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  1. Piperflyer

    Big Country 3965dss Furniture peeling off

    Furniture is made out of pleather. Looks good for a couple of years and then starts peeling. Best thing to do is junk it and go buy new furniture that fits the RV. Happens to everyone
  2. Piperflyer

    Water tank sensors not working

    Sensors are noted for not working properly after the tanks have been filled a few times. You be wasting your time trying to replace them. Just drain your tanks every few days depending on how much your using your rig.
  3. Piperflyer

    Residential Refrigerator Door Strap

    Best thing is to tie the door handles together. Those plastic locks are junk
  4. Piperflyer

    Advice on the Calgary Stampede

    I think higher is always better, so look for seats higher in the stands. I am also hearing that Glacier National Park is limiting the amount of people that will be allowed into the park because of over crowding starting this year. You might want to check into this when making your plans. Glacier...
  5. Piperflyer

    Advice on the Calgary Stampede

    We went to the rodeo in 2017 and would go again. We stayed in Cochrane, AB in a really nice park called Bow River Edge Campground. The park is located 10 min from the train station that we took S.Easterly into Calgary for $5, if I remember right. Great train ride to the park, one of the train...
  6. Piperflyer

    Dometic Air Conditioner runs constantly and noisy

    Your air conditioner might be set in Fan Mode, rather than heat or cool. This is why it runs all the time. Your manual will tell you how to change the settings. Not sure how loud your talking, but my Bighorn air is always loud from the inside when it is running...
  7. Piperflyer

    Hot water switch question

    Also if you have a Suburban Water Heater, besides the 120v & 12v switch in the coach. You will have another switch at the water heater itself. Take the cover off and look for a switch at the bottom left section of the heater. You will also have to have this on to use the 120v side of the heater...
  8. Piperflyer

    electric outlets not working need help

    Are you sure you checked all the GFI outlets, mine has several. I had a loose wire connection one time. It was where all the wires located under my pantry bottom shelf join the fuse box. The quality control of this mess of wires are hardly the best and they all are in a big mess bundled...
  9. Piperflyer


    See if it might turn a night light on behind your entrance steps
  10. Piperflyer

    Broke the door to my power reel

    B&B Molders has the Black Color
  11. Piperflyer

    Broke the door to my power reel

    Get ahold of Heartland with your VIN Number and you can order one or you can purchase one here:Electric Door Hatch or here:Elec Hatch Cover
  12. Piperflyer

    Quality of work questioned

    My water line going to my residential frig was routed the same way. Where a hole was needed and not seen, instead of drilling or cutting a nice hole; a hammer was used to knock a hole in a partition.
  13. Piperflyer

    Screws in wall?

    We have a rack that hangs from the bathroom entrance door that we found
  14. Piperflyer

    awful bed

    Brooklyn Bedding: Mattresses Handcrafted in the USA
  15. Piperflyer

    Slide Weight Capacity

    I want to purchase a new King Mattress for the RV. The mattress weights ~140lbs. Do I have to worry about overloading the Bedroom Electric Cable Driven Slide from too much weight to bring the slide in and out properly? I also am storing things under the mattress. Thanks
  16. Piperflyer

    Is there a need to lube the power landing jacks?

    When my slides and jacks started working intermittently, I replaced my 2 batteries with new ones. I also replaced my 30 amp breaker with an 80 amp and updated the battery cable to 2 AWG. Since doing this, I have not a problem with the slides or jack working correctly Bussmann CB181F-80 High Amp...
  17. Piperflyer

    Morryde STP-4-30-03H and Big Country 2018 3950FB

    I installed Morryde solid steps on our Bighorn with the hand rail also. What a difference from the OEM Steps that came with the rig. You will love them and very easy to install.
  18. Piperflyer

    Electrical Plugs

    Not saying it's the problem, but look for a GFCI plug that might be tripped causing your other plugs not to work. My outside outlets run off my bathroom GFCI plug
  19. Piperflyer

    Theater seats

    Sorry I took it for granted you had the center console. I owned a Warrior, 235 and flew a Seneca once in awhile
  20. Piperflyer

    Theater seats

    Your seats should have at least two brackets holding them down to the floor in the front (mine did). Once you unscrew the brackets, pull the love seat out away from the wall. The backs of the seats will slide of the seating section by pulling up on the seat backs. You might have to release the...
  21. Piperflyer

    Need suggestions for a more comfortable mattress!

    We purchased a mattress from Brooklyn Mattress from Phoenix. It is one of the most comfortable mattress we have slept on. It is well built (USA) and comes boxed to your address by FedEx. The original mattress went to the dump. Brooklyn Bedding: Mattresses Handcrafted in the USA
  22. Piperflyer

    Suburban oven parts

    Try Here - Atwood / Wedgewood Range & Stove Parts | pdxrvwholesale
  23. Piperflyer

    Ordering info for Replacement Black Power Cord Reel Hatch

    Re: Cover for cord reel You might find black here : Power Reel Door
  24. Piperflyer

    Bighorn 3855FL Replacement Sofa

    I just bought a new RV love seat from RecPro | RV Parts | Restore Your RV It was shipped FedEx in 3 days, packed in 4 separate boxes and I was able to assemble it in 30 minutes. They might have some furniture you like. Good luck
  25. Piperflyer

    Tire Change Procedure

    If you don't want to use the level-up jacks you can buy a 10 ton bottle jack to lift the axle. Just be careful you do it so the jack will not slip
  26. Piperflyer

    Need Help on Seals

    Try Seals : AP Products, RV/Mobile Home Hardware Amazon sells seals also, you just need to know the seal and size you need
  27. Piperflyer

    fender trim

    Try this link if Heartland doesn't have what you want. RV Fender Skirts For Sale - Heartland Big Horn - Elk Mountain
  28. Piperflyer

    Affordable WIFI

    I use Clemons Cellular Service with my AT&T. You get unlimited data for $60.00 a month that is billed paperless every month. I have had good luck with them and have had great service all over the west with it. The more AT&T towers you are close to the better it works. You can contact them at...
  29. Piperflyer

    HELP ! landing gear and slides wont work ..

    When mine started doing this I replaced the 3 year old batteries and replaced the breaker with a much larger 80 amp and have not had a problem since.
  30. Piperflyer

    Flooring Glue

    Thanks for the answers gentlemen. That's why this forum is so great. Safe travels to you all
  31. Piperflyer

    Flooring Glue

    Is there a way to seal the seams myself?
  32. Piperflyer

    Flooring Glue

    The reason I am asking is I had a tare in my flooring that had to have a replacement piece installed and glued. It looks like some of the edges of the new piece are starting to rise up. It has lasted 3 years so far since the repair Thanks
  33. Piperflyer

    Furnitue replacement

    The trouble with a lot of the non RV furniture is finding pieces that will fit into existing space. I know when looking for replacement furniture it was very hard to find a fit, especially from La-Z-Boy
  34. Piperflyer

    Flooring Glue

    What would you recommend as glue to use on linoleum
  35. Piperflyer

    Norcold 2118 Frost Build Up

    It might not be the door seals. I have had frost build up inside my freezer because the air vents inside the freezer have become blocked. The freezer contents have blocked the vents at times and without air circulation, frost developed. Frost has been so bad, eventually the vents became blocked...
  36. Piperflyer

    Sofa Vinyl delamination

    Just Replaced my Loveseat with this RecPro Charles 70" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat - RecPro My Loveseat was delivered in 6 days from time of order by FedEx. It arrived without any kind of damage in (3) pieces, that fit easily thru my RV entrance door. The Loveseat...
  37. Piperflyer

    Permanent address

    Full Time RVer - Your Mail is an article that explains about full time rv living and residency. Coming from NY, we now have a SD address through Americas Mail Box. I researched a lot of states and mail delivery services and this was the best for what we wanted. All our mail is sent to us at the...
  38. Piperflyer

    Hydraulic system failures

    Two New Batteries and updating my hydraulic circuit breaker to 80 amp cured my problems.