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    Hydraulic oil

    What is the correct hydraulic oil to use in the Heartland slideout system?
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    Levelup footpad problem

    Re: Levelup footpad proble Yes that nis what i am referring to.
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    Levelup footpad problem

    For those of you with the Lippert levelup sustem you need to check the bolts holding the foot pads on when you have the trailer hooked up. I did not know they were bolted on until I lost one the other day. They apparently do not have lock washers and can come loose. Dumb me assumed they were...
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    Adding Window Awning

    We were going to add awnings but called Heartland first and they said not to do it because there is no backing for them. A good wind could rip them out. While we would have liked to have them we decided not to take a chance.
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    Bigger TV

    We put a 37" Visio LED in our 3670 and the only modification I needed to do was raise the mounting bracket. It nicely covers all the wires and looks great.
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    Refrigerator 3962, E1

    That code was one of many problems we had with our 1350. As you have figured out, if you turn it off and back on it resets, but will come back on again. It is a gas hardware fault code, but in our case we had no gas hardware problem. When that is flashing it will not work in the gas mode...
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    Wintering in Texas need advice

    We stayed at The Drifters between Rockport and Aransas. The owners and staff are very friendly and go out of their way to help you and make your stay wonderful. You will park on concrete plus concrete patio. It is shaded with oaks. The people staying there come back each year and also make you...
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    Levelup directions

    Does anyone know where to find directions for the levelup system?
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    Over night dry camping Alaska Highway

    Please send both files to Thank you.
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    Television problems

    Thanks for the help. I have already tried both of those and the bedroom tv is working great off of the antenna, it is the living room tv that is not working.
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    Television problems

    I have a 2010 3670RL and the front tv will not work off of the antenna. It worked off of it two weeks ago, then I used cable and now it will not get the local tv channels. The bedroom tv picks them up. Any ideas as to what is causing this and suggestions on how to fix it.
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    Heartland Service - WOW!

    Thank you customer service and parts team. We appreciate all of your help. Job well done!
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    Dometic 14 cu. ft. 4 door

    Ours make that whining sound also, but at least we know they are working.
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    Dometic RM3962 in 2011 Landmark

    The freezers do not defrost, however the fins in the refer should not have frost on them. We spent a year with refer problems and that was one of many. According to Dometic, that usually means the doors are not sealing. In our case that was not the cause, but a good place to start. Ours...
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    Traveling to Central America with RV caravan

    Tracks to Adventure RV Caravans has canceled all Mexico tours until further notice. Having worked for a caravan company and having done many Mexico tours, we would not go down there right now.
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    Refer fluxuating temps--8--10 degrees??

    When the temps were that high last summer and the refer was in the afternoon sun, we removed both vent covers, put a ladder there and put a fan to blow air from bottom to top. That helped a lot! Putting lots of stuff from the store in it will also raise the temps several degrees along with...
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    303 Cleaner wax is it worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Only thing we ever used on a 9 year old motorhome and it looked like new when sold and on all of our boats. Spray it on and wipe to spread it evenly - done! A little goes a long way and can be used on the other things people are mentioning. It is great on decals!
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    Water Pump & Shower

    When using only the water pump in the shower, every time it cycles you get a shot of cool water followed by warm water. Since it cycles every few seconds it is a constant cool to warm shower. Has anyone found a solution? We had a motorhome for 8 years and never had this problem.
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    Refer temps

    Ours on the warmest setting of 1 is from 38 to 40 degrees. If you have a center flap, be sure it is fully closed. Not sure why Dometic says they only cool to 40 degrees because I am sure if I set ours to a colder setting it would freeze! Also be sure the doors are sealing. We have found an...
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    NYC campgrounds

    We are thinking of going to NYC and West Point. We are looking for advice on campgrounds, things to do and how to do it. Thanks
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    2009 3670RL actual weights, not sales weights

    We have a 2010 3670RL and we weigh in at over 15,000 lbs. Our pin weight is 3200 lbs however.
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    Bighorn Spring Thing

    We have a 2010 3670 rl and we are going to have the mor-ryde is system installed plus disk brakes and the never lube bearings. We have the trailsaver pinbox and plan to get the triglide portion installed at the same time. This will solve all the potential problems and we will still have less...
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    Torque specs.

    What do I torque the lugs nuts on the 16" 110 lb. wheels and the u bolts on the 7000 lb. axles?
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    Choosing WASHINGTON STATE as our domicile

    We were Washington state residents and then went full time. You must have a residential address not a PMB or PO to keep the state happy. We used a daughters address for the legal stuff only. The mail forwarder we used was terrible - just didn't seem to understand full time and getting the mail...
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    Yes the programmable Hunter thermostat works> I installed one and it is so nice to wake up to a warm rig. You do have to manually change between heat and ac but both are programmable. I did not install the high low fan as there is not room for the switch on that model but I only used high...
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    Dometic refrigerator

    We have been a year working with a tech on our Dometic 1350 refer and have learned a lot! If you have an infra-red thermometer, check the fin temps and it should be in the high 20's or 30's. If not, then it may be a thermistor as they said above. If the fin temps are OK, then it is a door...
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    Anyone install a washer and dryer?

    Re: Anyone instal a washer and dryer? We have the Splendide 2100 all in one unit and wouldn't be without it. We have been full time for 9 years and have always had a washer/dryer. The Splendide 2100 holds twice as much as the first one we had. Make sure it is a vented unit. You will pay for...
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    Satalite Radio

    We have sirius radio and I just installed the antenna to the inside top of the home theater cabinet and it works great with no drilling to the outside.
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    Living Rm Slide Awning

    OK, we went out and really studied our toppers and the only other SOB with toppers in this park. Our small toppers extend a bit from the edge of the slide. Our large living room topper is actually several inches over on the door end and short on the back end. However, all of our toppers were...
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    Living Rm Slide Awning

    We have a 3670. Never paid much attention to the slide toppers, so had to go look. Yes, the large one over the living room is slightly off center, but had to study it to make sure. All the toppers come just to the edge of the slides. This is the same as they were on our motorhome - have never...
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    RM 1350 fridge ice maker.

    There is a shut off valve in the basement behind the UDC - you will have to just keep looking for a small valve until you find it. Make sure it is turned on and then make sure the water goes in your icemaker and not under the refer. Voice of experience!
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    Installed Oxygenics shower head!!!!!

    I just took the one of of the old shutoff put it in the new one for a second washer and no more leaks.
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    Digital thermostat

    I replaced mine with the Hunter programmable thermostat which is nice as it can be programmed to go down at night and come on in the morning to wake up to a warm coach. The AC can be programmed also. Unless you install a separate switch switch the AC will only have high speed.
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    $9.00 to prevent slide floor de-lamination

    Our 2010 BH 3670, built in April 2009 had the slide fix from the factory. It does not have the plastic strips for the slide rollers however.
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    Problem with Dometic RM 1350

    Yours is electric (12v) also - we still have no new doors as they have sent the wrong ones 2 times. We go over Wed. to get them - they look right this time. All of the refers have the same locking mechanism - it is designed for a motorhome where it can be connected to an alternator and when...
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    Problem with Dometic RM 1350

    More information for you. The tech was out again yesterday. He had wired the 12v directly to a battery as Dometic had asked to isolate that system. The battery started to get low and the refer stopped cooling, the door lock mechanism started clicking and if you locked it would unlock itself...
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    Universal Docking Center Plumbing Upgrades

    One of our 5 leaks flooding our basement was a water pump line and it is a tough one to get to and fix! We have learned to only put plastic on the floor in the basement and have gotten really good at cleaning up the mess!
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    Problem with Dometic RM 1350

    We have the same refer and although we have not had that specific problem we have had constant problems with ours for almost a year now. The one thing that does sound the same is it quit cooling one night. Three days later it started cooling again and no one knows why. It started cooling after...
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    8K axle upgrade

    We just got a price from Mor-Ryde this week to have 7,000 lb IS, Disk brakes and never lube bearings put on our 3670 RL for slightly over $5,000. with the biggest expense for the brakes. If you want 8,000 lb IS add $700. We are going to have the work done when we are back there in Sept.
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    Full timing

    We had a diesel motorhome for 8 years. We traveled a lot and a motorhome is easier to move all the time. Alan is correct that diesel motors do not like to sit and must be run regularly including the generator and you do have to move for propane or pay the premium price to have it delivered. We...