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    Well one issue with dealerships is, my opinion only, 90% of RV salesman can not even spell the word RV. You really want to confuse one right off the bat ask them to spell "RV". If you go to a dealership with the basic ideal of a RV you are way ahead of most RV salesman. The dealership we...
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    water pump

    Try looking behind the basement wall. Where is your water inlet located? There is a chance it is behind the basement wall close to the inlet. On some trailers they also place the water pump under the bed, if it is able to be lifted.
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    New Torque t26 owner, Happijac mystery, motor slowing and stopping

    I found some other information for you:
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    Hello all, new member

    Welcome to the group from Fremont, Wisc., for now. Yes I have used the Level-up system to help remove the tires. As thought you will need to go to manual mode and do each side a little at a time. One note, with the springs there is a chance you could "flip" the spring hangars with the wheels...
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    2018 Cyclone 4005 couch removal?

    Did you get the back off? Yes it is a pain, but once you can figure it out it will go easier. You may need to disassemble the next section to reach back there. If you have a cordless reversible drill see if you can use really long extensions added together if needed, and a mirror to see the screws.
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    New Torque t26 owner, Happijac mystery, motor slowing and stopping

    I had the plugs come loose on our control box. After I was able to reseat the connections I took some scotch tape and taped these in place. Yep it is a pain to get to the control box.
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    AGM 31 series batteries and Levelup System

    Did they mentioned what the voltage drop was when load testing?
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    AGM 31 series batteries and Levelup System

    The battery does read okay at 12.7 volts but what some people neglect to check is putting the battery under a load test. Without asking, some times, the auto parts store will not do this. Just because some of them do not understand the need for a load test.
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    Welcome to the group from Fremont, Wisconsin, for now.
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    New Torque t26 owner, Happijac mystery, motor slowing and stopping

    Here is a copy of the manual for the bed system: On the control module make sure the cables are securely in place. We had problems and it was a loose connections to the control module. On our rig the control module is on the ceiling near the rear next to the door. Our is a...
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    Awning question.. My awning started rolling in backwards

    Been down that road. You are not the first, Some how our awning ended up the same way as your awning. We just put it back out to the point where it is in the normal "out" position then brought it back in with the "retract" button.
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    RV dump valves.

    Trouble with the cable pulls is when installed they do NOT cut to length and just coil the extra cable up, tie wrap it in there and call it good. The cable can be cut to a shorter length and that could make the pull easier/smoother.
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    SURVEY - SnapPads and Landing Gear Popping Noise

    Been using for over 2 years, and during the temperature changes we still hear the popping sounds. I remember sitting at Medina Lakes outside of San Antonio during January 2020 I still heard the popping sounds.
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    Tail light wiring access

    Any way to tie the new wires to the old set and pull it thru, slowly?
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    cyclone 4006 issues

    On our Road Warrior we have a 5500 Onan generator and when it is running it supplies 45 amps.
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    What do you like about running a TPMS on your RV?

    I run with the Tire Minder brand and it has been good. But I have 1 issue with my left rear tire. It keeps sending a "Sensor" signal and I have already changed out the sensor. I called Tire Minder and told them every thing I have done, they seem to think it is the valve being bad. So they...
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    Pre Wired camera

    Just remember it is hot all the time, especially when you park it without being plugged in to power. There will always be a drain on your battery, did it one time when we first got it home, I thought the camera would be off. On our if you go out and look at the camera I see a little "blue"...
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    Awning pitch adjustment on Fuel 345.

    Which awning do you have? If the Traveler model there is 2 buttons on the support arm. Just push these and adjust the awning. Here is a copy of the service manual for a Travel'r model.
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    Poor TV reception looking for tips

    Our living room TV is set up like Dan described. I had to remove it a couple of times so what I did was find the 4 screws holding the mounting board to the wall. I removed the whole mounting board. Then I could rotate the TV over to get to the bottom screws. When I reinstalled I mounted the TV...
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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    To really experience the The Tail of the Dragon you should try a Slingshot or a motorcycle. A motorcycle ride on that is awesome. I remember when we got finished my arms were tried 300+ turns in 11 miles. But now I need to try the wife into trying it on a Slingshot at least.
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    Using Dish Hopper 3 with Summit TV.

    We added a POLK sound bar, it does great. We bought it at Best Buy for a good price, it was an open box buy so we saved a little more on it. The Hopper 3 remote controls the sound on the Polk unit so only thing the TV remote does is on/off.
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    Using Dish Hopper 3 with Summit TV.

    Yes we are using the Hopper 3 with the Summit TV. Even the installer for the RF Mogul system could NOT get it to work. He called DISH, RF Mogul in Utah, and a couple of other installers and nothing helped. So if you get it figured out please let me know.
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    Cyclone 4007 Black/Grey Tank Sizes?

    We do not boondock, wife does not like it. But know some friends that do it on a regular basis. When I was talking to them, they use a pail to do the dishes in then dump it down the toilet to help save tank space or even dump it outside. My thoughts if you have a pet, it could get clean like...
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    ac operation 2021 4006 cyclone

    There was a chart that showed what was shed and in what order somewhere. But now I can't find it. Anybody know where it is? Dan do you remember what I am talking about?
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    Can’t find grey water tank

    You could try something like this: It will allow you to back flush the tanks. You may be able to knock the blockage out enough to drain...
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    Cyclone 4007 Black/Grey Tank Sizes?

    Both of our grey tanks are 40 gals. But if that is accurate for you that would only about a 18-20 gal tank for the kitchen.
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    2018 Cyclone 4005 couch removal?

    On our unit when facing the couch you need to start the removal from the left hand side. The backs are held on with 2 tabs that need to be pushed and lift off the back. Reach into the area between the back and seat you will find the brackets. This is just like a recliner you would use in a...
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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    If you are also talking about "The Tail of the Dragon" area, I would not. It is 11 miles with over 300 turns. it is great on a motorcycle or a slingshot, but not towing. I did this section in 1982 on a motorcycle from Charleston Naval Base, now I understand they finally banned trucks on it...
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    Can’t find grey water tank

    Before you cut the drain pipe, check and make sure you are pulling the correct valve. It is not uncommon for the valves to be mislabeled. Also another issue has been the cutout for the drain opening, when cut, falling into the tank causing a blockage. If you have the cable pull valves the cable...
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    Cyclone 4007 Black/Grey Tank Sizes?

    For your grey tanks, place a clear adapter on your drain hose and then use food coloring. Dump about 5 gallons of a different food color down each sink/shower to figure what drains where. Also where does your washer drain into? It may have it's own tank and the kitchen drains into the bathroom...
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    ac and heat controls

    On our Road Warrior: front AC controls the furnace/front AC unit center AC unit controls the AC unit garage AC unit controls the garage AC unit & if installed heat strip in AC unit
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    Propane not working

    Okay, does the AC that controls the furnace work?
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    Morryde Patio Room

    Looked at it once, but have not decided about getting one yet.
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    Propane not working

    Which thermostat are you using for the furnace? Only one thermostat will control the furnace, and on our Road Warrior it is the one in the bedroom. Also just in case, when you get the furnace to work, the "fan" mode on the thermostat needs to be set to "auto" then cycle thru to you get to the...
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    Just joined

    Welcome from Welcome, Minn., for now. We are sitting in Welcome , Minn. at a little campground off of I-90. Beautiful campground, great staff. If ever coming this way would definitely recommend this as a stop over spot.
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    What do you like about having an RV Lock on your entry door?

    I just installed 2 on our doors 2 weeks ago while sitting in Rapid City, SD. They work great, really like that you only need the FOB to lock/unlock. Installation took about 45 minutes for both locks, no issues having both on the same FOB. Now I am starting to consider getting the locks for the...
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    What do these buttons do? Road Warrior.

    Same; on our Road Warrior the toggle is for the lights on the nose.
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    Portable Grill - Barbecue Recommendations Please

    We have a Mr. Steak from Basspro shop. It is a heavy unit, even on wheels, but it does a really great job.
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    I Need replacement aluminum skin. Know a source?

    You may want to try a seamless gutter place. Their aluminum comes on big rolls and then they make the gutters to length as needed. If they do not have any they may give you a lead on their supplier.