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    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    "stiffer side walls" Old wives tail! - - - Updated - - - I think I pointed that out earlier. Chris

    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    The larger one is a ST235/85R16G. Which was the original one. Then the ST235/80R16G came out. Our 2017 BH3575 came with the 85's.

    -Sailun S637 (Trailer), ST235/85R-16

    You are correct, there have been very few reports of Sailun failures. Friend had a young GW G114 fail the other day.

    Is this normal?

    Why is the TV remove laying there in the forth picture? I call it the dungeon on our 2017 BH3575.

    2017 heartland bighorn m-3750fl 16,000-13,700 = 2,300 carrying capacity. Just about all of the 5th wheels back then had the same 16K GVWR. Our 2017 BH3575el has a 3050 carrying capacity, with the same 16,000 GVWR. We used most...

    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Welcome to the the forum. How are the new Walmart and Costco doing in Q town?

    Affordable WIFI

    Two phones on Consumer Cellular at 53/mo(3G shared with AARP Discount) and unlimited OTR MiFi on AT&T for 75/mo. Router is MoFi4500. Works for us.

    Affordable WIFI

    We use OTR Mobile with AT&T sim. We bought our own MoFi router.

    Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter

    Come West on I-10, in California take the 210, 215 to 138 to Palmdale(this keeps you off the Grape Vine(I-5 Mountain pass North of LA basin). Turn West on E Ave S(across from Walmart, South side of Palmdale), go a couple miles and get on 14 North to 58, get on 58 West to Bakersfield. From...

    Electrical Fire caused by shorted 7-wire cord

    Re: Electrical Fire Wait one. The charge 12V lead from the truck goes to the trailer batteries. So there is 12V on that lead from the trailer when not plugged into the truck. That is how people put a jumper or flasher in the trailers cable to turn on the clearance lights or blink that to...

    Blowing out water and antifreeze

    There are brass ones available. Chris

    Sailun Tire Blowout

    I ran Michelin XPS ribs on 5200 axles for 6.5 years and sold them for 200 bucks on CL and installed BS Duravis R250 for the next 4 years until we sold the 29' 12,400 5th wheel. The RIBs still had about 60% thread left after 40K+ miles. Both wore evenly and tracked great without any sway or...

    Permanent address

    BIL and SIL became SD residents. You have to return every 5 years and get a one time pass on the 5 years. Their are mail forwarding services there for "official" mail. We have remained Washington residents, as Arizona has a state income tax. Washington State has two addresses for us. I...

    Norcold 2118 Frost Build Up

    Is the door flap catching on the lower floor of the frig compartment? Open both doors and Close the left one and assure the flap swings into place. Twice I have had to space up the left door. You pull on the cover piece between the freezer and frig door and remove that up hinge. Then lift the...

    Blowing out water and antifreeze

    I just winterized our 5th wheel this morning. Put about 3.5 gals of pink stuff in a 5 gal pale. And stuck the draw hose in it. When the pump came up to pressure I did the underside shower first Then the toilet and bowl spray hose, the BR sink, the shower, and then the kitchen sink. I also...

    FYI - effects of Ethanol Fuel on small tools

    Re: Info only Or look here:

    Simple Green on roof?

    Spic n Span and a long handle scrub brush here.

    Sewer smell when dumping

    Some trailers for the bathroom sink connected to the black water tank. Our 29' Cardinal was that way. You could see the smaller sink line Y'd together to the toilet line in the basement. Chris

    Installing bearing buddies

    Actually Bearing Buddy have a spring loaded plunger that maintains grease pressure in the hub. Again for boat trailers where axles routinely go underwater.

    Heartland is recalling 2019-2021 Cyclone & 2020-2021 Bighorn Traveler trailers

    Re: Heartland is recalling 2019-2021 Cyclone & 2020-2012 Bighorn trailers Note it says Bighorn Traveler travel trailers. 2020-2021 MY.

    Installing bearing buddies

    Personally I would not blindly pump grease into any axle that has drum brakes. I just serviced our two year old TT with 4400 lb ez lube axles. On all for wheels there was grease that got past the seals that I had to clean up. I had never greased them, so either factory or selling dealer. I...

    Installing bearing buddies

    Your trailer is NOT a boat trailer! Just service your bearings every two or three years, unless you travel 10's of thousands of miles a year. If high mileage per year, you might do it each year. I have always jacked up each wheel, turning and wiggling it before heading South in the Fall and...

    Sailun Tire Blowout

    "when it blew" in many cases is a misnomer. Here is text for the one I posted. "215/75R 17.5 Sailun failure. Running about 65MPH on US550 in the middle of nowhere New Mexico; an explosion. Nothing in my mirror. Betty, you think that was us?? YES the tire on my side just exploded" This one...

    Sailun Tire Blowout

    Someone with a Landmark 365 Oshkosh just posted about a failure of one on the Keystone forum.

    Bedroom imbedded HDMI cable in the ceiling between the TV and the closet.

    I replaced the SWM LNB with another I had. We will see if that fixes things. And the Living room TV/Gennie was getting a 775 error code once in a while also. Chris

    Bedroom imbedded HDMI cable in the ceiling between the TV and the closet.

    We had DTV replace the HDDVR because bedroom TV was having drop outs and frozen pictures. Still had issues slowly after tech left. He however left me and extra HDMI patch cable. So I installed that between the HDDVR and the wall plate in the closet and it was been working, for a couple months...

    Melted Dometic AC covers

    What color are the covers you used?

    F-350 and Bighorn?

    Pin weight and TV Rear GAWR rating is the issue. We towed our 2017 BH3575el for two years, most loaded heavy as full timers with a 2015 RAM 3500 SRW 4x4 CC SB. The 3575el has a low 2435 dry pin weight. Any trailer with a 3000+ dry pin weight will most likely overload the rear axle/tires of a SRW...

    Lost power

    Did you have a hard rain that got your dog bone adapter wet?

    Lost power

    30 AMP. Single leg.

    Fixed 2017 3575el bed struts

    They are the ones that came on the trailer, I just changed the mounting around. They are 20" long extended and say M34-80 on them. So maybe 80 lbs? Chris

    gray tank valve won't open

    So the rod has either unscrewed from the valve blade or stripped the treads out. Disconnect the cable and see if you can screw the rod into the blade. Our 4 year old Bighorns black tank valve was getting hard to open. I poured about 4 ounces of marine head lube in the tank the last cycle on use...

    Dealer Rant

    We bought a new RAM sight unseen, however I would not do that on any used item. We sold a Toyota Tercel 4x4 wagon years ago to someone from Alaska that flew down to take delivery. She was pleasantly pleased when she saw it in person, closed the deal and was off to Costco to load up on supplies...

    Failure of Electric Cord Reel ???

    Maybe the drive chain jumped off and jammed up the works. I bet that is what you find!

    what is this switch for. MPG 181

    I found this for a 2011 MY 181 Gas/electric DSI water heaterSwitch probably turns on gas side of the water heater and to use electric the black switch inside the external cover has to be turned on along with the circuit breaker in the electrical panel. Chris

    Views From Your Campsite

    This summer we put a roof on our porch. Second photo is a park visitor down the road 5 weeks ago. Put down pavers for patio. Chris

    Installing a water transfer pump

    Translated that says, you could not find enough fittings in ten hardware stores to duplicate the installation in the picture?????

    shower door travel latch

    I have dealt with Shower Enclosures of America (SEA) might also yield some help 574-294-7511, and they have really good customer service.

    Bighorn 3575el as summer home, not moving anytime soon

    Keeping with the intent of this sub forum, Darlene and I love the snowbird park life style. If you are bored it is your own fault as there are so many things to do. Our winter park has a paved oval RC race track where a bunch of us race 1/10 Scale electric trucks. I fly model airplanes, I am a...

    Bighorn 3575el as summer home, not moving anytime soon

    A little more about the Az park model. People then to wonder around and then some settle in at some point. Our first year at this park was the winter of 2008-2009. We have returned each year except one when I was going through the yacht club chairs. Most of those years were in our 29' Cardinal...