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  1. Bob and Chris

    Water Heater Bypass Valve

    I replaced both 3 way valves with brass ones I found in stock at the local Menards.
  2. Bob and Chris

    Microchip- Yes or No

    Both the cat and the dog are chipped; great peace of mind if wanderlust kicks in. I can't say the same for the shock collar the DW makes me wear!
  3. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: IA, Amana - 10/3/2014 to 10/5/2014

    Please order 2 - 2xl for Bob and Chris. Thanks
  4. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Altoona - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    A great big thank you to David and Shel (great job putting this together.) To all the people who attended the rally in Altoona, Iowa; Chris and I enjoyed meeting everyone and just signed up for the Amana Rally; we know it will be fun - we attended the 2010 Rally. One of the big takeaways for me...
  5. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: IA, Amana - 10/3/2014 to 10/5/2014

    Jay, Chris and I are signed up for October 2 - 6. We look forward to seeing past friends and making new acquaintances. Thanks
  6. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Altoona - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    We will bring BLT macaroni salad.
  7. Bob and Chris

    Heading Back North

    Safe travels Ray & Lin. Bring some steady, warm spring weather with you, please!
  8. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Altoona - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    We just reserved our spot. Setting up on the 20th. Look forward to meeting more Heartland friends!
  9. Bob and Chris

    Trouble with Island Rope Lights in 2010 LM Augusta

    We experienced a problem with ours as well. The leads run under the kitchen island base cabinets but not under the fireplace. I was able to remove the end of the light string at the fireplace end, pullout the light string, and access the barbed connectors between the light string and the...
  10. Bob and Chris

    Suspension Upgrade Info

    Re: SUspension Upgrade Info We made the investment in the I/S including 8k axles and disc brakes, 17.5 wheels and tires and haven't regretted it; much easier on the coach and its contents. We love our Augusta and plan on having it awhile based on its dependability to date. Good luck.
  11. Bob and Chris

    Looking for design ideas on tapered front jack leveling blocks

    Jim, I have a similar drive issue, don't know the slope. I use pressure treated 6x6's (5 1/2"x5 1/2") 11 1/2" long on end. Have considered moving up to 8" x 8" with a 1/2" recess in the top to capture the legs. I can just about walk under the kingpin when level, I'm 6'-0". We've added the...
  12. Bob and Chris

    Smart Light

    We experienced the same breakdown of the Fresnel lenses over the motion detectors. It's an easy replacement; the flat lens wraps around the housing. Same good service from the folks at Smart Light.
  13. Bob and Chris

    Slider or Fixed for Ford F350 SWB 4x4

    Re: Slider or Fixed forFord F350 SWB 4x4 I asked the same question back in '09 when we started our Heartland adventure. I got good advice from Ray Letourneau; you don't need a slider hitch. I pull with a 2008 F350 4x4 Crew Cab and installed a 24k Reese signature hitch (I liked the fact that...
  14. Bob and Chris

    Power Surge Guards

    I opted to purchase and install the hardwired 50 amp Progressive and wired it between the transfer switch and the coach so I'm protected from the RV Park and any generator blips that might occur. I do have the display mounted in the kitchen of our Augusta and like being able to check volts and...
  15. Bob and Chris

    steps into 5th cracking/on my third set

    Sidney-1, We had the same problem on our Augusta (four steps.) My solution was to remove the entire step assembly and run a continuous bead of weld around the failure point and all others. Factory unit was spot welded and there is not a lot of material for structural support where the steps...
  16. Bob and Chris

    Thinking of buying a F350

    We pull a 2010 Landmark Augusta with a 2008 SRW crew cab and it handles it with no problems
  17. Bob and Chris

    Wildlife Pictures

    Jim, pic 3793 looks like an albino doe behind the buck?
  18. Bob and Chris

    Maintaining RV Finish

    Re: Maintaining rv finish Heartland factory opinion please After the elbow grease and bug remover expended to get the waxed front cap back in shape I went on the hunt for Rejex. Some, not all True Value Hardware stores carry it and I found it locally. Now the trick will be to get it applied...
  19. Bob and Chris

    Landmark standard bathroom vent fan

    We replaced the original with the remote controlled fantastic fan w/rain sensor; it's variable speed so you can tune it to cancel out background noise or crank it up for max ventilation; all from the comfort of your pillow! It's an easy swap for the mechanically inclined.
  20. Bob and Chris

    Does this look right to you??

    I second Bob&Patty's recommendation re the undercoating spray; I've cleaned and sprayed both frame rails on our Augusta to remove and prevent the rust. It's been on one whole season and still looks good. I got lucky and hit a sale @ Menards and stocked up!
  21. Bob and Chris

    defective water pump?

    We had two 5.7 failures on our 2010 Augusta very early. Heartland and the Shur Flo were great. Because the pump was still under warranty Heartland shipped me replacements and I installed. The third pump has worked flawlessy ever since. I did add an accumulator tank, isolated/insulated the...
  22. Bob and Chris

    Slide Awning???

    We added them when we ordered our Augusta and have been glad we did; we camp locally under some big oaks - they keep the acorns, the twigs and the bird droppings outside where they belong.
  23. Bob and Chris

    Landmark Drawer in battery area

    Great idea! We're taking the plunge and adding the 6 point level up system at the national rally in June; I'll re-purpose the space and lose the leveling boards.
  24. Bob and Chris

    Vote Yea or Nea....Slider Hitch!!

    I was intent on a slider until I got on the Heartland site and asked for help. I was told I didn't need the slider, even with the short box and I've found that to be true. I ended up getting a Reese Signature series and opted for the 24 vs. the 18; the 120 lbs. vs. the 70 lbs. of steel seemed...
  25. Bob and Chris

    Hauling a couple kayaks

    We carry two ten footers on our 2008 F350 crew cab with a Thule rack
  26. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    Re: Maid-Rites on Thursday night anyone? Chris and I are up for the maid rites! We arrived late this afternoon and are in x2. Looking forward to meeting all the other Heartland families.
  27. Bob and Chris

    Why is Heartland such a great company?

    My hat is off to Steve and all the Hearland customer service people I've dealt with! The few issues we've had with our Augusta have been taken care of quickly and pleasantly. Keep up the great work!
  28. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    Re: EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana* - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010 Mark, I responded on another thread, but Chris and I will be coming in sometime Wednesday and Chris will bring BLT macaroni salad for the potluck.
  29. Bob and Chris

    My disappointment in Heartland

    Winsurfer, I have to agree with mrcomer. The dealer I bought from treated me right on the delivery, fixed everything I found during the inspection in a courteous fashion and we left with our new landmark. Unfortunately, they closed up shop 30 days later. The most serious problem I had was a...
  30. Bob and Chris

    Litter Box Mod

    Re: litter solution I wasn't wild about it either, but the rescue cat loves it, it gets it out of sight and out of the way, and I had my orders!
  31. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    Mark, Count us in. We've made our reservation!
  32. Bob and Chris

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Amana * - 10/1/2010 to 10/03/2010

    Thanks Mark! We'll get signed up in the not too distant future
  33. Bob and Chris

    Is Landmark and or heartland the right choice?

    Chainsaw, We're Landmark rookies (picked ours up in April), but we spent a year looking at Heartland products and the competition. We feel we not only picked the right brand, but also joined the right family! We have found the people on the forum to be genuine and friendly, very willing to...
  34. Bob and Chris

    Iowa Chapter

    Mark and Jennifer, Chris and I are looking forward to Heartland Rally next year! We're in central Iowa, but picked up our 5ver in Ohio this spring, have been to Topeka for the NHRA drags in June, and spent a long weekend around Decorah on the Upper Iowa River last month. We've enjoyed the...
  35. Bob and Chris

    Hard to say goodbye

    Kristi, The fur kids ask so little and give so much; unconditional love is special, we're sorry for your loss. My guess is Ziggy's memories will bring smiles with the tears. No need to say goodbye; just see you later.
  36. Bob and Chris

    Litter Box Mod

    We have surrendered the under sink space in our Augusta to fur kid Parker for his personal hygiene needs. I removed the middle shelf, built a surround to isolate the plumbing (and simplify housekeeping), and cut an entrance into the cabinet door. Parker likes it and uses it faithfully!
  37. Bob and Chris

    Optimal hitch and bed cover

    Howard, I went with the 24k for a different reason, the 18k Reese was 70-75lbs. as opposed to the 24k which weighed in at 120lbs and has a bigger plate surface and a wider hitch entry (easier to line up I reasoned.) I've convinced myself the extra weight and size makes it more stable; the fact...
  38. Bob and Chris

    Optimal hitch and bed cover

    I went with the 24k Signature Series to pull our new Augusta and have been very happy with it. No trail-air as the DW liked the pin box cover and some of the forum knowledgeable told me I could always add the trail-air if the regular pin box didn't satisfy. I pull with a short box crew cab and...
  39. Bob and Chris

    mpg towing with Ford super duty

    I've only got 3000 miles on a 2008 f350 6.4 w/3.73 gears, 4x4, srw. We just went to Topeka and back from Des Moines, Ia. and averaged 10.1-10.2mpg pulling our Augusta. I kept it under 65mph most of the time - expect that to improve once we get broke in a little better with some more miles.
  40. Bob and Chris

    We brought our new Augusta home!!

    Congratulations! It looks great. We picked ours up in April and have been personalizing before we head to the summernational drags in Topeka next week. Hope the shakedown cruise is trouble free!