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  1. capehank

    Making a spare key

    I am trying to make a spare key for my 2011 Big Horn. The typical places to have a key made do not have blanks. Where do I go to have a key made? Thank you.
  2. capehank

    Insulation in the walls of the slides

    I am wondering about the amount of insulation in the walls of the slides. As I put my hand on the side walls of the slides, there is a definite difference in temperature compared to the other walls. Am I correct to assume there is less insulation in the side walls? Thank you for your input.
  3. capehank

    New owners 2011 Bighorn 3670RL

    My husband and I are trading our 2009 Big Country 3250TS for a 2011 Bighorn 3670RL. We will be retiring June 2016. We will be hitting the road Fall 2016 and returning home when the temperature is just right for us. We chose to trade for more inside kitchen storage and more kitchen counter space...