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    Don't Forget!!

    A good timely reminder to check your plugs for proper fit and condition. I've seen these actually catch fire. This is a 30 Amp connection. Unlike a 50 Amp set up, losing the neutral in this case will not cause any high voltage issues. The connection just looks bad, likely one of the pins was...
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    " It's OK to wish me a Merry Christmas"

    Merry Winter Solstice!
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    How Necessary is a Weapon?

    Those of us from up north, running with Canadian plates, come down south in large numbers for the winter. We're obviously not armed due to our laws and culture, but I'm not aware of any Canadians being specially targeted by criminals because they know that we don't "carry". We've always felt...
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    Splendide 2100XC washing/drying options not working

    Training manual
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    Campgrounds for Big Rigs

    Letchworth State Park in NY (it has a great canyon) is worth a visit. Sites are nice and big, but the ones we used only had electric hook up IIRC. Just be careful choosing your access route as there is a low bridge in the area.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    Sorry to hear about your problems Eileen & Jon. I presume that Morry's did di some fix on the landing gear legs, but that it failed. Was the part that failed new, or touched by Morry's. If so, I'm sure that Eric would cover the cost of the fix, even if you have to use a local repair person. I'm...
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    SOLVED: Residential Fridge problem

    Re: Inverter for fridge problem I'm not sure of your exact wiring arrangement. However, to test the inverter supply can you not open the circuit breakers feeding the converter and inverter transfer switch, and thus simulate no shore power?
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    We camped here a couple of years ago, and I do not recollect any problems with access.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    Bob, I'll help with the door prize transport as I'm bringing a bunch of them anyway. Bill
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    New Axle needed - urgently

    So you have disc brakes and oil bath bearings, or is the adjuster's wording incorrect? I assumed that you have drum brakes. Also how did the shaft get bent?
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    New Axle needed - urgently

    Good news, hopefully it will all come together soon. You can be back across the border in another 3 days then. Perhaps when you have time, you can let us know how the axle got damaged.
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    New Axle needed - urgently

    Re: New Axel needed - urgently Yes, Jon, we'll see you in Niagara as well. We file form 8840 every year, because if you stay on average 4 months a year then you need to show a closer connection to Canada to avoid US tax. They may change the 183 days to something longer in future, but there...
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    New Axle needed - urgently

    Re: New Axel needed - urgently Jon/Eileen, A couple of items regarding your concerns with overstaying in the US - just from a tax POV. The tax year is now 2014, if you stay later now, you may just have to delay your arrival time in the fall so that 183 day limit is not exceeded for this year...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    Bob, Please add Margaret and me to the list. Thanks Bill M
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    Furnace will not restart

    I had this problem. See, //
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    Sail Switch Issue

    I recently had an issue where my furnace would not restart i.e. it would initially run when setting up at a campground, but would not start (the fan would not even run) after the thermostat demanded it on again. On a couple of occasions I wiggled some wires inside the furnace cover and it...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

    We plan to attend. Niagara Falls is a great location for a get together!
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    What 2014 diesel truck and SRW or DRW ?

    Here's a recent test of some HD trucks for your reading pleasure. http://
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    Checking Trailer lights when you are alone???

    I do the same as Laurent. Turn on the truck lights, and 4-way flashers. Walk around check all bulbs. Turn off flashers and lights, press brake pedal and confirm that truck brake lights work using reflection on trailer.
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    Splendide door latch issue

    I have fixed two Splendide door latches now, both using wire stiching and epoxy adhesive after drilling some holes for the stitching. When I investigated parts, Splendide wanted to sell me the complete door assembly for over $100.
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    Back at Camp Gotchurwallett

    Happy anniversary John, but 40 years is a really long sentence for Darlene.
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    Started the Brake/Bearing Job

    That's strange, I replaced an outer bearing on my old 7k axles soon after new as some of the rollers were pitted (manufacturing defect I think) I was able to tap them out from behind with a sharp edged drift. There was just enough of the raceway protruding and it wasn't a tight fit. You may even...
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    Dometic fridge fans

    The schematic does show the door switches as providing a ground path for the lamp. i.e the lamp should be at +12v all the time. The switches also provide a ground input to the control board (via P7) for what reason, I do not know. Maybe it initiates the cooling circuit whenever the door is open...
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    Love my 6pt Level Up !

    I calculated 31.7 inches for a 235/85/16 tyre.
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    Broken Shackles

    I'm sorry but after reading this several times, it makes absolutely no sense to me.
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    Stovetop spark ignition wires

    I second the Rescue tape idea, plus apparently, there's a Heartland owner that sells it!
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    Honda EU2000i question.

    I have two regular EU2000's and parallel them with my own set up no problem. The available parallel kits just seem to be money maker. By the way, 4000 watts is a peak rating, IIRC, 3200 watts is the continuous load rating - still plenty for the AC.
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    12 V Parallel hookup

    A little exaggeration here - the first battery won't die before the second one takes over. The voltage drop across decent size connecting cables securely connected will be minimal. If you feed the system from just one battery, with the other connected to it, then one battery will be just a...
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    Suburban furnace not working

    Our furnace misbehaved on our way north. It just stopped working one day. After verifying the the fuse was OK, I removed the outer cover and started checking wire connections. As I was doing this the furnace started, so i suspect that road vibration loosened on of the connections. All has been...
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    Wheel Bearings - changed my maintenance schedule

    Good info from Tejay on setting up bearings. I too do not use the EZlube feature as it will over grease, and does tempt you to not check bearing and brake condition. I also did the 8K upgrade 2 years ago, and did a bearing inspection after 12 months use. Everything was copacetic. However I am...
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    Questions about Canada

    We spend each winter in the US, and have never been asked about food when returning home. We do get asked about liquor, beer, cigarettes and firearms though. The only US people that we know that have been refused entry have been two that failed to declare a firearm. We spent a week in SSM a...
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    Water Supply Froze Up This Morning

    For situations where the temperature will drop 2-4 degrees below zero, we have often left a tap running at a very small trickle. We've only done this when we have full hook ups and don't have to worry about tank capacity. We did this a couple of years ago when camping in November back home.
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    Axle U-Bolt/check torque often

    Here's another link with some good info on spring U bolts.
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    Water Heater Usage Guide

    Some good info here, except perhaps for the information on corrosion protection. The anode rod protects the steel in the Suburban tank from corrosion. The lining itself cannot be fully relied on to protect the steel. The Atwood tank is made from aluminum (relatively high corrosion resistance)...
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    Fuel additive

    I think the quote should read. "Ford 6.0l diesels - owners will be looking at big $$ for repairs, period." Been there, done that.
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    Single pane to dual pane windows

    I'll always have dual panes for the lack of condensation and better noise insulation. The R factor thing is all relative. The R factor in the walls isn't that great either. The R14 value quoted for the bubble wrap stuff is a load of malarkey, but it makes for great advertising.
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    If oil is leaking back to the reservoir, then after levelling the trailer, you could mark the level in the reservoir and see if it rises when the trailer goes off level next time. Measuring the cylinder extensions, before and after, on the affected side would also confirm that they are retracting.
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    Strange 6-point Level-Up behavior

    You could try resetting the auto-level by disconnecting shore power and opening and then losing the the battery disconnect switch. My auto-level does funny things sometimes when I don't do this.
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    How have you used Rescue Tape...

    When replacing the ice maker in my neighbours motorhome the thread in one of the freezer mounting holes was stripped. Made up a small tube using recsue tape to act as a wall plug for the screw. Worked a treat. Regular wall plugs would have been too large.