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    Adding 3rd AC to 2018 Bighorn 3160el

    Fans can also make it feel cooler.
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    Closing one AC vent?

    In homes that is how you balance the a/c system.
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    Tredit Tire came through..........again!

    I had a pinhole leak in a rim a while back. They sent me a replacement.
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    Propane not working

    Did everything work during the walk-through when you picked up your trailer?
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    Main tv in new landmark newport.

    You might call HL service and ask them which TV comes in the trailer from the factory.
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    Best location for winegard trav'ler on 2021 Landmark Newport.

    You might call HL customer service with your trailer ID number along with your make and model. They should have the answer. I would also think if you went to the Winegard web sight you might look for a installation instructions.
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    Kibnet pairing

    How did you fix it?
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    2021 Cyclone 4270 - Bedroom slide will not retract

    Check your battery to make sure it is fully charged.
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    Ready for camping

    Looks really good. Let me know your address and I will drop my trailer off for a bath and shine.:cool:
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    Where do I find replacement windows?

    The shipping charges can be very expensive for glass. Ask before ordering.
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    awful bed

    We have always added foam mattress topper to the mattress that came with the trailer.
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    Another Bernie Meme

    LOL He sure has taken some heat for the way he dressed.
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    Element toast

    Might want to search in YouTube for help on how to do it.
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    2021 Mallard M26 first outing

    You really have it setup perfectly. Looks good.
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    2011 Big country, cold

    We used a small space heater to help keep the living room warm. They do draw electricity so do not overload that circuit.
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    Hitch for Torque 371

    Agree with WBG
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    A bit of Mouse Proofing (physical barrier)

    They may not be gone yet. You might put out a couple of old fashion traps to make sure. Nothing like a mouse running across your toes in the middle of the night.:cool:
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    New RD210

    You made some good changes. There is always something to upgrade.
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    Simple Green on roof?

    I have used Simple Green in the past with no problems. If you use it be sure to rinse the sides of the trailer also as you rinse the roof. Simple green can remove the wax if you leave it too long on the sides.
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    New 2021 RD210 Owners.

    Enjoy your new trailer and have many good trips
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    Gray waste flap handle won't close

    It sounds like the previous owner who lived in it might have left the valves open all the time. I am presuming they were stationary all the time. This can cause all kinds of problems. You might try back flushing the tanks so see if that helps free up some crap in the tanks.
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    Accent light covers have fallen in slides

    I believe that after 3 post you will be able to post pictures.
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    Bedroom slide cable

    Since you have not had any replies from some one with the same trailer you might call HL customer service and see if they can help
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    Blocking a heating vent

    As long as the rest of the heating ducts are open all the way it should not cause a problem.
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    F-350 and Bighorn?

    I towed all of my fifth wheelers with a SRW but we had trailers that were not too long and we were vacation trips only. Good idea to weigh your trailer.
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    Bighorn Traveler 32RS

    Hope you have a lot of good memories with your new Traveler.
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    New Prowler for us!

    Love that setup
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    Almost Over

    So you sold the trailer to General instead of consignment. Good idea
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Beautiful sunrise for sure John.
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    Hard to find a good sofa replacement

    Since you like the design of the sofa you might think about having it recovered.
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    Tire replacement

    Mine were replaced at a Goodyear Commercial store also.
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    Slideout roller broken with damage to floor

    Let the RV repair shop talk to HL direct so that they can explain why the hours to repair are longer then HL hours.
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    Remove and replace grey tank

    Have you tried YouTube? They seem to have videos on every thing.
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    Roof material ripped off driving down the highway

    On a Hitchiker I owned, the factory did not apply the glue correctly around the front a/c which caused water to leak in slowly. Eventually the glue loosened up the front roof material causing a lot of damage. What was nice is that they admitted it was their fault and paid the $9200 to the...
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    Views From Your Campsite

    That is a really nice campsite. Was that a deer in the picture that you took through the window?
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    Fixed 2017 3575el bed struts

    Nice job SNOKING, It sure makes lifting the bed easier.
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    Inside water pressure no good

    Good lesson for all of us
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    Tire Hardware

    Some good ideas mentioned but since you are looking for the size of the nuts you might change the title of your thread to something like "RG26 Lug Nuts".