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    Sail Switch Issue

    I recently had an issue where my furnace would not restart i.e. it would initially run when setting up at a campground, but would not start (the fan would not even run) after the thermostat demanded it on again. On a couple of occasions I wiggled some wires inside the furnace cover and it...
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    Water Dispenser No Flow Fix

    My water dispenser on my 2011 RM1350 has failed a few times. The first time the solenoid valve was sticky and was replaced under warranty. In the past 12 months flow has stopped a few times but after some troubleshooting - disconnecting lines, verifying solenoid valve (SV) operation etc, flow...
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    Honda EU2000 Recall/Tech Bulletin

    Here's a recent tech bulletin/recall on the EU2000. It gives instructions on how to check and rectify the issue. I hope that...
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    Leaky Tyre Valves

    Has anyone had problems with their tyre valves passing air when the TST507 sensor is taken off? If so, what did you do, if anything to rectify the situation? I currently have two valves passing a little air when I removed the sensors to add air.
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    Best Route to RGV

    The past three years we have been getting to the Rio Grande Valley by way of Texarkana, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and then down US281. This works fairly well except that we always seem to hit a bottleneck at Austin. We have not tried the toll bypass route though. An alternative route would be...
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    Europe Tour by Motorhome

    We're planning to tour some of Europe next spring by renting a motorhome. If anyone else has done this recently, I'd be interested to hear about their experiences on the touring/sightseeing, and on the camping aspects. Thanks. PS Sorry about the typo in the thread title, editing doesn't fix this.
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    BF Goodrich Tire Recall

    I just heard about this, I don't think that this is elsewhere on the forum.
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    Dead Bolt Heads Up

    Last week we camped with our daughter and SIL. They have a 2011 Keystone Cougar. One day they tried to lock their door using the key and deadbolt, and the key just turned with no deadbolt movement. The same with the lever inside. When we removed the inside lever/jandlr assembly, we found that...
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    Axle Finding

    I had 8000lb axles installed by Lippert (upgrade offer for the 2011 rally) During the installation, the drums on the ne axles had to be s]changed as the wheel studs were too large for my wheels. Today, I took the drums off, inspected the brakes and bearings, and then repacked the bearings...
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    Splendide Door Experience

    On my rig last year the Splendide 2100XC combo would not start. It appeared that the machine was not recognizing that the door was closed. I managed to operate the door switch with a screwdriver to prove that it was OK. I then disassembled the door and found that one of the latch hinge pin...
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    Water Dispenser Line

    Our RM1350 will not dispense water. I thought that we had another bad solenoid valve until we came to winterize it and found that the tank didn't drain to the outside when the line was disconnected from the solenoid valve. We also could not blow any air through the line either way. I removed the...
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    Spray Port Quick Connect

    Our 2011 Landmark has a "Spray Port" in the UDC. The coiled hose and spray nozzle attaches to it via a stainless steel quick connect fitting. After use, I noticed rusty water drips at the fitting, and also found the the fitting was getting harder and harder to use. I took the quick connect off...
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    New Landmark Floorplan (Mesa)

    Just noticed the Landmark Mesa on Heartland website. Floor plan looks good to me. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my wife from seeing it. Maybe Jim can tell us when it will be at the dealers.
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    Fluorescent Light Diffusers

    Since delivery we have had problems with cracking of the diffusers on the fluorescent lights inside our rig. The dealer has replaced several, but they continue to fail. I am currently working with Heartland Customer Service on trying to get replacements. In the meantime I'm wondering if any...
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    Corpus Christi Camping

    We're planning to stay in Corpus Christi for a few nights on our way back north at the end of the end of the month. We'd like to stay near the gulf, and ideally be close to some restaurants. Any suggestions?
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    Sheet metal behind slide seal

    What is the purpose of the smal pieces of sheet metal behind the floor slide seal? These pieces are attached to the edge of the trailer floor at the roller locations. I ask because they are causing some problems. First problem was previously reported by me on here. It was in the rear corner...
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    New Model

    Heartland bought the rights to use the Titanium 5th wheel design earlier this year. I've now seen some preliminary info on the proposed Bighorn Titanium edition (apparently there will be a Cyclone version also) I expect that company will be issuing some information on this shortly. I think that...
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    Axle Bearings

    My Landmark is only about 3.5 months old, but we have about 11000 miles on it after our Alaska trip. I decided to check and repack the wheel bearings just ahead of the 12000 mile requirement. This was not a nice job as it appears that grease was on sale when my axles were assembled as all of...
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    TV Lift

    My Rushmore has the TV that goes down into the cabinet behind the fireplace. I have to hold the raise/lower button until the TV gets to it's destination ( I know it's a tough job) However, I'd prefer a one touch type control, and LCI appear to offer an upgrade for this. Has anyone done this...
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    Fuse Panel finding

    Maybe others have noticed this, but in the course of troubleshooting a blown water pump fuse, I noticed that the failed fuse indicating lamps do not always illuminate. They rely on there being a complete circuit being made. In my case I had turned the water pump off and with a blown pump fuse...
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    We're about halfway through our Alaska trip. We have had a wonderful time so far and have seen great scenery and wildlife. Did some fishing in Homer yesterday. We are sampling cinnamon buns wherever we go. Right now the best buns have been from "The Moose is Loose" bakery in Soldotna (had to go...
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    Circuit Breaker Loads

    In the battery compartment this is a busbar and a number of circuit breakers. I assume that one of them is for the hydraulic pump, and one perhaps for the fuse panel feed. What are the others for? A battery isolator switch is also in this compartment, but it only seems to isolate power for the...
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    Slide 12v Supply Problem

    A few days ago on my current trip, I lost power to the 12 v lights in the ODS slide. I replaced a bad fuse and checked underneath for wiring problems. No obvious problems were evident. Today, when stopping for lunch, the fridge was dead as were the 12 v lights in the same slide. I replaced the...
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    Loose feet on hydraulic landing gear

    On my way out west I noticed that one of the disc type feet on out front landing legs was loose. I was able to tighten the holding bolt many turns by hand before I used a wrench to secure it. Two more feet ( I have the levelling sytsem) were a bit loose also. Had one of these come off on the...
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    2011 Cabinet Stain Colour

    What is the stain (brand and colour name/number idf possible) used on the cabinets of 2011 Landmarks? If I make some accessories or add some more shelves, I'd like to match the colour as closely as possible. Of course the factory stain might only be available commercially, so I may have to go...
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    Alaska Bound

    Next week we leave Ontario and head out to Calgary, Alberta for a sob rally (we signed up for it before we changed our rig, and we'll be the only Heartland rig there) and then after a week move on to Alaska with 3 other couples. While in Calgary we'll be attending the Stampede and doing some...
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    RM1350 Refrigerator Auto Door Lock

    My new rig has the above feature enabled, i.e. the door will lock about five seconds after it has been manually unlocked. The alternator sensing terminal at the back of the fridge has been wired with +12v to do this. This is a bit of a nuisance when parked, so I wondered if anyone has disabled...
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    Television Hook Up to Multiple Sources

    My Rushmore is on order, and I was thinking about how the TV hook ups will work. I shall want to be able to use satellite, cable, antenna and DVD sources for the TV. My current unit has a Winegard distribution box that takes all of the possible inputs and allows you to switch up to three TV's to...
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    New Owner

    Hi to everyone, I am about to move from my Titanium to a Landmark. We were at our dealers (in Ontario) the other day for some parts and saw that he has changed over to Heartland after Glendale RV went out of business. My wife fell in love with the layout of the new Landmark Ontario model. I...
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    Dodge DRW 4X4 bed height

    I am a propsective Landmark owner and have the above truck - a 2009 model. With my current rig, I find it tows a little nose high and with a bed clearance of above 5 inches. I'd like more. I can lower the rear of the truck,but before I do this, I'd like to hear from others with the same truck to...