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    Stovetop flame problem when oven is lit.

    When oven is on the burners on stovetop have erratic orange flame and hard to keep lit. They both work fine separately but don't work well together. 2018 Bighorn.
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    Stain color

    We have a 2018 Brighton 3270rd. It has dark wood cabinets and trim. I want to get stain to match so I can fix some marks on cabinets and table. Dealer can't help. Heartland rep says to try and match at home store.(really?) Ok, can anyone help me find A's ain that will match?
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    Screws breaking

    We have noticed a lot of screw heads on the exterior and slides are popping off. Looks like they were over torqued when installed. We hope that is all it is. Has anyone had this happen. There are at least 12 or more heads popped off but there are a lot of screws in this area so we hope it won't...
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    Flooring torn

    While extending slides, the roller under fridge snagged the vinyl floor and ripped it. A screw under the roller bracket came loose and backed out enough to catch the floor. You can't see this screw unless the slide is extended and you look from outside behind the seal. Has anyone had this...
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    Fresh water tank vent

    Does anyone know why there are two vents on the fresh water tank? All the water leaks out when we're driving down the road. Would it be ok to plug these vents.