Toy Hauler Happijac Upper Bunk Be Lowered

    Problem solved.