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    Is anyone Towing a Big Horn With a Dodge Short Bed

    I've been looking a new trucks and noticed that the Dodge short bed is 6' 4", Chevy 6' 6", and Ford 6' 9". I currently have an 2004 GMC short bed and have never had to use my slider hitch when towing my 2009 Big Horn 3670. Is any one towing a 3670 with a short bed Dodge without a slider hitch?
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    2009 Big Horn, shocks rubbing on tires.

    In the fall of 2009 Heartland replaced my axles with longer ones due to the shocks rubbing on the tires. They also replaced two tires and shocks. My trailer was built in May of 2008, in June the factory started using axles a half inch wider. With steel wheels the tires don't rub with the...
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    Slide-out Storage Tray - Slide Master by Innovation Industries

    RGV Luncheon ...I talked with Keith Lewis at Slidemaster. A M2D Dual direction slide, 93 by 29 will cost $749 with a deck. Shipping cost is $105 to Troy, MI and $210 to Harlingen, TX. If enough people are interested, could we invite slidemaster to the Goshen Rally and work out a group...