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  1. JohnDar


    Just for grins and giggles, I looked online for 2009 BH3670’s for sale and found our old unit on General RV’s site. It was shown as sold (no price listed). Could easily tell it was ours by the Levelor vertical blinds and the two Windsor dining table chairs we left in it and the Ground Control...
  2. JohnDar

    Items Sold

    So far, I've managed to sell the two Weber grills, the Patty-O-Shade, and today, the RV Port-A-Deck system. Still have the other items.
  3. JohnDar

    Items for Sale

    I have some items from our BH3670 days that I'd like to sell to a good home. 1) GM-1518 Winegard Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna System. Comes with a DISH ViP211k Receiver, Ground Tripod, Ladder Mount accessory, Power Transformer (120V - 12V), and cables. It's been in storage...
  4. JohnDar

    Almost Over

    We’re set to deliver the BH to General RV, Birch Run, next Tuesday morning. Bittersweet in some respects, but it’s time. Now we’re having second thoughts about buying a summer home (be like a RV without wheels yet still needing maintenance). So, the 17 year old pontoon will be going on the...
  5. JohnDar

    Revelation (sort of)

    For as long as we’ve owned the BH, I’ve fought with the dreaded black spots from tree sap with little real success. Today, while cleaning the windows in preparation for selling it, I spritzed a little Windex on the spots and wiped with a terry cloth towel. HUZZAH! The spots came off! Wished...
  6. JohnDar

    End of an Era

    Well, after 11 summers using the BH on a seasonal site, that’s coming to an end soon. The CG now has new owners and they’ve got some funny ideas on seasonals and being guaranteed the same site. They want to tell you where you might be, and if you’re gone for more than 21 days, they expect you...
  7. JohnDar

    Lotta work

    Finally washed the BH today. Power washer rinse, soapy scrub brush, then power rinse again. Started with the roof and then the sides and caps, along with the toppers and awnings. Five hours it was, but now the rest of this stay is fun & game time[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. JohnDar

    Back Up Water

    My practice of keeping a supply of water in the fresh water tank, even though we're always connected to city water, has paid off. We experienced some heavy storms up here in northern Michigan and the local substation got knocked out for several hours. But, with water in our tank, we were able...
  9. JohnDar

    Heating Element Replacement

    Seems like the water heater isn't getting it on electric. It was fine for the first couple of days this trip, but this morning I noticed it's only lukewarm. It's the original element in there. Heater is working OK on propane and neither of the Resets seem to be tripped. So, question is, can...
  10. JohnDar

    Mopeka tank sensors

    I got a set last season and they worked fine. This season, one of them keeps saying the tank it’s on is empty, but I know it’s not. It’s always something, like the loose fitting in my filter box that filled the box with water this afternoon. My fault for trying to adjust the hose outside of...
  11. JohnDar

    Back to Camp Gotchurwallett

    We’re back at our CG for our first extended stay of the season. Everything (almost) is set up or put away. Tomorrow looks like a pontoon cruise is in order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. JohnDar

    Start of Another Season

    Ignoring HauptFrau Whitmer’s myriad of executive orders, I went up to our PRIVATE campground for an overnight and moved our SECOND HOME (aka. Known as “The Rig”) onto our seasonal site. Got set up, flushed the plumbing and sanitized it, stored some stuff, got the porch set up and did some...
  13. JohnDar

    Some Humor for the Times
  14. JohnDar

    Holding Tank Treatment

    Here's another product I found while looking for literature on their firefighting products (which I'm familiar with). I think I'll give this a try next season. We use their product for remediation of fuel and oil spills on roadway accidents with great success...
  15. JohnDar

    Today’s Activity

    Decided to replace the rest of the window screens with the Pfifer PetScreen material I had. Only job left is the entry door. That will have to wait until we take the felines home and I come back alone. I’ll have to remove the screen door in order to do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. JohnDar

    RV Antifreeze

    While shopping for RV Antifreeze, I came across some that said glycerin was one of its components. Yet another brand that did not list glycerin had a warning on the label to not use products that contained it. And there are plenty of cheap ones that list ethyl alcohol as one of the ingredients...
  17. JohnDar

    Another screen repaired

    There seems to be an abundance of moths outside this summer and it drives the kittens nuts. One of them managed to put a tear in the screen over the desk. Now it’s got Pfifer Pet Screen in it, repurposed from our old S&B screens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. JohnDar

    UDC Valves

    For older rigs without Anderson valves, this is the “schematic” for how the bypass and winterize valves are plumbed. This is looking at the back of the UDC from inside the basement. The notes in the circles are the directions the valves point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. JohnDar


    We’ve been mulling the idea to sell the Bighorn and move on to other adventures. Need some ideas on the best way to sell it. No definite timeframe, just what reputable avenues are out there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. JohnDar

    Replacing Vinyl Window Glazing

    Replaced the glazing on one section of the rear window yesterday. Figured it would be an easy job. Not so fast, Kemosabe! Pulling the old glazing out is easy, getting the new one in took a lot of muscle and insults to the vinyl's parentage. Next one to do, I'll try their suggestion to soak...
  21. JohnDar


    Our Jensen TV quit this morning! I think I’m gonna write them and give them the riot act! Wait a was 10 years old and was the insurance replacement for the one that was stolen the first year we had the trailer. So, I went to the local Walmart and bought a Samsung with the same...
  22. JohnDar

    75th Anniversary

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. JohnDar

    Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors

    I bought a set last fall but didn’t have a chance to actually install them on the rig. This past two weeks we were at the rig and I put them to use. Definitely worth the cost to have the tank volumes displayed on a Smartphone app since we were running the furnace a lot. Goofed up a little...
  24. JohnDar

    Starting another season

    Made it up to the campground in Indian River, MI, yesterday to set up the rig for another summer. Moved it from in front of the Maintenance garage to our site and got all hooked up and flushed out (dewinterized). Everything seems to be working well except for the large cargo door on the...
  25. JohnDar

    Battery size

    My 10 year old OEM Group 24 battery is probably due for replacement. Unfortunately, the rig is 200 miles away so I can’t measure the battery box. Could someone please get me the dimensions of the standard box? I’m thinking of going to a Group 27 for a little more back up power time. We are...
  26. JohnDar

    Need Small Favor

    If someone could measure the size of the small bedroom windows next to the bed and the window over the dresser in an older 3670, I would appreciate it. Wife wants to get new curtains for ours, but it's 200 miles away.
  27. JohnDar

    Spice Rack Repurposing

    A few years back, I made this spice rack for the rig. It served us well until we got a rotating tower type that uses less space (and the holders don't rust from salts). What to do with it? I repurposed it as a challenge coin display simply by making slotted inserts for where the magnetic...
  28. JohnDar

    Day 3: Polar Vortex Hostage Crisis

    Michigan and much of the Midwest is in the grip of a deep freeze. Unfortunately, one of the main compression plants for the state's natural gas supplier had a fire that caused it to shutdown on Wednesday night. The power company could still supply gas, but the high demand would outstrip their...
  29. JohnDar

    It’s Always Something

    Our RV season is over, but we had reservations to spend 3 nights on Mackinac Island starting tomorrow. But the weather (it’s Michigan) got nasty so we cancelled out hotel. So, this morning I figured I’d go in the basement and use the treadmill after calling the hotel. What do I find? Our 11...
  30. JohnDar

    Entry Door Lock Failure

    It finally happened that the deadbolt lock failed. Wife locked it as she was leaving to go to the store. Couldn’t turn it back and the key would not come out. So she’s locked out and the cats are locked in. Where am I you ask? 90 miles away at my Reserve unit reunion in Alpena, about to...
  31. JohnDar

    Eternabond roof project

    Well, I finished up taping over the caulking joints on the roof, with the exception of the roof cavity vent and the TV antenna base. I think I have enough tape left to do them or I might leave the antenna base alone. Easiest way to go around the tank vents was to cut a length to cover the...
  32. JohnDar

    For DavidG thermostat replacement info

    David, these are the files that I could not attach to the message. The photo for the Hunter shows the switch on the side of the box, I mounted it on the bottom.
  33. JohnDar

    Wall board info

    At one time, there was discussion about formaldehyde in the rigs. This is on the bottom of one of the drawers I fixed. Yes, it’s actually the thin wallboard material. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  34. JohnDar

    Kitchen drawer reinforcement.

    Had to pull out two of the kitchen drawers to get something that fell behind. Good thing cuz I learned the bottoms were coming loose, front and back. The front wasn’t noticeable since it still rested on the locking device underneath. Fortunately I have my pneumatic narrow crown stapler with...
  35. JohnDar

    Window Screen Replacement

    One of our kittens decided that bugs on the window were enemy targets and ripped holes in two of the window screens. I removed one of the screens (small vertical slide window) thinking that the spline could be removed and the screen replaced. Almost... Seems the spline has been either glued...
  36. JohnDar

    Roof caulking no more

    Finally got up on the roof and applied 4" Eternabond tape on the front and rear cap roof seams, as well as the seam around the shower skylight. The roof vents and other areas will get done later. A word of advice: Don't do this on a warm, sunny day. Getting the release liner off the tape can...
  37. JohnDar

    DIC Message

    While driving up to our site (w/o trailer) yesterday, I heard a ding and saw “ENGINE POWER IS REDUCED” on the DIC and the Check Engine light was on. Truck was holding cruise speed of 75, though. Got to a rest area and the idle was OK, all gages good, so I shut it off and used the facility...
  38. JohnDar


    Just a note on A/C problems, although it may be more related to larger home units. If you have cottonwood trees around you, get a hose and clear the evaporator coils. The junk from those trees creates a blanket on the outside of them that restricts airflow and causes the unit to work harder...
  39. JohnDar

    Acrobat Cat

    It was inevitable that Mischief Mickie would find an elevated perch in the rig. This is one of the kittens we adopted from the shelter last fall. He's about 10 months old now.
  40. JohnDar

    Slide not fully extending at the top

    I've noticed that our entertainment slide does not fully extend at the top. When it's out, the bottom is tight to the seals but at the top, you can push your fingers between the seal and the wall. No water leaks, but I'd like to be sure of the adjustments to get it to extend flush all the way...