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  1. Kenneths

    Valor TPMS question

    I have the Valor TPMS that came with my 2015 Landmark Newport. The system seems to work when it wants to, it will pick up 1 tire then 2 then lose 1 then pick up 3, very sporadic.My question is what MHz are the Valor sensors? Are they 433MHz? I want to try and pair them to my new Chevy truck if...
  2. Kenneths

    2020 gmc tpms

    According to what I have read any tpms that is 433MHz will work with the Chevy system. See here
  3. Kenneths

    Bedroom TV

    I did the same thing.
  4. Kenneths

    Thermostat turns itself on?

    I didn't see any corrosion when I checked it last time. Should I just cut the ends and replace plugs or could the problem be in the wire?
  5. Kenneths

    Thermostat turns itself on?

    I have the same problem with one of my units. I keep my Newport plugged in at home also and 4 times now I have found this same unit running. Yesterday It was set on 85 but running when the temps were 30. I have taken the unit apart and checked the connections but I don't see anything wrong on...
  6. Kenneths

    Newport Cable TV hook up

    do you have the antenna booster turned off?
  7. Kenneths

    Ceiling fan switch / Extra switch to nowhere

    Could be the step light?
  8. Kenneths

    Landmark Phoenix

    Is the living room raised the same as the bedroom? I would like to see pictures of this one.
  9. Kenneths

    Replace carpet in Living area with flooring?

    Thank you I figured there might be some here and i searched but my searching skills leave a lot to be desired, okay they suck! I couldn't find any LOL.
  10. Kenneths

    Replace carpet in Living area with flooring?

    I am thinking about replacing the carpet in the living area of my Newport with flooring, any reason this cannot be done? I understand the need for the carpet in the slides to cover the seams. I have flooring in the kitchen and dining area but then it turns to carpet in the living area. Has...
  11. Kenneths

    Has anyone added a ceiling fan in the bedroom?

    Where did you get your fan? sounds like what I have been looking for.
  12. Kenneths

    Landmark Upgraded Entry Step Light

    Which unit do you have? Post the year and model and someone will be able to help you.
  13. Kenneths

    Bathroom in DRV Aire

    At least the faucets look like they reach into the bowls instead of what I have in my Newport, they barely make it to the edge.
  14. Kenneths

    Landmark Entry Door Window Blackout

    Why not just paint the original window black?
  15. Kenneths

    Landmark - Side Wall Delamination

    I had one in near the same location on my Newport, noticed in during delivery inspection. It was repaired, was also told it was not water but the glue had pulled from the wood? repaired and looks good.
  16. Kenneths

    '16 vs. '17 Newport - Hershey RV Show dissapointment

    Anybody have a picture of the mount they used for the TV? I have a 40" that I keep in there and was looking to put it on a mount.
  17. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    Is the link correct, It shows indoor use only?
  18. Kenneths

    Generator conversion to propane

    I have been curious about the fuel usage of these also. You mention you can go 2 days at full load, i assume that is with the 2 extra cylinders, are they the same size as the factory Landmarks or the smaller 7 gallon ones?
  19. Kenneths

    Landmark Newport Furniture

    Is anyone else having problems with the sofa and theater seating in their Landmarks? My theater seating has one of them leaning like it is wanting to collapse and it makes noise like a broken spring every time you get in or out of it. On my sofa the front panel at the bottom came lose from one...
  20. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    Why not the Newport with the bath and a half then you both have your own bathroom.
  21. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    Yes, I think so. I will have to drop the decrotive wood down to see if i can access the wires.
  22. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    I will check into that, might work if i can access the wires from 2 of them from under the wood accent on the celing.
  23. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    But then i would have to have them on to be able to power the accent lighting, defeating the purpose.
  24. Kenneths

    Project LM 365

    Jerrod, I have a question you might be able to help me with. Is it possible to pull an additional set of wires up to the ceiling over the sink area? DW wants me to put accent lighting around the wood trim similar to the rope lighting that is in the bedroom.
  25. Kenneths

    Unknown light switch

    On my Newport that switch is for the light above the steps going to the bedroom.
  26. Kenneths

    Looking at the Madison

    The 3rd A/C is installed in the same duct system, and sounds the same as the other 2 in my Newport.
  27. Kenneths

    Hello from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

    Welcome Brian, we are not far from you, Arnaudville area.
  28. Kenneths

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    Actually I now have a white 2015 Chevy 2500HD, LTZ, the truck in the picture is the truck delivering It to the dealer but it is the same color as my last truck which was a 2008 Chevy 3500HD, LTZ.
  29. Kenneths

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    See answers to your questions above, let me know if i can be of any assistance.
  30. Kenneths

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    If any of you are in the oilfield there is a huge oilfield trade show (LAGCOE) going on in Lafayette at the Cajun Dome 10/27, 28, 29/2015. Our company will have a couple of booths there.
  31. Kenneths

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    I work in New Iberia so I might be able to help with what is around regarding restaurants and things to see. Here are some in no particular order; Restaurants: 1- Landry's (Not the chain) Good buffet, never ate from the menu buffet always looked too good. 2-Boiling Point, Full seafood menu...
  32. Kenneths

    Change Idea

    I agree on all counts.
  33. Kenneths

    New Ashland inverter problem?

    When they changed mine they told me it was common for them to go out, sounds like they more than likely change out a lot that don't need to be changed.
  34. Kenneths

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, New Iberia - 10/30/2015 to 11/1/2015

    Was able to sign up, Member number 863.
  35. Kenneths

    New Ashland inverter problem?

    Had the same problem with mine, dealer had to change the inverter.