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  1. katkens-DW

    Things I do

    Things I do with Ken, I watch and make sure the sides will fit. After he gets unhitched I plug in the electric , Then i put out the sides and fix the inside up for us and our fur kids. While he finishes the out side. It takes us about 15 to 20 mins. and we are ready to camp and start enjoying...
  2. katkens-DW

    Happy birthday katkens ( kenny )

    I just wanted to wish my wonderfull husband a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! He has done a lot for me this year with all my knee problems. Thank you honey for every thing you do and have done for me!!!!:D:D:D
  3. katkens-DW

    our new babies [ welsh springer puppies]

    here are a couple of pictures of our new babies, they are 18 days old in these pictures