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    Life change . . .

    I also still have the enduro full face helmet and it is one of the best helmets that I have had in my entire life.
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    Lawyer's Card

    What type of card is this? The link you mentioned in your post is also not working. Is this card for traffic lawyers, criminal lawyers, or immigration lawyers? Please describe it. I am also a lawyer that's why I am asking about it. Waiting for your response.
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    Air conditioner vibrating thru the ceiling

    Air conditioner's fan should be out of balanced. If fan is not out of balance there will be problem with cooling compressor. Whenever gas level decrease in compressor it may cause of vibration. These are the two common problem of Vibration.
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    Dometic roof air conditioner

    I don't have any information about it. For roof air conditioning I always contact luxe air conditioning. I will also recommend you to if you are in Aus just contact them. They can guide you properly.