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    RV Prayer

    Love It!
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    New Rubber for the Cyclone!

    Well, I checked the distance between the tires when I got back last night and between the front and middle tire there was 2 1/2" and between the middle and rear tire - 1 1/2". I can easily see this is due to the differing position of the equalizers between the axles, which allows for the...
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    New Rubber for the Cyclone!

    Howdy all! The time has come to put some new running shoes on the Cyclone! Those Missions got to go! I'm leaving Whiting, IN in a couple of weeks and heading to SW Texas (west of Odessa!) for my next job. Current tires are Load Range E and wheels are rated for 3042 lbs. In looking at the...
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    Cyclone 4100K - My experience

    Freezing up @ 32? Not here! Me and my Cyclone have been down to -40! Winter camping amateurs! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk and loving my Cyclone!
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    Excited to be Cyclone owners

    Sweeeet! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Cyclone 4000 & 4100 bedroom closet question

    My W/D came in the garage and gets used all the time! DW (and I) love the convenience! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    New 3950 layout

    I do love that new layout! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Propane Issue: What do you think happened?

    What do you think happened? Currently 4 degrees in lovely Chicago! Headed to a mere 1 for the low tonite. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Would You Recommend a Cyclone 4100 King Toy Hauler

    I would definitely (and do) recommend the Heartland Cyclone to anyone desiring a toy-hauler model! Current Cyclone owner and fulltiming while working - meaning, I have a home on 40 acres in Oklahoma but travel with my job, living in my Cyclone, 'visiting' my home periodically. I'm sold 100% on...
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    What makes it a "classic" landmark?

    Actually, I believe the origin of the term, 'Classic Landmark' began when some of the old Landmark owners were sitting around secretly wishing they had purchased a Cyclone instead. Once they shared their disappointment with another, they soon realized they were all in the same boat, so to...
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    considering new San Antonio

    Radiant barrier is also standard on the "HT Winterized Cyclone" package! :) :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Excited to be Cyclone owners

    Welcome to our new friends! Cyclones ROCK! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Got some other handguns when at the house and visiting good states...but while in Illinois (the gun UN-friendly state), I have a Lorcin 9mm that I keep close. Only paid $100. It's almost a gun! Didn't want to bring a real one in case something happens and I lose the weapon forever! :rolleyes...
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    Bourbon Tour Find

    By what I have read in this thread Randy, you better NOT send any money first. Sounds to me like those pickled bologna eating boozers might take advantage of you! You better find you a designated driver and head north! :) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    How many used to do it this way

    Back when I first started camping, those were the rich folks that had real campers! We had the old heavy canvas tents, cramming mom, dad and all four of us boys in one - just enough room to sleep! Dad had the water bag hanging on the truck mirror, like has been mentioned. I can still smell...
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    Should have checked our drawers

    Great thread title! I had to repair and strengthen some drawer bottoms on the Cyclone a couple of times...DW was loading entirely too much in them. The cinder blocks used to illustrate the drawer strength is definitely for the hinges! They have steel ball rollers in them - very nice!
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    2007 Cyclone 3795 to a 2011 Cyclone 3812

    Great photos! I never could get the knack for portraits. I'd rather shoot something that won't complain about their pose, hair, make-up, etc! I've always said that work gets in the way of things I'd rather be doing...I haven't added any photos to my collection in several years! I checked my...
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    Ramp issues causing 2nd thoughts on buying.

    I've had my 2009 Cyclone 3950 for close to 5 years. I load a Harley, riding right up the center of the door. It is the exact unit that I and a jillion others toured at a show! Since I bought it, it has been back to a dealer for repairs, uh...oh, yeah...never! (Knock on wood, don't need to...
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    2007 Cyclone 3795 to a 2011 Cyclone 3812

    Glad things are working out on this. I'll have to check my door when I get off work and back to the Cyclone. I've used it a lot and never noticed anything like ou are experiencing. I was looking for your website address, wanting to see your photos!
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    Rigs and Rides

    Re: I love my cyclone! I got the skirt several years ago from They are located north of Denver and it only took them about a week. I was in Wyoming at the time and they installed it even!
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    Built in black water tank flush

    I've never experienced a problem with my black tank flush and use it all the time. For my black tank in the rear bath, I made one. I connect this to the sink faucet and stick it down into the tank from the bowl. While draining the tank, I use this flush. It has a valve on one end and a cap...
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    2012 I figured I'd go ahead and add some more winterizing to this old thread... Upon arrival in Chicago, where I'll be spending the winter, I purchased some 1-1/2" thick insulation sheets and some cotton clotheline rope. I measured and cut the insulation to fit on the top and...
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    Rigs and Rides

    I love my cyclone! These were taken at our place in the woods...before heading out to Chicago... This is where we are parked for the next 6-8 months in Chicago...
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    NEW HOC Member!

    I was afraid you'd say something like that! :confused:
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    NEW HOC Member!

    Thanks everyone! I'll be taking advantage of the 10% discount on parts from Heartland before seems a guard post at a station near Tulsa got a little close to the Cyclone on the way up here and did a little bit of cosmetic damage! Nothing major effected, just made me want to kick...
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    NEW HOC Member!

    I feel like a new man! I just joined the HOC! Guess that just slipped by me years ago and now...well...I'M LEGIT!:cool: :cool:
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    Welcome! We have a house and land in OK...but living in the Cyclone near Chicago while working a project nearby!
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    Our First Cyclone Thanksgiving

    A few years back, my wife and 2 of our daughters came to Wyoming and visited me over Thanksgiving. She made all the fixins and I smoked a turkey outside then. It was outside! Just the 2 of us this year here in Chicago, we had a couple of Cornish hens! Tose Cyclones sure make...
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    On the road again...

    Well...long time no see! After about 2 1/2 years of working for a company in OKC, it's time to go back on the road! I start a new job on Monday at a refinery in NE Indiana and will be staying about 3.5 miles from the jobsite - in Chicago. And they have snow in the forecast next week! Just in...
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    Air Card & Cell Phone

    First off...Howdy all! Been a long time. Short, quick story is this: Finished up on project in Nebraska end of January, took time off, end of March took a job as an Operations Manager for my old company in OKC. Sold the old stick & brick near downtown. Supposed to close Friday on new...
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    Front Jacks

    Mine has a fuse, too. Really like the auto-reset breaker suggestion. I checked the AMP draw on this little bugger, once upon a time. 30A fuse blew at about 52A when raising! :eek:
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    La-Z-Boy info needed!

    We'll certainly be visiting a LB store or two. Gotta try it out! :) Brought the Cyclone with us. Had to get it out of the frozen tundra! Just visiting friends and family for a while and enjoying some time off! Gonna head out to east TX next week to visit my brother and his wife. Ready for a...
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    La-Z-Boy info needed!

    DW needs a La-Z-Boy! I tried to explain that since I'm between jobs right now - I'm not working at the moment...but that's not the kind she's talking about! :rolleyes: We visited the Dallas RV show today and she tried out all the recliners and chairs in the Heartland's - but would rather have...
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    How many miles on your Tow Vehicle?

    Over 227,000 now! :)
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    Sometimes Chicken, Sometimes Feathers

    Awesome, Jim! So glad to hear the good news! God hears and answers prayers!
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    Newbie loading questions

    When I left northeast Nebraska at the end of January, I had to load the bike after dark - with snow on the ground! You can do it! I currently use 4 ratchet straps on mine, but sure am looking at the mount in this link.
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    Tires on a 2011 3850

    I have the MISSION tires that came on mine. Gonna be getting some new ones soon. :)
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    Adding an LCD wall mount in garage?

    I have a TV mount hanging from the loft overhang. Works fine. It's on the ODS near the little fold-up table.
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    Water Pump

    I use one of my clamp-on meters which can measure DC amps. I installed the pump the other night prior to posting the first post. I have one switch outside in the UDC and one on the panel, where the LED is located. I noticed the LED would light when turning on the panel switch. Pump would...