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  1. Dumboldles

    Anderson brass valve froze up

    I noticed that this topic has been brought up before but wanted to hear from folks that are smarter then me. First day out this year pulled into camp ground started doing the routine set up. Got to switching the valve from winterize to city and could not make the switch. Decided to get some...
  2. Dumboldles

    Jim’s RV, Santa Clara Utah

    I had an excellent experience with Jim’s RV in Santa Clara, Utah. Had them repack the axils and actually had somebody figure out and fix my jack system that did the stop start routine when extending or retracting. While the wheels were off I rushed the tires over to a tire installer changed the...
  3. Dumboldles

    Time to change out original tires

    Thinking it’s getting to that five year time period and looking to replace my g rated sailums. Are Sailums still the brand to go to? I’m satisfied with that Sailums that came with my coach and will probably go with this same brand unless there is a comparable alternative I should consider. Also...
  4. Dumboldles

    Euro type recliner

    Thinking about replacing the original recliners with euro type recliners...any recommendations? Looking for quality, around the $500 limit and is comfortable for a 6’2” guy. Thanks, Dumboldles
  5. Dumboldles

    Winterizing complication

    Hi folks, the weather forecast looks like it’s going to get cold in My region of the country so time to winterize the 2016 BH. Drained the water heater, switched over the bypass switch then filled the bucket with antifreeze. Had DW turn on the pump and I switched over to winterize on the...
  6. Dumboldles

    Fantastic Fan garnish/cowling issues

    I changed out the original bath fan with a fantastic vent fan. I took my time and went okay as far as the roof part. When I tried to put the inside garnish on that hides the wire and other ugly stuff the fit was about 1 1/2 inches short from reaching the slots in the you see some of the...
  7. Dumboldles


    I own a 2016 BH 3010 that has, so far, a terrific rig. Yes there has been those irritating issues that come with owning these rigs that I can tackle and on the most part fix. The audio speakers on the rear counsel have fallen out of the ports that sit above the fireplace, seems like it should be...
  8. Dumboldles

    Dyson Portable

    Hello, we are on the road and DW went to use the Dyson and found she could not remove it from the its docking station in the closet. I looked at it trying to determine if there was a release button or whatever that needed to push in order to get the darn thing to release. We both have used the...
  9. Dumboldles

    Good diesel mechanic Las Vegas

    Truck broke down in Las Vegas this last month on a weekend and needed help. Found Raff Mobile Mechanic in the Nellis Airforce Base RV park welcome brochure, it was late Saturday afternoon but he came out and diagnosed the problem using a computer (fuel pump, fuel lines). He was able to get the...
  10. Dumboldles

    Great trip with our 3010RE

    DW and I just finished a month long trip to the Oregon coast and to Eastern Idaho to watch The eclipse. We started in Las Vegas where we had truck problems, $1000 payed to fix fuel lines and fuel pump and then we headed north. Quite satisfied with the BH, all the warranty problems taken care...
  11. Dumboldles

    Smith RV, Idaho Fallsde

    We had a cross bolt shear (broke) while retracting the the offside slide. We were able to push the slide in and headed out from Ashton Idaho towards Idaho Falls, DW looked up RV repair shops and found Smiths RV (non Heartland dealer) in Idaho Falls. Pulled into the dealerships wide open service...
  12. Dumboldles

    Jensen JMW 990

    It's early morning on the Oregon coast and have a rip roaring fire going inside the coach. I have a large mug of coffee in hand and listening to the stereo system....sounds great. I'm using music from my iPhone hooked up to the USB hub on the Jensen and for the first time can actually hear the...
  13. Dumboldles

    4000 mile adventure with new BH

    Just returned from a trip to the Northwest with our BH. No complaints everything worked great. Was able to see a wonderful part of the country and able to stay in our 349 SF portable condo. Made it a point to use all of the components because the warranty period is almost up and they all worked...
  14. Dumboldles

    Bad Luck

    Let me warn you folks this is a rant, I don’t know why I picked the Around the Campfire section of the Heartland Forums…but sometimes sitting around a campfire you tell about positive things along with darn bad luck times. I’m not going to blame Heartland or my dealer because I am a previous TT...
  15. Dumboldles

    Purchase local

    I wanted to give a shoutout to our local Heartland dealer in southern Utah, Desert Coach RV. I was having difficulty with automatic 50amp cord device and it totally stopped working. I was in front of my home winterizing my unit and not out in the far hinterlands so gave the dealership a call for...
  16. Dumboldles

    Power cord hatch mod

    Why does the hatch door open in the up position instead of just dropping down. Holding the hatch while attempting to guide the cord makes for an awkward/comperson experience. If the hatch just dropped down then would eliminate the hassle Dumboldles
  17. Dumboldles

    LED lighting strip above awning

    3rd trip out with our 2016 BH 3010RE, I decided to do some cooking on the patio and turned on the LED lighting strip; wow really lit up the area. I had fellow campers come over to comment on how much light was coming out of the light strip. I'm discovering all kinds of positive components with...
  18. Dumboldles

    Modified King sized bed to Queen in new BH

    To my DW and I the king sized bed took up way to much room in the bedroom; we had the dealer (Desert RV St George, UT) modifie the frame to fit a queen. Found a queen madras at a local store and works great. I'm not sure what the appeal is for king sized beds in rvs. Dumboldles
  19. Dumboldles

    Desert Coach RV

    I want to deliver a shout out for Desert Coach RV in Saint George, Utah. Just purchased a Bighorn from them and found their sales and service departments to be terrific. Hope not much warranty work to be done but I feel these people will do a creditable job. Dumboldles.
  20. Dumboldles

    New 3010RE owners

    Hello Bighorn Community, DW and I just last week took possession of a brand new BH. Our maiden voyage was to a nearby RV resort and I must admit was impressed with our new 5er purchase.We moved up from a Jayco TT so this is our first experience with a 5th Wheel. I'll come back with a later post...