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    Bedroom imbedded HDMI cable in the ceiling between the TV and the closet.

    We had DTV replace the HDDVR because bedroom TV was having drop outs and frozen pictures. Still had issues slowly after tech left. He however left me and extra HDMI patch cable. So I installed that between the HDDVR and the wall plate in the closet and it was been working, for a couple months...

    Bighorn 3575el as summer home, not moving anytime soon

    In another thread I talk about our roofed 2017 Bighorn 3575el, and was asked for more details. The trailer made to round trips from Washington to the East Valley of Phoenix. We built a custom park model with an Arizona Room at the park in Gold Canyon in 2017. The trailer went back South that...

    Fixed 2017 3575el bed struts

    After owning our 3575el for 4 years and DW recovering from a car accident, I tackled the bed lift in the Bighorn. We had noticed over the last two years that the queen in the commuter TT was easy to lift, the Bighorn was very heavy to lift. First picture is how the struts were from the factory...

    2017+ Ford Powerstroke return fuel line connector

    Anyone with a new Ford should watch this if you do your own service.

    High Pointe Microwave/Conviction oven lights

    One of the bulbs burned out above the stove on the High Pointe. I tried to find a replacement incandescent 30W mid size screw in bulb to no avail. So I ordered these LED with a 40W effective lighting. Chris...

    Early 2017 BH3575el Insignia 48" TV HDMI input issues

    We got back from Arizona and the Insignia 48"TV is having problems dropping the HDMI input intermittently. So I tried playing a DVD on the Sony Blue Ray player that was connected via component RGB video and Red/White audio, and it worked fine. So I switched those cable to the Directv box and it...

    Forum now closed!!!

    Time to get the kzillion "Forum now closed" post not showing at the top of New Posts screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris

    Pumping water into storage tank with onboard pump - modification

    We had the water off for three days in our summer campground. We were in luck with a full water tank. However if prompted me to do the plumbing mod to be able to pump water aboard. So here is the route I took. I had a Flair-it T connector and elbow in my spares and ordered a Flair-it 16910 3...

    2017+ Ford Platinum trucks with adaptive cruise control and exhaust brake

    There is a tread going on the tow vehicle forum about this regarding new Fords with adaptive cruise control. Seems that even when cruise control is in normal mode and not adaptive the truck is using it's service brakes in conjunction with the exhaust brake when descending a grade. This...

    IR remote not working, test and solution.

    So the IR remote for the fireplace quit working. I tested the CR2025 battery with a volt meter and it was showing 3.01 Volts. What, should not be the battery. Did a google search of testing IR remotes. They said put your smart phone on the front/selfie mode and try the remote while looking at on...

    Norcold 2118 door latch mainterance

    The little pins that hold the two large doors closed have been stick down and not latching. So yesterday I took the two screw out of one, remved it out of the top of the door and washed the plastic parts in warm water and dried them. To reassemble the latch I put the two large pieces together...

    Brown and beige Bighorn

    We saw a brown and beige Bighorn get off hiway 2 west bound at hiway 9 North of Snohomish, Wa this afternoon. TV was a white duallie GM(?) I think. Chris

    Moisture at corner of shower and cabinet

    The other day I noticed a web spot under the cabinet at the head of the shower. I dried it out and today it is back. Inside of cabinet is dry and I open the dungeon/zoo to see if water was leaking down below. Everything was dry down below. So I took some picture down the inspection port below...

    Norcold 2118X Crisper Cover hinge pin broken

    The right hand hinge pin on the left crisper cover broke the white plastic pin. This pin is attached under the crisper cover assy-glass shelf with no break down of parts of that assy. I sent a message to Norcold, but was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem? We are not all that...

    Flying Radio Control model airplanes

    Maiden'd a new airplane this morning. Hitec Weekender Extra 300s with 47 in wing span. Put Dubro 300T wheels and tires on it for flying on grass in Mesa, Az in the bowls on E Elliot Rd. Also have Formosa(made to belly in on grass with 35" wing span), a Hacker Hotwing 1000mm, UMX Radian and I...

    2017 BH3575el lost heat in one theater seat.

    Any know of a wiring diagram of these theater seats? Chris

    Thinking about installing a Zantrex 2000W inverter

    Thinking about installing a Xantrex 2000W inverter In our SOB trailer we had a Freedom 10 1000W inverter and enjoyed being able to use the micro wave when stopped for lunch and such. So I am thinking of installing this Xantrec inverter for that and a change to a residential refer at some point...

    Question on water pump cycling

    We are on a shakedown trip getting ready to head to Arizona in two weeks. So we took the trailer out of our sunbird park Wednesday and went to Fidago Bay RV resort in Anacortes, Wa for two day and now in Shelter Bay down the road dry camping sort of to put on a Yacht Club dinner tomorrow night...

    Dometic Thermostat Differential

    Read the manual and did not see anything of a differential setting. There was reference somewhere about dip switch set up. I would like to widen the bedroom differential thermostat as it cycles on and off more that I like. Anyone have additional info on the thermostats? Chris

    Turned cheap memory foam mattress over. Results?

    New 2017 BH3575el and very weak memory foam mattress. I could not sleep on my side because my hip would sink out of sight. So this morning we turned it over and were going to go buy a topper. I laid on it and told DF "lets put the pad on and just give it a try. Have been resting on it and it is...

    Kitchen sink Faucet - screen plugged up?

    Water flow on the full flow position has slowed like the screen may have construction debris plugging it. Do not see a way to remove it. Shower mode seems to flow a lot more water. Chris

    What to do with all of our "stuff"?

    OK, we are about to accept an offer on our home. We just recently bought a BH3575el and have snowbirded starting in 2008 for 3-5 months depending on the year in Gold Canyon AZ and love the park. We own a lot in a membership park at Lake Connor RV Park in Washington (sunbird) for the summer...

    Insignia tv remote codes

    We have Insignia TVs in our 2017 Bighorn. I can not find a remote code that will let our Sony older Blu-Ray remote (model RMT-B105A remote) control the TV volume? Anyone else having luck with Insignia remote codes. Chris

    PT/INR Home Testing for Medicare Warfarin users

    Just a FYI that medicare will provide a PT/INR home meter for self testing if you are on Warfarin/Coumadin and meet certain conditions. I had a bilateral pulmonary embolism two years ago as a result of deep...

    Money down on Bighorn 2017 3575el

    New Bighorn 2017 3575el Well this morning we sold our SOB(some other brand) trailer and put money down on a 2017 Bighorn 3575el. Chris

    Question on cable slides - Bedroom

    We are about to pull the trigger on a BH3575el. How is the cable slide working for the bedroom slide out? Chris


    Just when we thought we found the model and size we wanted, it appears that the BH3570RS is no longer available. The 3575 is longer that we want! Anyone have a BH3570RS? Would it be worth drive East to find one? Thanks Chris