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  1. OBX_Raineys

    Wilson, NC Excellent Tire Service. White's Tire

    After a sudden, world famous Blowmax adventure on I-95 near Wilson, NC I was forced to find a roadside tire service. After calling my Nationwide roadside rep and discovering it would be a 4 hour wait, I called a couple more places. White's Tire Service said they could be there is 20 minutes...
  2. OBX_Raineys

    Directv - King Quest Users?

    I am interested in getting a King Quest satellite for my RV. We are only going to use it a few days a month. Is anyone simply taking one of their receivers with them from home? I'm not interested in changing to Dish and hope to not have to pay for separate programming. IS there a distinct...
  3. OBX_Raineys

    Family Safe Thanks To Good Samaritans

    These folks are true heroes. While the family lost their RV, their lives were spared. This story is from Firehouse Magazine online. Fire destroys a motor home as it heads through Central Florida. Several motorists jumped into action to help the occupants...
  4. OBX_Raineys

    SuperGlide Rocker Arm Spring Issue

    Loading the truck and noticed my Pullrite SuperGlide hitch is leaning to one side. I pulled off the fifth wheel plate and moved the rocker arm side to side. The range of motion is equal, but there isn't any resistance on one side. Looking at the parts break down I think I have a broken rocker...
  5. OBX_Raineys

    Tire Size Question

    I have a Sundance 3310MKS that came with the infamous Tow Max 235/80/16. After almost 2,000 miles the tires seem to be performing well. I keep an eye on tire pressure and don't pull at speeds above 65. However I am considering upgrading tires due to the many complaints about the Tow Max...
  6. OBX_Raineys

    Tornado Strikes Cherrystone Campground on VA's Eastern Shore

    On Thursday, July 24, 2014 an EF-1 tornado hit the Cherrystone Campground in Cheriton, VA on the Eastern Shore. Sadly, two campers were killed and many more injured. This is an excerpt from the news article. "Corinne Geller with the Virginia State Police said the husband and wife, both 38...
  7. OBX_Raineys

    Switch / Command area

    I have a Sundance 2014 3310MKS. Overall I am thrilled with this unit. One major improvement I see would be to have the control panel that houses the majority of the switches and battery / tank indicators placed in a more user friendly area. Having it in such a low area makes it hard to see...
  8. OBX_Raineys

    TAC RV and Trailer, Moyock, NC Two Thumbs Up!

    Bought a Sundance fifth wheel yesterday from Kevin at TAC RV and Trailer in Moyock, NC at the VA line. Everybody we came in contact with was very pleasant and helpful. Kevin was great at making suggestions when we first started looking to switch RV models. He was also patient with our...
  9. OBX_Raineys

    Got It!

    Picked up our 3310 MKS today! Happy Campers!
  10. OBX_Raineys

    Adding a bathroom cabinet

    Disregard this post. Sorry.
  11. OBX_Raineys

    Battery Disconnect On Sundance

    I searched for this topic before I posted, but is there a battery disconnect on the Sundance 5th wheels? I am transitioning from a Raptor to the Sundance and the Raptor has that capability. Certainly would help preserve the battery life.
  12. OBX_Raineys

    Delivery Time

    Any idea what delivery time is roughly after a RV has been released from the factory? My dealer said it may be 5 weeks due to the rough winter. Just curious if that's what I should expect.