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    Underside Inspection

    Found this while doing an underside inspection. Vibration could cause a big problem. Cut bolts off.
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    A/C on generator

    Found out that my 3100/2800w generator will not run the a/c unit in my 3160el. Will a 40003500 do the trick. Thanks in advance.
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    Mouse Problems/Solutions

    For those of you that live in the country and deal with mice in your trailer/5th wheel. As you can see the manufacturers don't do a great job of sealing plumbing and electrical pass throughs Here is what I am doing to keep them out of my living spaces and the tool for making templates. What do...
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    Autolevel system

    Where is the waterproof remote level sensor located?
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    Solar Installed!

    We had our solar system installed last winter in AZ. Had it on our 2002 Montana and loved it. Used the same gentleman, Brian Boone. Does an excellent install. He is mobile if anyone want's info, let me know.
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    Refrigerator Venting

    I have seen where people have added additional fans to help with the refrigerator vent system. I need to do the same. I was parked in a way that the wind was blowing against that side of the trailer and could feel air being push into the trailer at the refrigerator edges. Actually set of the gas...
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    Weird Potty Problem

    Hi all, We keep our 2018 BH3160EL 5er in a shop/barn connected to power. I have noticed that the toilet bowl keeps filling with water even though the pump is off and there is very little water in the fresh tank. I understand that the water inlet flow valve may not be closing all the way, but...
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    Living Room/Dining Room Light Fixture

    I know that there have been posts on this subject before. While In AZ this year, this fixture started coming down. There was a very loud crack when this happened. I am now working on this issue and it appears that The 3" screws on one end barely hit the stud. I am waiting for my Walabot to...
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    Tire pressure

    My tires and the decal on the trailer state the pressure should be 110 psi. Heartland service tech said because I have aluminum rims, pressure should be no more than 80 psi. Does this sound accurate. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    2018 BH3160EL slide lighting issue

    On the drivers side slide, the mood light and the light over the stove went dim and now don't work at all. Don't see any blown fuses and the radio still works. Don't appear to have 12v to the light switches. I thought the wiring would go down, but it goes up from the switches. Is this part of...
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    Water drains

    I know about the water drain under the back. Found another drain when filling the tank that is just open! Is this an over flow drain or should it have a shut off. This is a 2018 BH3160EL. Thanks in advance.
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    Tailgater and Wally Issues

    I was having issue getting the satellite signal with my Tailgater and the Wally. I was told that the Cable length might cause a drop in the power to the tailgater. Because I don't know how much cable was used to get from the input on the trailer up to the TV area, I ran my own to make sure I had...
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    Auto Level System

    I have looked through the forum and manual locations, but don't see the Auto Level System that I have. It is Lippert, but I don't see any model numbers. Seem the level calibration went south on this last trip. Here are pictures of my unit. Please let me know if anyone has the same. I'm looking...
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    Is the insulation used the the Heartland Bighorn 3160EL pink? Found a wad of it in my front compartment. Looked and I don't see any obvious entry points. Time for One Bite!
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    Good Customer Service Story

    Thought I'd share a good customer service story for a change. Called Heartland warranty department because our Jensen radio would not play any DVDs. Everything came up "Disc Error". I told the gentleman that due to past dealer issues, I would rather not go to a dealer for this. He said "no...
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    Slide Topper Install

    Looking to install slide toppers on our BH3160. Just wondering if anyone has done this. I know that I can have them installed for a price. I have seen the youtube videos and think I can do this with some help. Suggestions welcome.
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    I give a big hug for the HUG addition. It helped me figure out the MCD window treatments. Was able to take it down, reattach the mounting clip, and reinstall. Thanks to all.
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    Need to take down window treatments for repair. How did Heartland put them up?
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    Is this normal?

    While examining the underside of our 3160EL I noticed these two slide rods, one on the kitchen slide and one on the living room slide. Is there a reason for the placement of the lock nut on the end. Thanks in advance.
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    First Trip

    Well we finally got to take our BH 3160 out for a week trip to CA. Everything worked well and we are very happy with the floor plan. Plenty of space and very easy setup. Looking forward to future travel. Will be having solar installed in Quartzite AZ this winter.
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    I'm Baaaaaack......

    So for those of you having followed my warranty issues, I'm getting pretty frustrated. After not having our "new" 3160EL for almost 4 months due to warranty work, I just discovered a new problem. Not sure what I will do about this yet, but it further erodes my faith in the Hearland product as...
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    i4110peter's '18 BH 3160 Updates

    Having a ball modifying to our needs.
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    Battery Box

    Finally getting to work on our new 3160EL after 4 months of warranty work. Here is the first of many changes. 2 12V batteries in 1 box. This is in prep for eventual adding another box and going to 4 6V batteries. Then having solar installed.
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    2018 BH 3160 Pantry Dimensions

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the walk in pantry on the BH3160? I want to buy a shelf unit for it and mine is currently closed up in our shop, so no access. Yeah, I know. Just wait until the weather clears, pull it out and measure it yourself! Thanks to all. Just happy to have mine back...
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    Heartland Warranty Timeline

    Haven't posted for a while because I have been waiting for the warranty work to be completed on my 2018 BH 3160. We just got it back and all issues were addressed. We had purchased this in Sept 2018 and took it to the authorized dealer in our area on Oct 17th 2018. We just got it back yesterday...
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    Some fears laid aside (dealer warranty work)

    Been a while since I posted. Our 2018 BH3160 is still a a dealer for warranty work. Heartland has approved all and the dealer has been very reassuring in that they have called me weekly with updates. I have had a lot of friends caution me not to be too hopeful, but thus far, all i swell. Still...
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    Slide Clearance Issues

    Just wondering if anyone has had issues with the slide clearance when closed. We are going to have some warranty work done due to the slide hitting the fridge door causing damage. As you can see from the pictures, where the dining room slide comes against the island, there is no clearance. I...
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    What's the stone for in the Furrion oven?

    We just got a 2018 BH 3160. We haven’t even taken it in for the warranty work yet. Absolutely love this web site. I have learned so much. I would like to see more info on the 2018s. I will keep visiting this site anytime I have a question. Pardon the dumb question as I may have missed it in the...
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    Bighorn - Insignia/Jensen Entertainment System

    Can anyone tell me if the Jensen Radio/CD/DVD unit is connected to the Insignia TV? Both work independently. Unable to change the input on the TV. Acts like it does not see the Jensen as a device.Does this have anything to do with InLink? New BH3160 and lots to learn. Thanks.