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    Level up screen problems

    The screen on my level up shows nothing but vertical lines all the way across, it seems like all features of the system are working( retract and auto level) We are getting ready to pull out for a week long trip and this has me very confused, has anyone experienced this are even heard of this.
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    Bighorn Frameless Windows

    Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the frameless windows are, I need to order parts to repair one. Thanks Bill
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    RV Parks near Plano Texas

    It looks like we have to go to Plano for a short term work assignment and I haven't been able to find anything except mobile home park with a few hookups ( not what I want). Something within 15 or 20 miles would work.
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    Residential refrigerator

    We are on our second trip with our new Bighorn, bought it about a month ago. I was a little skeptical about the residential refrigerator at first but now that we have used it I love it. Anybody that is thinking about purchasing a new unit should really consider it, we went from a 9 cubic foot...
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    Attic Space Vent

    On my roof there is three plumbing vents and a attic space vent, which is a little larger than the plumbing vents. Somehow the top of the vent has blown off, it fits on a plastic disc which is bolted down and goes on with a 1/4 turn. I have been unable to find a replacement cover and wondering...
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    New Tires

    I put new Goodyear g614's on the 5er yesterday and after much price shopping the best price I got was at the local Ford dealer.
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    St Augustine Campgrounds

    We are going to visit St Augustine Fl after we leave the rally in Nashville, would like some campground suggestions. I have found several but would like some first hand reviews. Bill
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    Campground near Kennedy Space Center

    We are planning to make one of the last shuttle launches this summer and would like suggestions for campgrounds or rv resorts in the area. Thanks Bill
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    2010 Landmark

    Jim What changes have been made to the 2010 Landmarks that is different than the 09 models. Bill
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    New owners in Heartland family and ours

    I went with my oldest son today to Camping World of Houston to pick up his new North Trail 31QBS trailer, he was as proud as on could be. Now they can camp with us and attend the rally in April at Rayfords Crossing. I was very impressed with the 31QBS, I had never seen one before.
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    Fuel Prices Finally Coming Down

    I stopped in Kountze Tx this afternoon and bought diesel for 3.99 per gallon. It has been running about 4.10 here but finally broke 4 dollar mark. Maybe it will keep falling. Bill
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    Bighorn and Sundance

    On the way back to Texas this afternoon we spotted a Sundance on I-10 eastbound close to Jennings and then a Bighorn about 20 miles behind him.
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    Loving the new Landmark

    We just spent a week at Parkside Riverview RV park in Concan, Texas There was a Landmark that came in today it was one of the first a Mount Rushmore. We are now in Austin at a new RV Park. When finished in a few months it will be really nice. Large enough for a big rally !
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    Overloads for truck

    I ordered a set of Timbrin overloads for my truck, has anyone else used these or have any experience with them. When we traded from the 3055BH to the Landmark it added quite a bit more pin weight.
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    Florida in mid March

    We are thinking about heading to central Florida in March to check out some spring baseball. Any suggestions on campgrounds in that area would be appreciated, we may be to late for reservations but it is worth a try.
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    Navigon 7100

    Has anyone checked out this GPS. It looks like it has more features than others I have looked at. Price not to bad at Admin: Link to product
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    Underbelly Mod

    I took the Bighorn back to the dealership for a small punchlist of minor items, when I picked it up I noticed they had cut the underbelly several places and duct taped it back very sloppy,I think a fifth grader could have done better. Any way thinking about buying several 4 x 8 sheets of 28 ga...
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    Bedroom A/C

    I installed a lo profile 13500 btu Duo Therm in the bedroom of the 3055 this afternoon, the installation went good, the 120 volt was right there. Itwas warm today, close to 90, it took about 25 minutes to cool trailer to72 i was quite surprised
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    New truck time

    I have been truck shopping for several days, and driven quite a few. Finally decided this morning, went to the Dodge dealer and came home .with a 3500 4x4 DRW with the new 6.7 liter cummins and factory installed exhaust brake. It sure is one sweet ride.
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    Cody Wyoming

    We will be in Cody mid June, any campground suggestions?
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    Houston RV Show - February 2007

    We are heading to Houston Feb. 9&10 for the rv show, hope to see new models and pick up a few gadgets.It has been many years since we have been to this show and are really looking forward to it.
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    Cummins jake brake

    I am considering installing a jacobs engine brake on my 06 dodge 3500, has anybody done this. The local Dodge dealer has installed several, cant answer many performance questions.
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    We decided last night to go to Branson Dec.5-10 to check out Christmas lights. Anybody have suggestions on campgrounds. We may have problems with resv. on a three week notice, or may stay in Ark. and drive over on day trips.
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    Short snooze

    We will be leaving next week for NC, then on to Florida. I plan on stopping at night to grab a couple of hours sleep at walmart parking lot,truckstop, or roadside parks. I have two honda 2000 generators with paralell kit. Would like any suggestions are bad experences.