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  1. OBX_Raineys

    What is being done about Towmax Tires

    I joined the Blow Max tire club Thursday! Ironically I had told the wife I was going to replace them this winter, to be safe. Sudden explosion on I-95 about two hours into the trip. Thank goodness we were not too far from Wilson, NC and able to get some help to get back rolling. Had less...
  2. OBX_Raineys

    Wilson, NC Excellent Tire Service. White's Tire

    After a sudden, world famous Blowmax adventure on I-95 near Wilson, NC I was forced to find a roadside tire service. After calling my Nationwide roadside rep and discovering it would be a 4 hour wait, I called a couple more places. White's Tire Service said they could be there is 20 minutes...
  3. OBX_Raineys

    Can't rotate tires because.....

    You didn't indicate if you have a dually or not. My single rear wheel F350 had two different pressures for front and rear, but that's not an issue. Just takes a couple of minutes to get the correct pressure after rotating.
  4. OBX_Raineys

    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you.
  5. OBX_Raineys

    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you. Not familiar with the converter box you mentioned.
  6. OBX_Raineys

    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you.
  7. OBX_Raineys

    Directv - King Quest Users?

    I am interested in getting a King Quest satellite for my RV. We are only going to use it a few days a month. Is anyone simply taking one of their receivers with them from home? I'm not interested in changing to Dish and hope to not have to pay for separate programming. IS there a distinct...
  8. OBX_Raineys

    How many campers have you owned?

    3 in 4 years. We keep upgrading.
  9. OBX_Raineys

    Smoke from LED lighting

    The LED shouldn't put off enough heat to cause that problem. That doesn't mean that the electrical source leading to the strip may not be the culprit. Hopefully you can isolate the issue and have it corrected for your safety.
  10. OBX_Raineys


    We have Nationwide and are very happy with them.
  11. OBX_Raineys

    New Member from Nova Scotia

    Welcome from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  12. OBX_Raineys

    CY3010 - Garage Table, you sit in the dark

    We had a Raptor previously and noticed a similar issue. I attached two sections of rope lights with a few zip ties along the sides and rear. There was an outlet conveniently located which helped. The lights went up and down with the top bed and stayed put without any problem. We eventually...
  13. OBX_Raineys

    Howdy! New Owners here!

    Welcome from North Carolina.
  14. OBX_Raineys

    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Just switched from a S and W 380 Bodyguard to a S and W, M P Shield single stack compact 9.
  15. OBX_Raineys

    Family Safe Thanks To Good Samaritans

    Not sure about all RV's but my last three only came with a B C rated extinguisher. That is only for flammable liquids (class B) and is safe for use on electricity (class C). These will not be effective for other materials, including tires. Everyone should invest in a decent size A B C type...
  16. OBX_Raineys

    Family Safe Thanks To Good Samaritans

    These folks are true heroes. While the family lost their RV, their lives were spared. This story is from Firehouse Magazine online. Fire destroys a motor home as it heads through Central Florida. Several motorists jumped into action to help the occupants...
  17. OBX_Raineys

    New to the site and Heartland

    Have a Sundance 3310MKS fifth wheel. There have been a very few, small issues that our dealer has taken care of completely. The Sundance is certainly not the top Heartland product, but I'm very happy after the first year of ownership.
  18. OBX_Raineys

    Outside Entertainment

    Don't have the factory system, but I carry a 42 inch TV that is for outside. Games, races, etc. Love watching it outdoors.
  19. OBX_Raineys

    New Heartland owner - Florida

    Welcome from North Carolina. You'll get lots of great advice on this forum.
  20. OBX_Raineys

    SuperGlide Rocker Arm Spring Issue

    Loading the truck and noticed my Pullrite SuperGlide hitch is leaning to one side. I pulled off the fifth wheel plate and moved the rocker arm side to side. The range of motion is equal, but there isn't any resistance on one side. Looking at the parts break down I think I have a broken rocker...
  21. OBX_Raineys

    Bike rack

    We put a bumper mount receiver on our Sundance and a hanging style 2 bike rack. Have had no issues traveling with the bikes on the rack.
  22. OBX_Raineys

    new to forum

  23. OBX_Raineys

    Tire Size Question

    I have a Sundance 3310MKS that came with the infamous Tow Max 235/80/16. After almost 2,000 miles the tires seem to be performing well. I keep an eye on tire pressure and don't pull at speeds above 65. However I am considering upgrading tires due to the many complaints about the Tow Max...
  24. OBX_Raineys

    How cold is it?

    Here on the Outer Banks, in Kill Devil Hills it's 40 and a mild (that's sarcasm) North East wind of about 25 mph, making for a nice wind chill of about 35 degrees.
  25. OBX_Raineys

    What is up with Heartland's website? works fine for me.
  26. OBX_Raineys

    Air bags

    I installed the Firestone bags and an on-board compressor on my F250 and it easily took care of my leveling issues. Traded up to a F350 and didn't need the bags. Do look into getting a set of airbags, regardless of brand.
  27. OBX_Raineys

    Cabinet hinges

    Not a Bighorn owner, but I have a similar issue on our new Sundance. Dropped it off at the dealer to have it fixed since it's only 3 months old.
  28. OBX_Raineys

    Tornado Strikes Cherrystone Campground on VA's Eastern Shore

    On Thursday, July 24, 2014 an EF-1 tornado hit the Cherrystone Campground in Cheriton, VA on the Eastern Shore. Sadly, two campers were killed and many more injured. This is an excerpt from the news article. "Corinne Geller with the Virginia State Police said the husband and wife, both 38...
  29. OBX_Raineys

    Oil leak on bedroom AC

    Spoke to my dealer's service manager and he said that its most likely road grime , dust, etc in the cover that has gotten wet from condensation. Told me if it was compressor oil it wouldn't be cooling. It does cool well, so I guess he is right. He suggested a good roof washing a few times a...
  30. OBX_Raineys

    Oil leak on bedroom AC

    Was wondering the same thing. I found this when I parked at home after camping over the 4th. Cools fine.
  31. OBX_Raineys

    Battery Disconnect On Sundance

    Added a disconnect switch today. Simple to do. Just wish Heartland made this a standard feature.
  32. OBX_Raineys

    Hurricane Arthur

    Here are a few links to pictures of damage on Cape Hatteras due to Hurricane Arthur from WAVY in Virginia. Anyone that has camped in this area can appreciate what these residents have endured. Cape...
  33. OBX_Raineys

    Hurricane Arthur

    Mandatory evacuation for all of Hatteras Island beginning Thursday at 5 a.m. The Park Service campgrounds on the Outer Banks closed today at Noon. Storm potentially will come just over the Buxton area of Hatteras. Expecting as much as 5 inches of rain and 20 foot seas, with sound side...
  34. OBX_Raineys


    Hoping it won't cause too much disruption. Just our luck that it's coming on our planned long weekend of camping.
  35. OBX_Raineys


    I agree!
  36. OBX_Raineys

    Options for TowMax oem tire replacement...

    Anyone have Goodyear Marathons on their rig? I want to change tires but can't afford new rims.
  37. OBX_Raineys

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: SC, Longs - 9/12/2014 to 9/14/2014

    Made reservations today for the Rally. And it is our first. Looking forward to a fun, long weekend. Site 17, Sept 11 - 15.
  38. OBX_Raineys

    How do you use your Toy Hauler?

    We actually sold our Raptor TH and bought a Sundance because we weren't using the TH feature. Had hopes of taking the ATV when we went camping but that didn't pan out. We had two queen beds in the rear. Took the top one out (no kids) and the bottom one was also a U-shaped dinette. That...
  39. OBX_Raineys

    What campground this 2014 Memorial weekend?

    Re: What campground this weekend North River Campground in Camden, NC Already met another Heartland family member.
  40. OBX_Raineys

    TAC RV and Trailer, Moyock, NC Two Thumbs Up!

    Had our first experience with the TAC service folks after our shake down trip. Noticed the kitchen side slide was jerking and appeared to have a weak motor. Called them when we were leaving the campground and they told us to come and they would take a look at it. Even though we arrived at...