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    pay-as-you-go wifi

    Before we start the 2012 camping season I'd like to get a pay-as-you-go wifi connection to use when a CG has no connection or the connection it offers is poor. I know there are several companies that offer this type of plan but thought I'd ask if anyone has anyexperience (good or bad) with...
  2. J

    Drummerboy Campground, Gettysburg, PA

    hi folks, just wondered if anyone has stayed at the Drummer Campground near Gettysburg, PA? looks nice but there are lots of "seasonal" sites. looking at this for a family reunion in 2012 and we need RV sites + cabins and cottages. any comments would be appreciated. or if anyone has other...
  3. J

    campgrounds near Philadelphia

    hi all, looking for a campground within an hour's drive west of Philadelphia. I've had several suggested and looked at reviews but would like some info from someone who has actually stayed in some of the cg's. We have stayed at the KOA in West Chester - but it is a bit hilly. Looking for full...
  4. J

    northeast Tennessee - Newport

    hi all, Just wondered if anyone has information about campgrounds in Newport, Tennessee. I know there is a KOA there but are there any other suggestions? Looking for something near Douglas Lake. Thanks for the help...;)
  5. J

    East Tennessee - Douglas Lake

    anyone have any information about campgrounds in the northeast corner of tennessee near douglas lake? there is a koa not far but i wondered if anyone is familiar with that area and might have other suggestions. the lake looks like a wonderful place to spend some time.
  6. J

    Great Little CG In Fries, VA

    for anyone who wants to "get away" and enjoy some quiet time we can suggest just the campground. located off of I-77 (near exit #80 off of I-81) this is a 12 site cg that is within easy walking distance to the new river state park and trail. all sites are level...
  7. J

    web site problem

    just today i have been unable to open the "new posts," "search" and "active topics" links. is this just me? i am using internet explorer. thanks for your help.
  8. J

    RV Mods Web Site

    this is an interesting web site - many good ideas
  9. J

    RV Mods Web Site

    some / all of you may be aware of this web site, but i was not. viewed it today and found some interesting mods. you might want to take a look at it...
  10. J

    Eagle Ridge - General Questions

    not that we are buying, but i'd like to see some pictures and floorplans for the eagle ridge. last year when we bought our sundance the eagle ridge was not available. i did not see info on the heartland website.
  11. J

    umbrella holder

    not really a mod - just a suggestion. :o the handle bar makes a great holder for umbrellas. easy to reach from the door.
  12. J

    hot lights

    the two over bed "reading" lights on our 2009 sundance 3300sk get very, very warm = hot to the touch. is this "normal?"
  13. J

    electric slide - not...

    this weekend was our third trip with our 2009 sundance 3300sk. we bought it in november so it is still "brand new." when we tried to extend the "sofa and dining table" slide using the electric switch - it would not work. we used the hand crank and it worked fine. just wondered if anyone...
  14. J

    Bathroom Shelf Extension

    a shelf extension in the bathroom = a little extra space. at a local store we did get a great deal on the price of the countertop extension kit. ;)
  15. J

    Bedroom Floor Extension & Storage Space

    in the bedroom of our 2009 sundance 3300sk it was quite a high step onto the bed so we added a storage box that extends and raises the level of the floor. it does not block the bed slide. ;)
  16. J

    Magic Jack

    has anyone used the magic jack (computer telephone system) "on the road?" we use it at home (via our cable connected desktop pc) and it works quite well. just was not sure how it might work in a campground setting. :confused:
  17. J

    Campgrounds Near Nashville

    anyone have any suggestions for campgrounds near nashville, tn?
  18. J

    Kitchen Storage Addition

    for a little more storage space we converted the "blank" drawer space below the sink to a hinged face panel with a "catch-all" for odds and ends. the hardware is available at home-stores. heartland was kind enough so provide the drawer face and handle - we really appreciated that!
  19. J

    Sundance Door Panel and Handle Modifications

    another idea we used was to cover the bottom screen of the door with a heavy plastic tile used to cover ceiling light fixtures. it allows light in and protects the screen from the paws of our dog. we also added a handle "bar" - available from several retailers. this makes pulling the door...
  20. J

    More Table Space & Added Handrail

    here are two modifications that we found helpful. we liked being able to slide the chairs a bit further back from the table and since i have trouble climbing stairs - the handrail was a great addition.
  21. J

    Add a Bedside Shelf

    not having a shelf by the bed was one of the few things we wanted to change in our 2009 Sundance 3300sk. here's how our son solved that issue for us. hope the attachment can be viewed...:)
  22. J

    Creating A Trash Can Storage Space

    last month we bought a new sundance 3300sk. almost everything was exactly what we wanted. but one thing that was missing was a place to hide a trash can in the kitchen. to solve the problem we modified the pantry closet. removed the lower slide-out drawer (replaced it in one of the upper...