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  1. SLO

    Backing a trailer

    For those who are apprehensive about backing their trailer, this technique might help. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. SLO

    Durango RV in Redding CA

    Durango RV has gone KOA. Good or bad? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. SLO

    Another Tire Inflation Posting

    Sorry for the length of post. I have always had tire excessive wear and cupping on the inside and outside edges of all four ST235/85R16 G rates Sailun tires. I would generally attribute that to under inflation and some scuffing on tight, hard surface, turns. However, I’ve always kept...
  4. SLO

    Tredit Tire came through..........again!

    Tredit Tire has come through again for me. A couple of years I had a pinhole leak in my Bighorn wheel while on an Alaskan trip. They second day aired me a new rim to Fairbanks at no charge to me. A couple of weeks ago while on a shorter trip (1500 miles) I developed pinhole leaks in two...
  5. SLO

    2021 Bighorn rear cap

    I may have missed this in a previous thread, if so, sorry. Has the 2021 Bighorn gone back to flat rear cap? Thought they were going to do this a few years ago and then decided against it. Also, is full body paint gone again?
  6. SLO

    CURT. BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale

    Has anyone used this. Seem like an interesting gizmo and I like techie stuff.
  7. SLO

    PEX plumbing connections

    Found this article others might find informative about PEX connection types. Our trailers come with the crimp connections. I have only ever used the expansion type connection, or in some limited instances, Sharkbite connections. So I was courteous about crimp connections. Crimp connections...
  8. SLO

    Stink Bugs

    I’m sure others have had this problem. Picked up these stink bugs in Nashville early October 2018. Took about 9 months to get rid of them. Found 80 plus inside the trailer, mostly alive. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. SLO

    ARP Frig Defend, my comments

    I installed the ARP absorption refrigerator safety control about 10 months ago. At the time I was looking for additional fans and a fan controller for the rear of the refrigerator. When I ran across the ARP control I thought this is a great idea. Fans and control plus the safety controller to...
  10. SLO

    Alaska Bound

    Starting our journey to Alaska in a couple of weeks. Would love to know if anyone else is going so I can keep my eye out for you. Entering BC on 6/6 via Osoyoos. Denali 7/8 via Dawson City and Top of World. Kenai 7/18 and then Valdez 7/29. Down to Haines then south to US on 8/23. Already...
  11. SLO

    Generator in Bighorn, Champion 2800 watt

    Sometimes there are questions about what generators people use and the setup. Just thought I’d post what I use for someone’s consideration. Champion 2800w will run one AC or just about everything else. Just not AC and everything else at the same time. Charges batteries pretty quick and is...
  12. SLO

    Slide wipers/seals replacement

    I need to replace some, maybe all, of my slide seals. They are the double seal which is a one piece seal for both inside and outside (there is two wipers on there seals). Heartland says they use seals made by Boyd. These seals are real expensive. AP Products makes these seals also...
  13. SLO

    Heartland Bighorn Quality

    I thought I’d post my thoughts on Heartland quality. We’ve had camping trailers for about 30 years. My attitude has always been, it’s better if you have some skills to fix things because it’s going to break. With new trailers it’s no different. We had a 2012 Bighorn and now have a 2016...
  14. SLO

    ARP Control

    Does anyone use or have opinions on the ARP control for adsorption refrigerators?
  15. SLO

    Portable Generator Fuel

    For those that carry portable generators in a 5th wheel. Where do you carry your extra gas and how much do you carry? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. SLO

    MORryde IS

    Is there any special pricing on MORryde IS, that anyone knows about, right now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. SLO

    Wet Bolt Installation

    Good tool for wet Bolt Installation. Press new brass bushing in while pressing out old nylon bushing. I know there is cheaper was to do this with tools you have. But, there is no easier way. Especially for one person job. Harbor Freight. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. SLO

    Cable and antenna splitter problems

    Over the two years we've had our Bighorn we've had problems with cable and antenna picture quality on living room TV ( we don't have satellite). Bedroom TV works fine. First time tightened all cable connection (most were loose). Finally bypassed splitter in cabinet above living TV and TV...
  19. SLO

    Solar Costs

    Early in 2016 I installed solar on my 2016 Bighorn 3685RL. Now I'm collecting all the cost for my taxes. Thought this might be interesting for those thinking about installing solar. Cost more than I thought it would but, I didn't try to do it the cheapest. I tried to do what I thought was...
  20. SLO

    X-Factor on Bighorn

    Has anyone installed the morryde X-Factor on their 5th wheel and if so. What do you think about it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. SLO

    Lone Pine to Las Vegas through Death Valley on 190

    Has anyone gone this route heading east from Lone Pine, CA through Death Valley. We have a BH3685 (about 40'). Heading to the rally in LV in October. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. SLO

    Solar Finished

    This is the first weekend camping since finishing my solar install on a 2016 Bighorn 3685RL. I am very happy with the results. 6 Renogy mono 100w panels at 5.29A Imp. That should equal a little less than than 32A max in full sun. I am getting 15A on a foggy California coast day. Later in the...
  23. SLO

    Farewell 3685RL

    We searched and found the perfect floor plan in the 3685RL, at least to us. We had considered other brands, most more expensive than Heartland, but kept coming back to Heartland. We loved the 3685RL floor plan and our past experiences with Heartland were very positive (we had a 2012 3070RL...
  24. SLO

    ATF: Bighorn - Pin box weight rating

    I have a 2016 3685RL. Recently I had occasion to remove the cover over the pin box. The printed rating on the pin box is 15,500 lbs. My trailer GVWR is 16,000 lbs. Should I be concerned about this?
  25. SLO

    ATF: Bighorn - 2016 Bighorn A/C question

    I have a new 2016 3685RL that I'm am picking up on Saturday. I don't think the A/C is working right. The RV tech is not sure if there is something wrong or not. I have the two whisper quiet A/C units, which is now standard, and two Dometic Comfort Control Center 2 thermostats. One thermostat...
  26. SLO

    Solar wiring on Bighorn

    I was told Bighorn comes prewired for solar. Does anyone know of a wiring diagram/location sheet for the Bighorn.
  27. SLO

    Whisper Quiet A/C Heat Pump

    Has anyone got the heat pump on the new Whisper Quiet system? Or is the heat pump even available with the Whisper Quiet A/C.
  28. SLO

    18 CU Propane/Electric Refrigerator

    I was just told by a Bighorn dealer that the 12 CU propane/elect four door refrigerator is going out and the 18 CU propane/elect four door refrigerator will replace it on all Bighorns. Once the current inventory of 12 CU refrigerators is depleted the 18 CU will start being installed, if you...
  29. SLO

    Whisper Quiet A/C

    At the Pomona RV show last weekend I saw a Bighorn with the Whisper Quiet A/C system. Air comes out ceiling registers on one side of trailer (the entire length of trailer) and return air goes in ceiling registers on other side of trailer (the entire length of trailer). The system still seems...
  30. SLO

    Residential Refrigerator Amp Draw

    I currently own a 2012 3070RL. Am looking for a slightly bigger unit and possible the residential refrigerator. Has anyone put a Kill a Watt meter on the Frigidaire residential refrigerator to see what is the kWh usage per day? Looking at the Energy Guide for that model, it estimates 688 kWh...