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    Mini Split A/C Discussion 4100 HD

    It would be inside a storage compartment on the side so should not be an issue. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Mini Split A/C Discussion 4100 HD

    Yeah Pioneer has a 12k BTU 120v unit that I think may just fit. Would just have to figure out airflow for the outdoor unit in the compartment. The price is also way cheaper than the Atwood 15k unit I am looking at...
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    Mini Split A/C Discussion 4100 HD

    Ok I have only seen a couple of discussions on this and have not seen anyone put one in a toy hauler. Our Dometic 13.5 living room unit is not cutting it here in FL and since we do not have a Garage unit I am going to have to fork out some $$$ to do something anyway. Unit Pioneer 12K Unit...
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    Project LM 365

    Yeah I want to get rid of the Rancho's on my new to me 17. Don't think I can do the yellow bodies though so may have to opt for the Fox Shocks. They seem to be just a little more expensive.
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    Project LM 365

    Where did you find the rear shocks? Heard that Bilstein and the others like Fox did not have anything for 17+.
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    swapping from Dometic to Atwood unit

    I want to get a more quiet unit in the Living room and had read the Atwood is more quiet than the Dometic. I need to also put a unit in the Garage as we need it here in FL for the summer. I know Dometic owns atwood now but trying to figure out what is the quietest rooftop unit that is a...
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    Cyclone 4100 Full Size Tub Drain Issues

    I know I have seen this posted before but trying to search and cannot find my answers. Using a new metal drain from Lowes I am still having a hard time getting it to seal properly. I don't now if it is the plumbers putty not getting a good seal on the top side with the rubber o-ring on the...
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    Anyone Know the plumbing size for the shower in a 2014 Cyclone?

    I know it may be the same as any other models that have the full sunken shower in them. The P-Trap is leaking under the shower and I need to replace it. The guy before me put a ton of plumbers puddy around the flange thinking he was fixing the problem and that just was a bandaid. The...
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    2nd Time to replace LP regulator

    Do you have a pic of your new regulator? Heading to the hardware store now as my drivers side regulator on the toy hauler went also. Now I need to fill up the tank and replace the regulator before her trip south forever.
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    Lock Cylinder Questions for Slam Latches on Storage compartments

    Gary, That is what I am going to end up doing but the slam latches are actually about 40.00 a piece. So I am looking at a 300.00 bill to do all of the locks on the rv.
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    Lock Cylinder Questions for Slam Latches on Storage compartments

    So I want to rekey the entire camper and I am trying to find out if anyone has replaced the cylinders in the slam latches? I do not want to use electronic locks and just want to change out all of the cylinders. Has anyone done this and have some tips? Camper is going to our new full time...
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    Propane leak somewhere in the front of camper 2014 Cyclone

    So what are the common areas to look at? It is somewhere in the passenger side front compartment. Is this typically the regulator or should I look elsewhere? Do I just do the soap water bottle to find it?
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    Trade in value (or lack there of).

    We were lucky that our little TT was at a perfect weight and paying it down after 5 years put us in a good position. Trade in was a joke but we were able to sell through Craigslist private party pretty quickly and walked away with a couple thousand over payoff. 6k better than what the dealer...
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    Orlando Campground Questions for Full Timing

    You cannot stay that long in a state park. We want a place we can be there for 6 months to a year.
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    Orlando Campground Questions for Full Timing

    So we have narrowed it down to Lake Magic RV Resort or Tropical Palms RV Resort. Lake Magic is a Thousand Trails campground and looks ok but wanted to see if anyone has ever stayed there. Tropical Palms is a Encore property and seems nice but a little tight in areas and wanted to see what...
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    New to me Cyclone 4100HD Modification Thread

    So picked up a set of SnapPads and also got a killer deal on an open box set of the new Lippert SolidSteps. Figured we wanted them anyway for the main entry door. Now I just need to hope that the stairs are not in the way otherwise I will be modifying our bedroom stairs.
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    Solid Step Questions 14 4100HD

    Looking to install either the Lippert or Mor-ryde Solid Steps on the camper but our first step up to the bedroom juts out a little bit even though it is rounded and I wanted to see if anyone has installed the steps on their rigs. Also did you go with the 3 or 4 step? I am thinking the 4 step...
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    Best way to find full time rv resorts?

    I have been using google and google maps to try to find full time rv resorts in Central Florida and it is a pain. Thousand Trails has a ton of campgrounds near Orlando it seems but they don't provide a ton of information for seasonal stays. Just wondered if there are websites I am missing in...
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    Changing to FL residency questions

    Yeah now it states that a law enforcement officer can inspect and verify the VIN from another state. I am going to call them to see what I need to do.
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    Changing to FL residency questions

    Yes for this is what I have come up with so far from the FL DMV Site. Initial Registration Fee: 225 X 2 I am guessing for the rv also. F350: 118 43' RV: either 27.00 or 47.50. I can't tell because 5th wheel is 27 and over 4500 lbs rv is 47.50 Titling 75.25...
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    Changing to FL residency questions

    My daughter is transferring from MD to FL for College next spring. One big reason to have residency in FL. My son is also looking at FL schools. We will primarily be in FL unless we take the RV to one of my work engagements.
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    Changing to FL residency questions

    Yes calling is my next option LOL. I do not have to pay sales tax but do have to pay a fee per vehicle on top of the regular registration fees. Luckily I am renting a room from my friend while I travel back and forth and find the right park for the rv. We want to keep the RV and truck up in...
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    Changing to FL residency questions

    We will be fulltiming in about six months and I need to establish residency now for a couple of reasons. My questions are can I fly down for a couple of days to get my drivers license and get my truck and rv registered? I am working in the northeast for the next couple of months but want to...
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    Another late Christmas present

    My 2011 F350 did not come with the 5th prep either. I ended up buying the ford puck system from Anderson and running the elite series hitch for my cyclone. I love the way it pulls and hooks up. I do want to switch out to a flex air or cushioned hitch to stop some of the chucking but she...
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    New Super Duty, new Cyclone, new hitch - what could go wrong?

    It really sucks. I know that with the new rig I keep my distance on the road and make sure I give myself plenty of time to stop. I don't think even with disc brakes on the camper would I change my driving style. If we are going through town and it is 45 mph with multiple lights I have...
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    New Super Duty, new Cyclone, new hitch - what could go wrong?

    2017 superduty 250 with a 2 axle toy hauler should be fine. I also wonder what a puck system would like like compared to those rails. The frame on the new trucks are beefed up compared to previous generation fords.
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    ATF: Cyclone - Table legs 3600

    We have a 14 4100 and that is where I was.
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    Pin weight or hitch problem. Which one?

    Re: Reese Elite issues, asking opinions Can you take a side profile picture of your rig? I am wondering if you are not level and have enough weight in the rear of the camper that it is causing the pin to bounce up like that. We have a Toy Hauler and with the generator and storage in the front...
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    2017 Big Country with Big Problems

    I agree that a PDI should not have to be so extensive at the factory or at the dealer after coming off the line. If you look at the following areas you know things could be improved at the factory level and not have customers asking the same questions on these boards every single day. 1...
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    Need a Hitch

    Will also say Equalizer. I don't care what you think your truck can do electronically it cannot. Some of the newer ultralight rv's and how high they sit are like sails driving down the road. I bought an equalizer for my Expedition pulling my little outback and still used it with my 350.
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    Ut oh!

    LOL totally understand that one. I waited until my 100k Warranty was done and also waited until I started getting errors with my EGR filter being clogged and my Regens were happening way too frequently. Then it was either 1200 in stock parts or 1200 in Toys lol.
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    Anderson Ultimate Fifth Wheel Hitch

    Exactly. Something really must have happened for that to fail. I like the hitch but saw a guy with the same truck as mine and it sits low on the bed which I did not like and it looks to be a pain to hook and roll out as I do now. My Reese hitch is not that heavy and comes out of the truck...
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    Anderson Ultimate Fifth Wheel Hitch

    I was really looking at this hitch but I think I am just going to stick to my Reese Ford Puck Elite Hitch. I am going to put in a new Pin Box to help with the chucking.
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    Ut oh!

    I could have sworn my 2011 used to tell me when it was doing an active regen. Hate to say glad I deleted but even on my Tow Tune no real black smoke and my mpg stays more consistent and no more stressing over DEF lol.
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    Storing my motorcycle in toyhauler garage for winter

    We store our Golfcart in the Garage for the winter. We leave our legs down so it is not putting all the weight on the tires. Also we vent the garage so no gases build up.
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    Heat in garage

    We have always used a small space heater in the garage.
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    Proposed MASSIVE Increases in National Park Entrance Fees

    Confusing apparently there is a yearly pass you can buy for all the parks service that is 80$. I swear I hate reading the news as there is no clue what the heck to believe any more.
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    Maryland Eastern Shore Camping in November

    Thank you that is great. Now I have some places to call today lol. Just want to go for a quiet weekend to the beach.
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    Maryland Eastern Shore Camping in November

    So having a hard time finding any campgrounds open after end of Oct. There is Frontiertown but it seems that our 43' rv is too big or their spots are filled up. I am going to call and check but wanted to see if anyone knew of any on the Eastern Shore up even into DE.