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  1. SueVaughn

    Campfires for the kids, grandkids, and me!!!

    My grandkids love a campfire but in most places one is not allowed so my husband bought a propane campfire and the kids get a big kick out of making SMORES and marshmallows with this plus there is no clean up and no chance of flare ups after we shut it off.....
  2. SueVaughn

    Convection Oven!

    When they retrofitted our BC with the micro/convection the dealer told us it did not come with a manual. So the only time I tried to use it, it was a guessing game as to the settings to use....
  3. SueVaughn

    Redid Bedroom Window Treatments

    Our Big Country came with blinds in the living room....only thing is they are too long and hang out from the window treatments and are always getting hung up when opening or closing them. We need to figure out how to shorten them. Any suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated....
  4. SueVaughn

    Things I do

    I usually look for obstructions and where hook ups are when backing in. Then when getting ready to leave I do the inside and DH does the outside. We have perfected our routine so we can get underway in the least amount of time.....
  5. SueVaughn


    We were on our trip and the weight of shorts and mostly tee shirts broke the front shelf in the closet that the clothes rod is attached to while coming down I-95 in South Carolina......