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    My understanding of the PCS system is that there are 2 components that are connected. The display panel connects down at the main breaker panel. If they've only be replacing the wall display device, they may not have touched the failing component. Also, although I've never confirmed it, I...
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    SURVEY - SnapPads and Landing Gear Popping Noise

    Do you have SnapPads or are you speculating?
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    New Forum Platform - Xenforo, Report your bugs and feedback here

    In Windows 10, if you click on your name, is there a choice of "Content"? If so, is that what you're looking for?
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    RV dump valves.

    I have to lubricate the plunger on my dump valves every spring to get smooth movement. I don't take things apart - just spray on the plunger and run it back and forth.
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    SURVEY - SnapPads and Landing Gear Popping Noise

    Many of us have experienced popping noises from the Lippert Landing Jacks, particularly when there are big temperature swings. While the Lippert recommended fix is to add anti-stiction fluid, I'm wondering whether SnapPads help with that problem.
  6. danemayer

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NM, Clovis - 8/27/2021 to 8/29/2021

    Dan and Ann Mayer are coming. I've booked the reservation with Anthony at the campground. Arrival 8/26, Departure 8/30.
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    Batteries Discharging Quickly/ Not Charging

    Brakes and bearings may be damaged from heat while magnets were energized for long periods. You may also have damage to the breakaway switch.
  8. danemayer

    Batteries Discharging Quickly/ Not Charging

    What you need is to get some help to read the current drain on the battery with everything turned off. Then if there's any significant current draw, unplug the fuses one by one. If the drain goes away from a particular fuse, you'll know what branch circuit is draining the battery. If all...
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    Batteries Discharging Quickly/ Not Charging

    If you've got 4 lights while on generator, the Power Converter is getting power from the generator and is probably ok. If the lights stay on from battery after the generator is shut off, the path from battery to fuse box is ok as well. That suggests that something is drawing a lot of power...
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    Batteries Discharging Quickly/ Not Charging

    You may have a problem with output from the Power Converter. Check at your tank level test panel - one indicator is for battery level. While on generator, it should show 4 lights. If you have a volt meter, while on generator, measuring voltage at the battery, you should see at least 13.2V...
  11. danemayer

    Dometic 300 toilet with the dreaded internal leak to allow waste to pool inside the outer bowl and smell

    Wait a bit for a response from Dometic. They may just send a new toilet to you for self install. I had a different problem on a 5 year old toilet and they sent me a replacement.
  12. danemayer

    Closing one AC vent?

    While I'm not an expert on A/C, I've installed adjustable vents on ours. Our living room unit has ducts running into the bedroom and bathroom. During the day I often close those partially or fully. I've also closed 2 vents over the kitchen. The idea was to direct more cool air to the sitting...
  13. danemayer

    Ice maker water line valve

    You might consider just bypassing the drain valve. Unless something's changed, it's not an effective way to drain the system and instead just presents one more thing that can fail when temps drop.
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    What do you like about running a TPMS on your RV?

    On my TST 507 I've been using these from Ebay. You can also find them on Amazon.
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    cyclone 4006 issues

    The factory installed Onan generator supplies 5500 watts maximum, which is about 45 amps. The PCS detects that power is coming from the generator and adjusts the maximum power consumption to 45 amps. The Power Converter takes a certain amount of power, which varies depending on what 12V DC...
  16. danemayer

    Solar help/general info, please!

    Depending on what you want to do, Solar can become somewhat complicated and as previously mentioned, it can get quite expensive. Your lights, slides, refrigerator, water heater, and furnace can all run on 12V DC or a combination of 12V DC and propane. Your refrigerator and water heater may...
  17. danemayer

    Fuel 352 Converter Issue

    Hi Kenneth, Do you have an Electrical Management System/Surge Protector? Some external electrical problems can stress the Power Converter. Also, the Converter is often located under the bathroom on many trailers. If you have any leaking water going into the area where the Converter is...
  18. danemayer

    Exterior Luxury Package

    You could call Heartland at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Ask for Cyclone Sales. They can likely send you a precise listing.
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    Dual drains on 2021 Sundance?

    Are you looking for something like this?
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    Poor TV reception looking for tips

    On some of the TVs, there are 2 rails mounted to the wall. A bracket is mounted to the TV. The bracket has hooks that hang on the top rail, and 1 or 2 screws at the bottom that contact the back side of the lower rail to lock the TV in place. Use a flashlight and mirror to see if you have that...
  21. danemayer

    Electric awnings not working

    Have you examined the fuses on the KIB Control Boards in the basement? Our KIB MultiPlex Control System V2.0 guide has locations along with some photos that should get you to the right spot to check.
  22. danemayer

    Problème Norcold 2118

    Check the wires and cable guide under the slide where the fridge sits. Sometimes the wires can short where they go through the frame or elsewhere on the way into the slide.
  23. danemayer

    Middle and back right jacks won't go down

    I don't know what model/floorplan this picture is from, but it's probably representative. The sensor would likely be on the crossbar located forward of the fresh tank. I'd suggest removing a few screws from the coroplast and peeking inside with a flashlight. Once located, you can cut 3 sides...
  24. danemayer

    Problème Norcold 2118

    Your title says Frigidaire, which would be a residential refrigerator running on 120V AC. What 15 amp fuse are having a problem with?
  25. danemayer

    Mallard M26BH Air Conditioning (generator??)

    You could look at the A/C circuit breaker; it's either 15 amp or 20 amp. If a 15 amp, the A/C along with the Power Converter (120V AC to 12V DC) to run lights, refrigerator, water heater, could put you close to the 2,000 watt limit. And that's assuming the 2,000 watt rating of the generator is...
  26. danemayer

    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    On cars and trucks, we used to have to use a key to open the door. Then came key fobs. After having a key fob, who would go back to using a key? I wouldn't be surprised to see locks for RVs follow the car/truck advancement of "touch" entry where the fob is in your pocket. I've had that for...
  27. danemayer

    2017 2850BH rear ladder installation

    I'll second Oregon_Camper's comments. Roof mounted ladders flex quite a bit at the roof mount. If there's no back plate, and there probably is not, mounting a ladder will just tear up your roof. Get a telescoping ladder that's gets you to the roof safely and is rated for your weight.
  28. danemayer

    Propane leaking from passenger side regulator

    Check the regulators near each tank. One will have a single hose. The other will have 2 hoses and a lever. It should pull from the tank the lever points toward, but also has an auto mode where when one tank is empty, it pulls from the other.
  29. danemayer

    About to add Dish TV satellite receiver to 2021 3300DL Big Horn 5th

    Are you planning to install a Winegard Trav'ler on the roof or something that sits on the ground?
  30. danemayer

    Electrical advice

    As Dave suggested, start at the pedestal. If you have a detachable shore power cord, make sure it's locked in place at the RV end. If you have a powered cord reel, you could have a problem with the contacts there, but before taking it apart, you'd want to check power further downstream. If...
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    There's Onan installation information in this folder.
  32. danemayer

    ac operation 2021 4006 cyclone

    It's the programming example in this folder.
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    No hot water

    My guess is you've either lost 12V DC power to the water heater, or the control board has failed. But you'd need a voltmeter and would have to be comfortable with working on electric in order to go further yourself.
  34. danemayer

    No hot water

    If that doesn't help, you might try a hard reset by cutting both shore power and battery power for 1 minute. If that doesn't help, you may need to get a qualified servicer to check it out.
  35. danemayer

    No hot water

    Looking at the Atwood manual, there may not be a separate button/switch. Rather it talks about switching the interior control switch OFF for 30 seconds to reset an overtemperature lockout.
  36. danemayer

    No hot water

    I believe Dometic purchased Atwood. Any problem with your 12V DC supply will cause a failure. Is your furnace working correctly? If hot, is the A/C working correctly?
  37. danemayer

    No hot water

    Suburban water heaters have separate reset buttons for 12V DC/propane and 120V AC operation. Atwood water heaters have a single reset. Remove the cover from the exterior wall to locate them. You can determine whether Suburban or Atwood by looking at the label once the exterior cover is...
  38. danemayer

    HDMI Cable to No Where

    ;On bedroom TVs, I'm not sure Heartland wires for HDMI. The ones I've seen have all been coax where the connections are in the closet.
  39. danemayer

    HDMI Cable to No Where

    In the living room, it's usually within a foot or two of the TV, perhaps on the side wall inside a cabinet.
  40. danemayer

    ac operation 2021 4006 cyclone

    When on generator, the PCS energy management system reduces available power to 5500 watts as opposed to the 12,000 watts of power form a 50 amp shore power receptacle. It sounds like the PCS system is doing its job. The PCS will also sense when plugged into 30 amps and shed loads to fit into...