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    Problem with seal on slide out.

    Dan, if this is the case, how I do I get access to the seal to put it back on its track??
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    Problem with seal on slide out.

    Yes, I tried lifting the wiper seal with the slide out only a few inches out, but was not able to see the other seal until the slide out was all the way out. I have added two other photos that might shed some light on this.
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    Problem with seal on slide out.

    I have a 2017 Heartland Pioneer RV. This morning, when cleaning the top of the slide out, I noticed a rubber seal sticking out from the wiper seal (not sure what it is called). My question is, can I access the interior of the slide out to gain access to this seal and put this back in place? If...
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    Pioneer QB300

    We purchased a new 2017 QB300, and have not had any issue with our camper. We just love the bunks/office in the back of the camper.
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    2016 Chev 1500 GCWR question

    I would have thought that the numbers would be specific to the vehicle/VIN that was entered. But I think you are right pertaining to the different packages. I guess my option is to just give up trying to figure out what they mean. :confused:
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    2016 Chev 1500 GCWR question

    I have a 2016 Chev Silverado 1500. Upon decoding the VIN, one of the figures I do not understand is the GCWR. They are: 12000, 16700, 12800 lbs 12000.0 min 16700.0 max, all on one line. I know what GCWR means, I just don’t understand the difference between the 12000, 12800 and the 16700...
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    QB300 questions

    We have a 2017 QB300, but we do not have the colored LEDs. The switches on the left, underneath the cabinets are for the slide out, the outside light, the awning and the awning LEDs.
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    Water Keeps Leaking From Tanks Possibly

    Dan, your link is not working correctly. :)
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    New members, new Big Country owners in waiting

    Congratulations on the new Big Country, and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.
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    Bought a 2018 North Trail 24BHS! Now what?

    Congratulations on your new North Trail. I had the same issue, dead battery, last year when I purchased our QB300. I installed the battery cut off switch and problem solved. Now I just have to remember to turn it switch off when I park the camper. :rolleyes:
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    Hello From New Heartland owners in Colorado

    Congratulations on your new North Trail, we are sure you will enjoy many camping trips with it.
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    Rear Bunk Heat Vent

    We replaced the floor vent in the bedroom with one that has an air flow control. I believe we picked it up at Lowes. Also, some have used the Magnetic Vent Cover to just cover the vent up.
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    Good observation/backup camera than the Furrion to get a 5"+ screen

    My DW got me a 9901 Digital-F for Christmas. It has a 7 inch LCD screen. I have to wait for warmer weather before I can try it out.
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    Pioneer QB300

    Thanks Dave. My wife sure likes it. :)
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    Heartland Club merchandise

    I am unable to find the link to order HOC items? Can someone post the URL? Thanks in advance.
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    Pioneer QB300

    We purchased a new 2017 Pioneer QB300 last March and have spend a lot of time camping in our new camper this last summer. We have only had a couple of minor problems that required service and the service department at Camping World in Houghton Lake has been wonderful to deal with. In any case...