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  1. BobX2

    iRV34 Radio Problem

    I would agree. Mine is the same way.
  2. BobX2

    Sundance 3300ck:Receiver hitch info

    I would never trust a generic, bolt on type of hitch, for anything. It's worth the money to have a custom, STOUT hitch welded in place. Anything that attached to the bumper is at risk. Those bumpers are not meant to carry any kind of a load. The spare tire is all I would ever attach to mine...
  3. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Still loving the XLT. Perfect size for the two of us, and the two dogs.
  4. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    No. A couple of different areas in those pictures. A couple were up in Taylor Park, CO and a couple from our secret little spot off of Peak to Peak highway. Hey, how are you liking the new 5th wheel? I sure like how they pull, and enable me to pull my atv trailer along behind it.
  5. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Still really liking and enjoying the XLT. It's the perfect size for my wife, myself and our two dogs and ATV's. It allows us to "get out" and find remote locations, roads not always required. It's how we like to camp. Not fans of campgrounds and all the people associated with them. Plus, the...
  6. BobX2

    Views From Your Campsite

    Last trip of the season into the high country to our secret little hideaway.
  7. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Other than the furnace not working on our first trip to the high country, we have really enjoyed the XLT.
  8. BobX2

    Switch / Command area

    I find it kind of convenient to be able to access the monitoring panel from outside the door when filling or emptying the tanks. Nice to not have to walk inside with less than sanitary shoes while doing these tasks. I also stand outside while extending or retracting the awning so I can keep an...
  9. BobX2

    Which pin box & hitch do you recommend?

    Re: Which pin box &hitch do you recommend? The MOR/ryde pinbox is not an air pinbox, and it is about $2k cheaper than an air hitch. That is some serious $$$ that can be spent on other accessories for the trailer. Love my MOR/ryde.
  10. BobX2

    HL Towing capability

    I pull 3,000 lbs. behind mine. Tongue weight scaled right at 270 lb. No problems at all pulling. You can't tell anything is back there and it tracks right in the 5th wheel tracks when turning. 60' nose to tail.
  11. BobX2

    Question on Abbreviation

    I'm right there with you on this. The whole RV community seems to think they have to communicate by code for some weird reason. Seems it would be much easier to communicate if they could just type out the words. Maybe it's a spelling issue?? They use a whole page full of abbreviations. Dumb.
  12. BobX2

    Blowmax owners group

    I won't be a member of the Blowmax owners group as I put a set of Carlisles on shortly after the purchase of my Sundance XLT. Stepped up from LR D to LR E, so I'm feeling relatively secure. This is one owners group I have no desire to be a part of. ;)
  13. BobX2

    Considering Sundance 298BH LXT 5th Wheel

    Not familiar with that particular model, but I am extremely pleased with my Sundance XLT 245RL. Seems to be a great value for the money compared to similar, far more expensive 5th wheels. I've upgraded the tires, and put a MOR/ryde pin box on it and we are happy campers.
  14. BobX2

    Utah in Oct

    There are some things to go see right in the Kodachrome area. There are several slot canyons as well as Grovesners Arch. If memory serves, the arch is south of Kodachrome, and the slot canyons are a little west. Haven't been down there since 2008, so I can't remember the exact directions. I...
  15. BobX2

    Unsupported foot of mattress?

    My 245RL is the same. Don't know why they build them this way, but I'm going to either replace the whole piece of plywood, or add an extension to what is there. Not a real big deal, but it would be nice to be able to tuck the sheets in tight at the foot of the bed.
  16. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Everything checked out fine. Clean as a whistle inside and out, as it should be since it's a three month old RV and there really aren't many insects buzzing around yet. The gap between the electrode and the burner was a little tight, which would result in a smaller spark. Widened the gap, got a...
  17. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Exactly my feelings. The camper is useless sitting at the dealer waiting for them to get the chance to look at it. Unfortunately, I opened it up this morning and turned on the thermostat, and the **** furnace ignited. Would have been much better for the tech if it wouldn't light. Hopefully he...
  18. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Have a mobile tech coming out to check it out tomorrow. Can't have the new camper sitting at the dealer for a few weeks this time of year. Hopefully I will be back up and functional when he leaves.
  19. BobX2

    Used Tire Market????

    Exact same for me.
  20. BobX2

    Replacing Tomax tires.. So confused!!

    Nobody showing any love for Carlisle ST tires. Carlisle Radial Trail RH I believe they are equal now to the Maxxis 8008, and quite a bit cheaper as well. EVERY Discount Tire store has them in stock, so no waiting for them to be ordered, and easy to get a replacement while on the road if...
  21. BobX2

    Memorial Day Weekend

    This is how we do it. Other than a non-functioning furnace with over night lows in the low to mid 30's, we had a good, long weekend.
  22. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, the flow of propane is fine. That's not the problem. Had all three burners on, as well as the oven, all at the same time to try to take the chill off.
  23. BobX2

    Furnace will not ignite

    Just spent four damp, chilly nights in the high country for the holiday weekend. Over night temps were in the low to mid 30's, and we were waking up to 40 degrees inside the camper. Rain showers and hail daily, with a few snowflakes thrown in for good measure. Typical for spring around here, and...
  24. BobX2

    Battery box vents

    Just wondering how much ventilation a person needs for the batteries. The battery and box that came with my Sundance have the hose connection to the vent panel installed on the front storage area. The new battery and box that I installed last weekend does not have a vent hose connected to it...
  25. BobX2

    Just lucky I guess

    Sorry to hear that you got caught in the storm. Hopefully you didn't take too much damage. Been a rough couple of days, with one or two more to come, before it moves out of here. The Ranger was not being quite honest with you when he said hail storms like that aren't common in these parts. We...
  26. BobX2

    Ready for the long weekend

    I installed a second battery and figured out how to plug the fresh water tank over flow hoses, so I can still have a tank full of water when I get to my camp site. I'm not sure why they just leave them open, with a 90 degree elbow crimped on. I found a hardwood dowel that fits snug and won't...
  27. BobX2

    ATF: Sundance - Rear bumper weight on 2014 sundance 3270 Res

    I wouldn't mount anything on just the bumper. It's not a very sturdy mounting point. However, mounting anything to the frame will void the frame warranty. Regardless, I had a hitch built on mine that will never fail me. Here is the thread about it...
  28. BobX2

    Gray tank size

    Gray water is not hard to dispose of. A 5 gallon bucket is all you need. Nothing hazardous or environmentally unsafe in it. That's what my popup was set up with. The sink drained outside through a hose into a bucket. When full, just take it out into the trees or weeds or whatever and dump. Black...
  29. BobX2

    2014 3110 Cyclone ,Lots of rust on chassis and components

    I'm definitely not here to argue about this, just saying it doesn't have to, and shouldn't be, like this. It's obvious there are ways to prevent it, as seen by the vehicles we buy, so it would be nice if our RV's would get the same treatment. As I said originally, it's an industry wide issue...
  30. BobX2

    2014 3110 Cyclone ,Lots of rust on chassis and components

    I don't care how they are transported. It could be in a sealed container and it would make no difference. They do not get this kind of rust from one trip from the factory to the dealer. My truck has been through 5 winters and does not have that much rust under it. This is from not protecting the...
  31. BobX2

    2014 3110 Cyclone ,Lots of rust on chassis and components

    But I bet the underside of your truck didn't look like that when it was new, did it? This is not something we should have to deal with when we buy a brand new unit. It seems to be an industry wide problem. My Keystone toy hauler was rusty as well. You would think someone would want to stand out...
  32. BobX2

    2014 3110 Cyclone ,Lots of rust on chassis and components

    I know the springs and shackles on mine are rusty as all get out, and they look like they are 10 years old, instead of maybe 6 months old. Seems that they could and should do something about that. My truck is 5 years old, and there is no rust on the suspension components. I don't care how, or...
  33. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    I won't tell Taylie you called her a "he". Otherwise you will get the look... LOL
  34. BobX2

    Furnace questions

    The furnace in my current, as well as my previous rv's, have operated in this same manner. You can hear the flame cycle on and off while the fan is running. I believe this to be normal operation, as it blows heated air the whole time, it just isn't burning throughout the entire cycle. I don't...
  35. BobX2

    Sundance 3000MK

    Haha, so it's not just me. I have spent four nights in ours, and have hit my head twice when laying down. I'm hoping if I hit it hard enough a few more times, maybe I will learn and remember to pay attention when I lay down. The whole old dog, new tricks thing has me doubting, but it could...
  36. BobX2

    Delivery Time

    My bad. I thought that I had read about folks purchasing and picking up direct from the factory. I have always just purchased off the dealers lot for this reason, and the fact that I can be very impatient once I buy something. I want it now...... Cars, trucks, RV's, you name it. It about killed...
  37. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Thanks. Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what a COE Park is. :confused: These pictures were from our first two trips out with the XLT. We were at Jackson Lake State Park because there is still too much snow up where we usually camp. It's the high country for us in the summer months, and...
  38. BobX2

    Thermostat location

    A deflector really isn't an option as the register is right in the middle of the floor between the end of the bed and the steps and the water closet door. Also don't want to close it off as it is the only one in the front area of the camper. The only other two are in the rear in the living room...
  39. BobX2

    Our 245 XLT

    Who doesn't like showing off their RV? Here is our 245 XLT
  40. BobX2

    Thermostat location

    The position of the thermostat in the XLT series could be improved I think. Don't know if other models are similar. The floor heat register is pretty much right below the t-stat, so when the furnace is running, the warm air blows right up at it. I think we can all see the issue with that. Seems...