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    New 2015 Chevy Highlander with Greystone 33CK, Truck too high?

    My mistake. Not a highlander a high country. (It's like the Denali for the gmc) it does have the 20" tires but other then that it's factory
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    New 2015 Chevy Highlander with Greystone 33CK, Truck too high?

    Hi, My husband just traded his truck and when he came home with it the first thing I noticed was the height of the box. this is a "standard" diesel truck, no extras. We measured it and the bottom of the box is at 40" with the top of the sides at 61". Seems awfully high and it sure is a lot...
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    Outside kitchen?

    We currently own a greystone 33CK and are looking at a toy hauler for our next fiver as the kids are growing up and we have more need for room to store bikes etc compared to an actual bunk house. So far I have not found a single fifth wheel mid size (35-38 ft) toy hauler model with an outside...
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    ATF: Greystone - Radio comes on by itself

    Hello, we have our Fifth Wheel in Winter Storage. It is located in a shed on the farm. We have it hooked up to the 30 amp power supply. About 3 months into winter we noticed sounds coming from that part of the shed. The radio was on (on its own) and all speakers were going. I turned it off, but...
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    ATF: Greystone - TV in Bedroom

    Hello, we would like to hang a tv in our bedroom. We own a 2013 Greystone 33 CK. We were thinking about hanging it on the outside wall in between the front cap closet and the window. (to the upper left of the window basically)Can you tell me if there is something behind the walls to hang a...
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    Inside garbage 33CK

    Hi everyone. Question for all 33CK owners, or even possibly other models as well. We are trying to figure out where to place/hang the garbage can. We had a wildcat before this unit and it had the nicest garbage, basically a "lid" in the countertop which acted as the garbage shoot. the garbage...
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    2013 vs 2012's - 33Ck's

    Hi, I hope this works. These are the pictures of the "12 pack", the far left seat in the picture, closests to the kids room is a lazyboy style with a pop up leg rest. The middle section has the air mattress plus a large drawer which house the table legs. the far right section has another storage...
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    TV question with regards to our outside kitchen on a Greystone 33CK

    Hi everyone. we just received our 2013 GS 33CK this week and we spend several hours at the dealer when we picked it up since we had our "own" tv's installed. I had them measure the space and here is what we found: we have a toshiba 24" for the outside kitchen. We had to move the bracket/swing...
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    2013 vs 2012's - 33Ck's

    Hi, we just received our new 33CK unit and's a 2013 model. A few changes that we observed. It was shipped with a rear bumper mount BBQ. The exterior colour is darker grey. The rims on the tires are amazing as well, overall a very nice looking unit. Inside we were able to order the...
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    TV in the bunk house and outside kitchen on 33CK

    this was important to me to so I contacted Heartland. The three tv's are not wired together. The DVD in the living room will only play on the TV in the living room. The kids room has space for a DVD player so I figure that is an easy fix. For the outside TV I will be putting a new flatscreen TV...
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    Considering the Greystone 33CK

    Hi, We are seriously considering trading our Wildcat 32QBBS for the Greystone 33CK. It has all the options we want. I have a few questions: 1. If I factory order a unit can a larger awning be put on? it appears there is room for a larger one? 2: can a dvd be played inside the unit and watched...