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  1. netters1

    Very Sad Day Today (passing of Kevin Sullivan)

    Very Sad News Today - Kevin Sullivan passed away suddenly - Please keep Arlene (Leno) and their family in your thoughts & prayers. Kevin was the most wonderful friend and a former Marine that served our country proud! We will greatly miss you, our friend. They were Heartland Owners & Club...
  2. netters1

    Re-Stringing Day-Night Shades

    We are in Goshen, IN right now having some work done on our Augusta and were looking for someone to re-string our blinds for us. Mac took one of the blinds off and there was a label on it "SWC" (Specialty Window Coverings) here in Goshen so Mac called them. If your blinds are from them(and most...
  3. netters1

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: TX, Mission * - 02/16/2010 to 02/16/2010

    ,Mission, TX Venue: ------------------------------ Retama Village Mission, TX Details: ------------------------------ 02/16/2010 Potluck: Yes Potluck date: 02/16/2010 Potluck time: 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm Contact: ------------------------------ Event Leader: netters1 (click to contact)...
  4. netters1

    Heartland Sighting at Canyon Trail RV in San Marcos, TX

    We pulled in to the Canyon Trail RV Resort for the night on our way to the RGV. There is a Landmark, plus ours, a Bighorn, a Big Country, and a Sundance all parked here!! Wow...that is almost like a mini Heartland Rally...:D:rolleyes::D
  5. netters1

    Bighorn Sighted at Lawrence, KS KOA

    We are in Lawrence, Ks at the KOA for the Kansas Speedway race weekend and noticed a Bighorn parked a few rows over from us. We are parked in site #20 in a Landmark Augusta with full body paint if you see this and want to stop by! We will try to catch up with you and say hello!!! :D:D:D
  6. netters1

    Landmark Augusta Kitchen Mods

    Here are a few photos of the Mods my husband did in the Kitchen area of our new 2010 Augusta. We needed a little more storage in the cabinets since we ordered the 4 door refrigerator and this is what he decided to do. We used a stair tred for the shelf and pre-made brackets. Looks like it came...
  7. netters1

    We brought our new Augusta home!!

    Well, we finally picked up our new 2010 Landmark Augusta on Thursday!! We love it! The new full body paint looks awesome. It is so great to look in the back yard and see it setting there. Our dealer did a full inspection on the rig and found a few issues the he fixed before we got there and we...
  8. netters1

    Bathroom Doors on the Augusta

    I would like to see a standard wood door with glass inserts instead of pocket doors on the bathroom doors. We spend a lot of money for these rigs and nice looking doors would make them look better than just plain pocket doors...anyone else feel the same as I do?;)