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  1. Dahillbilly

    Slide not moving just grinding

    make sure nothing is binding up that would have caused the gears to strip out if thet are. Something had to have happened to cause the problem
  2. Dahillbilly

    M335 added Air Conditioner

    does it have 50 amp service ; if yes then it should be pre-wired. A 30 amp service will not support 2nd AC
  3. Dahillbilly

    Dryer Quit

    TRY LOOKING at this link from above on the Tools tab Good luck
  4. Dahillbilly

    Lucky me with brake problem

    My 2015 3500HD Duramax does that from time to time with or without a trailer connected. OF late I clean out the trailer connection in the bumper. This connection has the 4way flat on the bottom dirt etc gets in there causing the message. Later model trucks have the 4-way on top & no problems...
  5. Dahillbilly

    External LP connection

    have to get different hose without a regulator as the regulator by the tanks lower the psi for everything connected. With the grill hose you have two regulators lowering the psi too much.
  6. Dahillbilly

    Heartlland 2022 - 4007 Cyclone soft spots floor water damage in kitchen

    take lots of pictures contact dealer this should be warranty repair. Fair warning they will try to deny the claim unless you have a great dealer & have records where the unit was inspected & checked as per Heartlands maintenance procedures. Been there with leaky windows in garage of our...
  7. Dahillbilly

    Odd Tire Wear

    2nd picture represents under-inflation for tire/weight; see this site...
  8. Dahillbilly

    2021 Landmark 365

    have you tried a mobile repair service
  9. Dahillbilly

    Thinking of buying Pioneer Ss171 Need Help!!

    Find whatever you like (floorplan) then do a good PDi, then you'll know what you are getting. We did just that and we are happy with our decision
  10. Dahillbilly

    Thinking of buying Pioneer Ss171 Need Help!!

    As others stated do a great PDI , take all day if needed. Write down any and everything you se wrong. Have the dealership show you that everything is working. Ask questions & take your time during the PDI. Only after you are satisfied with repairs sign those papers, cause that's when your...
  11. Dahillbilly

    Newport TV Coax Setup

    The switch in the BR is for over the air antenna signal. If it's on the cable/satellite won't work.
  12. Dahillbilly


    lens will either twist off housing or pop off, then has 2-3 screws holding to surface
  13. Dahillbilly

    4006 Garage Roof Vent

    contact Heartland customer service with your last six numbers of the VIN. It should have a fuse you can pull to/ disable it.
  14. Dahillbilly

    21RBSS Manual Slide Retraction

    not sure on your model, majority of them are above the slide out centered in the middle behind the trim. Run the slide part way out & look up there from one end, should see it. PIA to get at
  15. Dahillbilly

    21RBSS Manual Slide Retraction

    if it has the cable driven system you should have a flexiable shaft used with a drill. Insert shaft into motor & use drill to move slide. Look under the -TOOLS tab above- User Guides - Slide Out - Rooms
  16. Dahillbilly

    2014 Cyclone 3110 Questions

    on the bed; should have four pins that hold it in the up position; to lower the bed raise the bench seats all the way up & rwmove the four pins. The bed should lower down until the the stops inside the rails stop it. Can't help you with the jacks
  17. Dahillbilly

    Heartland Parts Department

    Saw on another group page where construction crew has damaged phone cables around their plants.Work in progress to restore service.
  18. Dahillbilly

    Backup/Emergencey Slide operation

    look above in the tools tab -- guides I'm sure you will find your system there with the info you are looking for.
  19. Dahillbilly

    wanted: advice on aftermarket wireless backup cameras....

    have a 40' 5th wheel no problems with the Furion system loosing the signal, it does have the repeater mounted up front
  20. Dahillbilly

    Torn slide out wiper blades on a 2018 345 Torque

    not yet but I am going to check them when ever spring comes to NW WI
  21. Dahillbilly

    Torn slide out wiper blades on a 2018 345 Torque this is where I ordered the replacement seal under my slideout they have all types of seals. We have a 2018 Torque 327
  22. Dahillbilly

    Slide wiper seals on the Bighorn 3270 RS

    found this company They have just about everything for campers. Good luck
  23. Dahillbilly

    Removing TV from wall bracket

    the mount we have there is a strap you pull down to release the locking device. Sometimes I have to push inward on the TV for it to release & then the TV swings out. We have a 2018Torque now sure if it's the same mount or not but I do have the two screws you mentioned above. Have you tried a...
  24. Dahillbilly

    Garage bed

    there four stops for the queen bed; one each in the support rails mounted to the walls. You can make some adjustment by lowering the stops. Have heard of others that removed the stops & let the bed follow the lower benches even lower, not sure I would trust that for sleeping. One option would be...
  25. Dahillbilly

    A sad story

    such a sad story about this couple
  26. Dahillbilly

    Judy Atkinson

    sorry for the famlies loss, thoughts & prayers for the family.
  27. Dahillbilly

    Tank layout for 2016 325 torque

    Do not trust those sensors, if you have opened & drained all by opening each valve, they should be empty. I would add water to one tank then open valves one at a time & note which handle drains which tank. Do this till you know what is what
  28. Dahillbilly

    No dc power after turning off shore power

    all of the 12vdc items mentioned above should work if the battery is good & has enough capacity to run them for a little while. If they are not working & you know the battery is good (fully charged & load tested) the problem is in the wiring. keep posting questions till the problem is resolved
  29. Dahillbilly

    No dc power after turning off shore power

    Next step is to see if you have power on the fuse panel; 1st remove one of the fuses & using your voltmeter as before check the connections for the fuse, One sideyou should have dc voltage. If you don't then the problem is in wiring from battery to panel. I would gain acess to back side of panel...
  30. Dahillbilly

    Water filter store coupon code

    Can't find a current discount either. Maybe one of the moderators (Dave) will post something or contact the group secretary.
  31. Dahillbilly

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    as a self serve laundromat owner (just sold it) for years never had a problem from customers using them. Like mentioned above in post #3 gotta clean the machines once in awhile.
  32. Dahillbilly

    Road Warrior 375 garage weight

    read someplace that the queen bed weighs 84lbs. I installed a Gen 2 patio door kit, the whole package might weigh 75 lbs, just guessing the doors are the heavy parts, the frame work is super light. As far as the railing kit I doubt it weighs 45lbs. Gasoline weighs 6.3lbs per gallon & water is...
  33. Dahillbilly

    cyclone 4006 - outside leveling panel isn’t working. What’s the secret?

    should have gotten a flash drive with the manual etc on it.
  34. Dahillbilly

    Unknown switch

    could be burned out bulb somewhere(steps) just a thought
  35. Dahillbilly

    Heat pump

    check above in the TOOLS tab there you will find all kinds of infomation, including the Owners Manual for your BH. I'm sure other will chime in later & welcome to the group
  36. Dahillbilly

    Dinette Question on Prowler

    I'd modify that & the supports to handle the weight load. The factory equipment not known for holding up well to begin with.
  37. Dahillbilly

    Installing vinyl flooring.

    Others have posted here on the forum. Open the tab above "search forums" & type in vinyl flooring or plank flooring; see what comes up.
  38. Dahillbilly

    Dometic Refrigerator maximum DC voltage

    Like Dave stated above use an extension cord for the frig and just remove the battery cables to the RV. The frig is then isolated from the RV totally. Call Dometic ask their tech's.
  39. Dahillbilly

    Damage to kitchen slide

    just a guess here, with that kinda bump is it possible the refrig bounced UP & the wood piece just split along the grain!!!!! I'd make sure the frig is fastened down. my 2 cents
  40. Dahillbilly

    awning light strip shuts off immediatly when turned on

    does the switch not stay on & clicks back off OR is the switch in the on position & lights go OFF?