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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    We are having issues with the 110v power to our outdoor kitchen circuit on our 2015 Mallard M28. The outdoor kitchen 110v outlets, bathroom 110v outlets, and kitchen island 110v outlets are all on this circuit - I assume. The GFCI outlet is in our bathroom next to the sink and we cannot get this...
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    Mallard M28 Mods

    We are doing more to our camper all the time to "make it ours". One thing that bothered us from the start is how the bed is seemingly pushed up into a cave with the way the cabinets are on the sides and top. The air doesn't circulate where our heads lie down and we are used to a ceiling fan...
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    Curious about the age of other Owner's Club members

    I'm simply curious about the age of members of the Heartland Owners Club and I'll be the first to say: The wife and I are in our early 40's. I have not been to a rally yet, even though we've owned our 2015 Mallard for about a year now. We hope to get to one soon. If you don't want to post your...
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    Our Mallard M28 at Tims Ford State Park, TN

    We're still enjoying our Mallard. We've had to fix a few small things as we go along, but no big deal. Last fall we dry camped a couple of nights and used the fresh water tank. We noticed water leaking from underneath our kitchen island and it was coming from the area of the water pump. I just...
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    ATF: Mallard - TV mount & fresh water tank drain on M28

    My wife and I brought our new M28 home yesterday and we are VERY excited about it and can't wait to hit the road ASAP. A couple of things I need to address are: 1) This unit has the swivel TV box for viewing in the living/kitchen area or bedroom area, but does not have a TV installed. I need to...
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    New Mallard M28

    My wife and I picked up our new Mallard M28 yesterday! After having a 14ft trailer, then a 19ft trailer and trailering for the last 6 years, we have moved up to one we plan to keep for a long while! We love the floor plan and can't wait to travel around in our new home away from home.