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    Cable TV has no reception

    Our Bighorn Traveler 2018 32RS has never received cable TV since new. During warranty period, the technicians blew us off and documented "USER ERROR" every time we explained that the cable does not receive get any channels. Is there a method to test the coax cables to confirm if a signal is...
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    2018 Bighorn traveler mattress

    Thank you all for your responses. We bit the bullet and tossed out the 30 day old and supported a local mattress manufacturer in Oregon. Donna
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    2018 Bighorn traveler mattress

    Question for the group. Does anyone know who manufactures the matress that comes in the Traveler? The label say cougar platinum series, black label. We have less than 30 nights on the mattress the body signature is about 3" for my husband and 2.5" for me. we are not large people, 200 and...
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    Elite2-2 refrigerator running on popane

    Hi All Question from two who have not boondocked before. I know we are missing all of the fun so next week we are heading out. We were wondering if anyone has an idea of how many days the Elite 2-2 refrigerator will run on one 7 gallons of propane. We will be out 4 days. thanks for your...
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    Compartment Door Locks unable to insert key

    Thanks, I'll try it! - - - Updated - - - Thank you for the information!
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    Compartment Door Locks unable to insert key

    3 of the 4 side compartment storage doors have "slam locks" the key can't be inserted into without using a sharp dental type pick to slide small cover out of the way. This is "warranty work" on our 2018 BirHorn Traveler 32RS. The dealer has had the 5er since January now, blaming slow parts...
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    suburban cook top range

    The heat difusser worked great thanks for the suggestion. Not using gas in my home I did not know what to use with gas to lower the heat. Donna
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    suburban cook top range

    Hi all I have a question. When I have my burner on low it is often still too hot. Does anyone know of a spacer to move the pan farther away from the heat that can be effectively used with the gas stove? Thanks for your thoughts and time. Donna
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    How to - TV sound into ceiling speakers

    Hi all; Our 32RS is a month old. Watching TV from the antenna reception only plays sound thru the TV speakers, can't seem to make it play thru the JENSEN and ceiling speakers. Is this normal? Thanks Jim