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    Hydraulic oil

    What is the correct hydraulic oil to use in the Heartland slideout system?
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    Levelup footpad problem

    For those of you with the Lippert levelup sustem you need to check the bolts holding the foot pads on when you have the trailer hooked up. I did not know they were bolted on until I lost one the other day. They apparently do not have lock washers and can come loose. Dumb me assumed they were...
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    Levelup directions

    Does anyone know where to find directions for the levelup system?
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    Television problems

    I have a 2010 3670RL and the front tv will not work off of the antenna. It worked off of it two weeks ago, then I used cable and now it will not get the local tv channels. The bedroom tv picks them up. Any ideas as to what is causing this and suggestions on how to fix it.
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    Heartland Service - WOW!

    Thank you customer service and parts team. We appreciate all of your help. Job well done!
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    Water Pump & Shower

    When using only the water pump in the shower, every time it cycles you get a shot of cool water followed by warm water. Since it cycles every few seconds it is a constant cool to warm shower. Has anyone found a solution? We had a motorhome for 8 years and never had this problem.
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    NYC campgrounds

    We are thinking of going to NYC and West Point. We are looking for advice on campgrounds, things to do and how to do it. Thanks
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    Torque specs.

    What do I torque the lugs nuts on the 16" 110 lb. wheels and the u bolts on the 7000 lb. axles?
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    Refinishing Slide Trim

    We have a small section on the side of our slide trim that needs to be refinished so it will match the rest again. We have the cherry interior. We have tried putty and stain stick, but did not work very well. Knowing how they were finished at the factory may help in the repair. Any...
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    Thank You Heartland

    Just want to thank Jim, Matt and Becky for their hard work! We had several issues with our rig and posted about our frustration in getting resolution. These people stepped up, took over and kept us updated. With Ralph's health issues to deal with daily, their actions helped us more than even...
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    Thank You Heartland

    Just want to thank Jim, Matt and Becky for their hard work! We had several issues with our rig and posted about our frustration in getting resolution. These people stepped up, took over and kept us updated. With Ralph's health issues to deal with daily, their actions helped us more than even...
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    samsung Entertainment unit

    We have a Samsung unit that does a odd thing when playing a movie. It starts out great but as time goes by it keeps blacking out and saying searching for a signal and also in the top left corner after the picture has resumed says HDMI2 no time information. Has anyone else had this problem and...
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    Mor-ryde IS

    After talking at length with Mor-ryde we are leaning towards getting the Independent suspension. I remember that someone had it done and posted pictures of it. Does anyone remember the sight and how I can get to it again. Thanks for your help.
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    Disk brakes

    I know this has been discussed before but I called Mor-Ryde to ask about them and the person seemed to think I would need to upgrade my axles on my Bighorn 3670RL from 7000 lbs to 8000 lbs. This does not sound right so I thought I would find out what the ones of you that have changed to disk...
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    Patience is running out

    This will probably be a somewhat long post as this has been ongoing since June and a lot has happened. First we are not "bashing" customer service, just frustrated and no names will be mentioned, just cs for the customer service person. Heartland recommended a repair facility an hour from where...
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    Burners on Stove Top

    We have a 3 burner Magic Chef stove. The front burner is fully adjustable from low to high. The back 2 burners are HIGH ONLY, so really only have one usable burner. Has anyone changed these to be fully adjustable? If so, where did you get the parts and how hard was it to do. Really would like...
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    Ceiling Light Dripping

    We have a 2010 Bighorn 3670. We are living in the rig and it has been below freezing for a week and today it is a bit warmer. The ceiling light in the hallway is dripping. We took it down and can feel moisture through the small hole above the insulation. Prior to this freezing weather we had...
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    Paint for Dining Table

    We have the cherry interior and it appears the table is painted and the paint is coming off on the legs. Is it possible to get touch up paint to cover this? A stain stick works great on the cabinets, but will not cover the places on the table. Our unit is a 2010 delivered to us in April.
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    Mouse proofing

    I have been under our 3670RL with a can of spray foam to water seal and mouse proof the trailer. How do you seal the large openings around the slideout gears and rams? So far I have had no mice but with winter coming I would like to keep it that way. Are there any other openings that I need...
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    Landing gear fuses

    After reading about blown fuses in the landing gear I went looking for the fuses and can not find them. The only thing I found in the battery compartment is a white rocker switch the I have no idea what it does. My fifth wheel is a 2010 3670 RL. Could someone let me know where the fuses are...
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    Tv through stereo system

    I am sure this has been discussed many times but I can not find a reference to it. Is there a way to run the sound from my tv to my samsung cd dvd player radio so that the sound comes through the external speakers?
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    EGT temperature

    I have just installed a egt probe and gauge in my 2009 Dodge 3500 CTD drw and I would like to know how high can the temperature get before I need to worry and what temperature should it be to turn off the engine?
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    Problem with Microwave

    I have used this Apollo microwave/convection for 3 months now. When I microwave the glass tray in the bottom gets so hot after just a few minutes that you cannot touch it. Then if you try to cook something else in a bag such as popcorn, the tray is so hot that it just burns right through it. I...
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    Bighorn siteing

    We are in a small park in Anacortes, WA and there are two other Bighorns here and another one just left. We are seeing a lot more of them out west now. There is also a Landmark here so Heartland is showing up more often.
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    Fantastic fan thermostat

    The thermostat in my 6 week old rain sensor fan quit working. I can not find any information on how to contact the manufacture to get a new one. Does anyone have a number to contact them? I have looked in everything Heartland gave me plus looking in the internet.
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    Installing Hunter thermostat

    I have purchased a programable Hunter thermostat but I can not figure out how to remove the faceplate of the Due-therm analog thermastat without possibly breaking it. As a number of you have made this change could you give me a hint please.
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    Refrigerator fans not working in Bighorn

    Our refrigerator is heating up way too much during the day in our 3 week old Bighorn and I have found that the fans are not working. The connections seem ok and the fuse seems to be ok. Any Ideas? New rigs are so much fun.
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    How to charge house batteries off of truck update

    I have checked the truck and power is working on it so it is a trailer problem. It does not look like a charging wire is hooked to the battery. Where could I find out how to find and hook up the charging wire?
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    Bedroom tv off one sat. receiver

    After many helpful suggestions and a lot of trail and error I finally got my bedroom tv to work off of the one Direct tv receiver we have. As people have said you feed the signal from the receiver through the antenna line to the bedroom tv which is set to channel 3. The trick to getting it to...
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    How to charge house batteries off of truck

    We have a 2010 Bighorn 3670RL and a 2009 Dodge 3500. What do I need to do to get the truck to charge the trailer batteries while driving?
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    Lubing the front jacks on a Bighorn 3670RL

    I was able to remove the cover to the doorside front jack and lube it but I can not figure out how to get to the streetside jack to do it. Has somebody figured this out and lube it?
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    Splitter in antenna line

    Does anyone know where the splitter is in the antenna line in a 3670 RL ? I would like to remove it so i could run my sat. receiver to the bedroom tv through that line.
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    Ice Maker and Speakers

    This is a new Bighorn 3670. We are slowly getting everything working, thanks to this wonderful forum and everyone willing to help!!! Ice maker is not working. Confirmed that there is water going to the refer and everything else on the refer works. The am is in the down position, but no water...
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    outside plugs not workiking

    We have a new Bighorn 3670RL and the two outside plugs do not work. The one in the basement however does. They are gfi plugs and the only two I can find in the kitchen and bathroom are working fine. Is there another one or is this some wires not connected?
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    satellite tv - feed bedroom and livingroom from 1 receiver

    Is there some way to run the front tv and bedroom tv off of one satellite receiver or do I have to break down and get a second receiver?
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    Ice maker

    We just picked up our new Bighorn 3670RL and love it but we can not get water to the ice maker. If any of you have had this problem how did you fix it?
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    New Bighorn coming

    After spending our time in a extended stay motel in Phoenix waiting for our Bighorn 3670RL to be built we got word it was on its way last Tuesday. It was suppose to be in yesterday but because of the storms across the country it now looks like maybe Monday.We are really getting excited and the...
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    Dodge Ram tire pressure sensors

    Is there a way to install metal valve stems and retain the original pressure sensors in a 2009 CTD drw?
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    Ultr Fab Eliminators

    I just ordered a set of the eliminators and I remember reading that you need to get longer bolts for the rear scissor jacks. Could you let me know the length that I need. Thanks for your help.
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    Setting up brake controller

    Since I will not have room to sit up my Tekonsha P3 brake controller what do those of you have this controller and are towing one of the 16000 pound Heartland have yours set at?