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  1. BobX2

    Memorial Day Weekend

    This is how we do it. Other than a non-functioning furnace with over night lows in the low to mid 30's, we had a good, long weekend.
  2. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Just spent four damp, chilly nights in the high country for the holiday weekend. Over night temps were in the low to mid 30's, and we were waking up to 40 degrees inside the camper. Rain showers and hail daily, with a few snowflakes thrown in for good measure. Typical for spring around here, and...
  3. BobX2

    Battery box vents

    Just wondering how much ventilation a person needs for the batteries. The battery and box that came with my Sundance have the hose connection to the vent panel installed on the front storage area. The new battery and box that I installed last weekend does not have a vent hose connected to it...
  4. BobX2

    Ready for the long weekend

    I installed a second battery and figured out how to plug the fresh water tank over flow hoses, so I can still have a tank full of water when I get to my camp site. I'm not sure why they just leave them open, with a 90 degree elbow crimped on. I found a hardwood dowel that fits snug and won't...
  5. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Who doesn't like showing off their RV? Here is our 245 XLT
  6. BobX2

    Thermostat location

    The position of the thermostat in the XLT series could be improved I think. Don't know if other models are similar. The floor heat register is pretty much right below the t-stat, so when the furnace is running, the warm air blows right up at it. I think we can all see the issue with that. Seems...
  7. BobX2


    Hello fellow Sundance owners. This forum isn't very active, so I thought I would start a random thread and just say Hi. Looking forward to a great season of camping, and can't wait for the snow to melt up in the high country so we can get back up to our favorite camping area. We've made it out...
  8. BobX2

    Worry or don't worry?

    A question for all you 5th wheel owners out there. I had my camper hooked up and I was looking at the hitch area on my Sundance this weekend and saw that the clearance between the top of the bed rail on my truck and the trailer didn’t look equal. Got out my tape measure and found that I have 6”...
  9. BobX2

    Leveling a 5th Wheel

    Being new to the 5th wheel world, all I have owned in the past are TT, I have found that setting up level is, or can be more challenging. This weekend, when setting up for the first time, I had to add a couple of blocks under the curb side tires. When I lowered the landing gear, I don't have the...
  10. BobX2

    Happy Camper

    Finally got the chance to check out the new Sundance this weekend. Everything worked, and I didn't find any issues with it. Really liking the LED strip lights under the awning. What an awesome porch light.
  11. BobX2

    Frameless window questions

    My new Sundance XLT has frameless windows. I've never had them before, and was wondering if anyone who does have them has had any problems with them? They look nice, but is there anything I need to watch out for with them? Anything different or special that I need to know about them, compared to...
  12. BobX2

    Swapped out pin box

    Decided to give the MOR/ryde pin box a shot. I have maybe pulled my XLT 30 miles since I purchased it, and already figured out that something was going to have to be done about the jerking fore and aft. This is the only half way affordable option, and it is built specifically for this issue, so...
  13. BobX2

    Load Range E Carlisle

    There seem to be a few fairly knowledgeable tire guys on this forum so I will bring this question here instead of to a tire store where upsales are typically more important than the whole truth. My Sundance XLT has 15", load range D Towmax tires. I'm considering replacing them with a new set of...
  14. BobX2

    6V questions

    on a 12V forum. Anyway, my Sundance came with just 1 group 27 12V battery. This is not an acceptable arrangement for me since 95% of my camping is boondocking. Usually two to three nights at a time. Need two batteries. I was ready to buy a couple of 6V golf cart batteries until I realized I...
  15. BobX2


    I'm not new to rv'ing, just new to RV forums. For others like me, maybe there should be a list of all the three letter acronyms with definitions used on these forums. Most I think I have figured out, but one in particular has me stumped. WTH is an SOB? I read many threads where a former SOB has...
  16. BobX2

    Getting hitched today

    Have it in getting a receiver hitch mounted today. There is one shop in Denver that all the dealers recommend to 5th wheel owners. Guy's been doing it for years, and custom fits and mounts each individual trailer. None of the one size fits all if you tweak it enough. Looking forward to picking...
  17. BobX2

    15" LT tires?

    I've been reading all the ST-vs-LT threads and wouldn't mind going with an LT tire to replace the Towmax tires on my new XLT. However, there don't seem to be many LT tires in the 15" size. Anyone have any suggestions, or am I stuck with upgrading to a Carlisle, load range E ST? They would give...
  18. BobX2

    Lippert Frames

    Having just bought a new Sundance XLT 245RL, I have been doing a lot of reading on various forums. I have read quite a bit on folks having an issue with Lippert frame breakage up in the pin box area. I haven't read anything about that problem here on the Heartland forum and was wondering if...
  19. BobX2

    Joined the Sundance owners

    Went and picked up our new 2014 245RL Friday afternoon. Now just need spring to hurry up and get here so we can take it out.
  20. BobX2

    Heartland Sundance XLT

    Considering purchasing a Sundance XLT and I'm just looking for a little reassurance that the quality of the XLT series is up to the standards I have experienced with previous Jayco products. I'm very familiar with forums, so I understand that this question on a Heartland forum may well lead to...