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  1. SJH

    Difficult Times

    Heartland Family, It is with great distress and regret that AnaLyn and I have found ourselves in a position requiring us to resign our status as Washington State Chapter Leaders. We have thoroughly enjoyed that responsibility looking forward to the many outings and get-togethers with fellow...
  2. SJH

    Welcome Newest HOC Wa Members

    Please join me in welcoming Rod and Kelly Ditrich of Olympia, WA to the Heartland Owners Club! They are proud owners of a new 2013 Bighorn!
  3. SJH

    Bulkhead Inspection Hole

    Can anyone think of a downside to cutting a hole in the bulkhead around the pinbox and installing a DECKPLATE or two? I really would like to be able to look up inside this area that can't be seen from the storage bay to check welds, moisture etc.
  4. SJH

    Heartland Corporate Site

    Anyone aware of issues with the corporate website? I have tried for several days to access some information but I cannot get a connection.
  5. SJH

    Member Welcome

    Please welcome the newest WA HOC members Dan and Geri from Spokane Valley.
  6. SJH

    Elusive Bulkhead Leak!

    OK...I give up! Last spring I bragged how I finally fixed the leaking trim at the pinbox issue. Well, after one of the driest falls on record, it rained quite heavily this weekend and guess what...the leak is back! Again leaking at the end of the metal trim next to the pinbox. After re-sealing...
  7. SJH

    Forum Issue

    Anyone else getting an "Out of Memory at Line 28" error window on every page your load? This isn't happening at any other site just the Heartland Forum. At first I thought it might be a virus but it show nowhere else except here!
  8. SJH

    October Campout

    A12 - Steve and AnaLyn A11 - Bruce and Carol A10 - Tim and Sharon Here is an opportunity for one more campout before winter sets in! We are having a "Halloweenie Campout" at Pioneer Trails in Anacortes. No schedule, no agenda. Rain or shine! Need a weekend off?...Please join us!
  9. SJH

    Newest WA Chapter Members

    Please join us in welcoming Gene and Linda from Silverlake to the Heartland Owners Club. Gene and Linda are proud owners of a new Big Country :). Looking forward to meeting you both! Best Wishes, Steve and AnaLyn
  10. SJH

    Axle Alignment Service

    Does anyone have a "ballpark" figure for the cost of axle alignment? Can't find a service center anywhere near us that will even do it! I am on a quest :)
  11. SJH

    2013 WA State Rally Discussion

    Greetings! As many of you are aware, I recently sent out a Pre-Planning" Survey for our 2013 Rally. The way I do that is to use a list of all Heartland Owners Forum members which, other than the WA Chapter List, is all I have to work from. That PM was sent to over 700 forum (not club) members...
  12. SJH


    AnaLyn and I wish to thank the Dawson's, Kristy Carlson, Jim Beletti and the Heartland Owners Club for a very fun time at the 2012 Pacific Regional Rally. Everything was "first-class" from the park itself to the BBQ by Guaranty RV staff, to the fabulous buffet at the Seven Feathers Casino. This...
  13. SJH

    Oregon 126

    AnaLyn is freezing over here on the coast...Charleston is 50 degrees and fogged in now for two days and the forecast is for the same. Need to work our way back home...looking at crossing over on 38 and stopping in Westfir or going 126 on to Harrisburg and stopping at River Bend. How is 126 to...
  14. SJH

    Forum Issues - June to August 2012

    In attempting to edit some spelling errors in a recent post, when selecting (Edit Post), I do not get back any of the original text. In other words...there is nothing for me to edit and I would have to retype my entire post. Anyone else having this issue?
  15. SJH

    2012 WA Rally Debrief

    2012 Washington State HOC Rally - Twisp, WA. (Pictures and Slideshow) Official Rally dates were July 20 & 21 (Friday and Saturday). Many Heartland campers arrived earlier and stayed later to enjoy Riverbend RV Park and the greater Methow Valley area. We arrived on Thursday the 19th to...
  16. SJH

    Time for Beard Trim

    Too funny! My wife says time for a beard trim! Probably a good thing...I can't see the speedometer!
  17. SJH


    Here is a silly question for you travel with the shades up or down? I never gave it much thought and just left them down. After our last trip I noticed a couple of the plastic curtain tensioners were broken. Thought maybe it was from the blinds swaying.
  18. SJH

    Jacking at Axle

    First...I am an advocate of jacking at the frame per instructions/recommendations. Fortunately I have not had to jack our BC yet but I am considering doing the bearings/brakes this season. I can using cribbing/blocks here at home to do that so I can jack on the frame but it is not practical to...
  19. SJH

    Forum Speed (19:21PST)

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing really slow download times? The Forum has worked so well the past couple of weeks and today...wham, takes forever for the Portal and Forum pages to load. All my other sites are working fine just the HOF is problematic for me.
  20. SJH

    Forum Issue (Speed)

    Anyone else having trouble loading the forum site? A couple days ago it started taking an unusual amount of time to get the forum online. All other sites I visit work fine it is just the HOF that apparently my computer does not like. Any ideas?
  21. SJH

    Axle OD

    Can anyone save me a trip by knowing the OD size of the axle tube of a 7000lb Lippert axle? Is it a 3 inch tube? Thanks much!
  22. SJH

    Good Sams in Lynden

    Saw a Bighorn this afternoon set up at the Fairgrounds in Lynden for what looked like a Good Sams Rally of some kind!
  23. SJH

    Oregon Cape Blanco State Park

    Looking for some information from those of you that have stayed at Cape Blanco. First, I notice it is a first come, first served park taking no reservations and the "arrival time" is 4:00 PM. Do people really wait until the 4:00 hour to enter the park and look for a site? And my second...
  24. SJH

    ATF: Big Country - Graphics

    I am hoping to locate some of the graphic material used on the 2011 Big Country color scheme. I really don't need anything but a few scraps of each color. I am assuming it is a "tape" product. I am in the process of re-caulking the entire rig. As I remove the old caulk (no matter how careful I...
  25. SJH

    Window Trim

    The rubber/vinyl window trim (it may be called glaze trim) has shrunk about an inch at the seam leaving the window exposed at the bottom. I think the trim is basically cosmetic as it certainly isn't water tight but it looks odd to have these gaps. I would like to replace the trim. Does anyone...
  26. SJH

    Fuel $

    Got a chuckle this morning fueling up the was exactly a year ago to the day I started THIS thread whining about fuel costs! This morning diesel was $4.50 here in the fourth corner of WA state. Makes the "might reach $4.00" comment in last years thread look pretty silly! How are...
  27. SJH

    Redwood (Thor) buys Carriage Name

    Saw this elsewhere but thought some of you might find it "news worthy." Redwood RV (Thor) recently purchased the Carriage name at auction.
  28. SJH

    Parts and Tire Blow Outs

    I did not want to "steal" the thread about getting parts as a result of a blow out, hence this one! Reading Jim's comment on that thread about the J wrap needing special crating and shipping, which may be expensive, brought a question to my mind. We all are concerned about a tire blow out and...
  29. SJH

    ATF: Big Country - Disheartened - Need Help!

    ATF: Big Country - Discouraged - Need Help! Hello! I have been trying to fix a leak in the forward bulkhead area of our new 3450TS for a few weeks now without any success. The water leaks out of the bulkhead at the pinbox (see photo). I have tried several things...resealed the cap trim on the...
  30. SJH

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WA, Twisp - 7/20/2012 to 7/22/2012

    19961 HWY 20, Twisp, WA 98856 Venue: ------------------------------ Riverbend RV Park 19961 HWY 20 Twisp, WA 98856 Cheryl (509) 997-3500 after April Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $5 one-time fee WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: free Details: ------------------------------ From...
  31. SJH

    Front Storage Area

    A while back I submitted a thread about the front bulkhead area but I have one more question/issue. The photo shows some wrinkles in the front wall near the bottom. There are no signs of leaks anywhere but I noticed the other day that there is condensation on the outside in this same area (only...
  32. SJH


    Haven't heard too much from WA members lately so I thought I would "stir the pot." If you aren't full-timing, it is time to winterize the RV. I grew up with a dad who believed it mandatory to “antifreeze” before Thanksgiving. I continue his tradition! Up here in Lynden we have snow and 21...
  33. SJH

    Slides & Freezing Weather

    Quick question...Are there issues with the rubber slide seals/wipes when running the slides in freezing weather? This is a new issue for us as we never camp in freezing weather but our daughter is temporarily housed in our 5th in the driveway. I will need to haul the rig away every week or so...
  34. SJH

    Karma - Valve Stems

    I once frequented a firearm forum that did what they called "Karma" giveaways. Basically these were items people had on hand that they did not want or need and they passed them on to others who could use the item(s) through kind of an informal drawing. Checking the forum rules and policies I...
  35. SJH


    Seems like I am always on a quest for the best sealant to use on our Big Country. The search is further hindered by the preference for a gray colored sealant. Heartland uses Sikaflex 505UV and/or 521. The Sika products are not readily available. Even a phone call this morning to Heartland had...
  36. SJH

    Wrinkled Bulkhead Part II

    I have two options for fixing the storage door frame break...found an aluminum welder and also found someone to make up some very sturdy L brackets (1 inch tubing) that I can use instead. The curve ball...I have had several people tell me that the wrinkles are the early signs of a cracked...
  37. SJH

    Regarding Forward Bulkhead Wrinkles

    In another thread members were discussing the apparent delamination or separation of the overhang cover (bulkhead) of their rigs. I posted how I didn't think mine was caused by water intrusion although since the storage area is basically open to the elements it is possible but I don't see water...
  38. SJH

    Mighty MaGoo the "Mighty MaGoo" pop-up that keeps plaguing me while visiting the Heartland Forum a result of the forum or malware on my computer? I don't seem to get it anywhere but here.
  39. SJH

    Range Hood Light

    Can't find any description on this bulb at all! Is it a #921? What is everybody using for replacements? Many Thanks!
  40. SJH

    Replacing Outside Speaker

    Went to play some background music at our WA rally this past weekend and one of the outside speakers decided to puke. Looking at it from the outside it appears the actual speaker has a small crack/tear in the diaphram which makes the speaker crackle quit badly. First...does anyone know how long...